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Originally Posted by tracymom1 View Post
Sounds like most days for me!
Ditto here... I've joked that chocolate is one of the major food groups the way I've been eating it this pregnancy...
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I did that too
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Aww, you're not disgusting!

I have days like this too... and I do know the yucky feeling you get after, but indulging yourself every now and then is totally okay!

And, now I totally want a chocolate donut. Yum.
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I just sent DH out for a donut a minute ago Mmmmm... can't wait!
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OMG! That sounds delicious. I would love some chocolate but I have my GTT in a few days. I am trying to watch my sugar intake.
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I said those exact words when I was 37 weeks. I remember it down to the moment. DH spoiled me by buying hagen daaz coffee icecream. I was relaxing in the tub, reading a mystery book and eating the icecream, when my spoon grated against the bottom of the bowl. I had eaten the entire thing.

In between and I was : b/c I didn't have more : lol poor hubby was really confused.
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Well the disgusting feeling passed and I ate yet another donut this morning (couldn't let that last one go to waste!) and a few other chocolate based foods found their way into my mouth today.

Oh well, when will I ever get to do this again?

May go finsih off those brownies DH brought home.....
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