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If you are scared of giving her the abx, then you should at least help her soothe her pain. I have heard that putting BM in their ear can help, or try using homeopathic remedies.

I personally wouldn't want to be in that much pain, and i would give her Tylenol if she was showing signs of being in pain and not being able to sleep.

Just remember that you have to balance it all out, is the risk of giving your LO abx worse than the risk of not. And only you can answer that, but if there is a sure risk of meningitis, then i would think the risk of not giving abx would be higher in this circumstance.
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This is a copy of a recent post of mine regarding ear infections and immune system. I would not give an antibiotic for a simple "ear infection". How is baby doing now?


Diary intolerance is the number one cause of fluid build up in ears.

"In one study an astonishing 86% of the children tested became free of ear problems once they came off dairy food."

Additionally, I was just reading that chiropractic adjustments could help with ear infections. I didn't know.

Breast milk in the ear or garlic oil is supposed to help too.

Also, add vitamin C and whole food probiotics, such as yogurt for the immune system.

"In an October study in the medical journal The Lancet, researchers found that antibiotics for ear infections are only beneficial to children under the age of 2 with both ears infected. Study leader Dr. Maroeska Rovers, of the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, said that researchers found that in most other cases, watchful waiting is OK."


"Evidence has been building over the years showing most ear infections resolve on their own and antibiotics do little or nothing to speed the process. And, overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. The most important factor in treatment for ear infections is pain relief."

A landmark study published in Pediatrics has shown that treating ear infections with antibiotics has no benefit when compared to doing nothing. (McCormick 2005).

My recommendation is classical homeopathy.
A friend's daughter had six rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and was scheduled for tube insertion. She saw the homeopath and gave her daughter the proscribed remedy. On return to the physician prior to the surgery, her ears were no longer infected. And she has had no ear infections since.

Our classical homeopathist first learned about homeopathy for her son with ear infections. Then she became schooled about homeopathy. I am a complete believer. Although, I still do not understand how it works. We are all on constitutional remedies and are rarely ever sick.

Another suggestion is Grapefruit Seed Extract. (Not grape seed.) GSE is also a natural anti-inflammatory. It is give orally, diluted in water. It tastes horrible though.

Here are some more ideas:
Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
Collodial silver is a natural antibiotic.
Vit C-large doses (natural fever reducer, iirc)
Cod liver oil- essential fatty acids help the immune system (We use Nordic Naturals -strawberry and our son loves it!)
Chamommilla is good for restlessness, discomfort, insomnia, unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.
Zinc lozenges help the immune system
Echinecea- We use Sambucol for Kids
Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system. Many of the serious side effects of cp are associated with a damaged gut, secondary to antibiotic use. Avoid antibiotics with cp and other viral illnesses.

And Dairy is the #1 culprit of fluid and mucus production leading to an environment conducive to ear infections.

Here is some info about homeopathic remedies (and treating ear infections).

* Aconite: Pain that comes on suddenly after a shock or chill.

* Belladonna: Severe throbbing pain; child is oversensitive and cranky.

* Chamomilla: Unbearable pain; fever; child is impatient and angry.

* Lycopodium: Pain on right side only; stopped-up nose; cold extremities.

* Magnesia phosphorica (or "homeopathic aspirin"): Pain reduced by the application of heat or pressure.

* Mercurius solubilis: Pain accompanied by swollen glands and sweating.
I would do whole food probiotics, cod liver oil, magnesium, vit. C, zinc, coconut oil, bone broths, green juices. Support the immune system. The gut is 70% of our immune system. Antibiotics damage the microbial balance in the gut.

Basically, you have to heal the gut to strengthen the immune system. Check out the "Healing the Gut-cheat sheet" at the top of the forum. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=434071

Antibiotics rarely address ear infections, which are generally viral in origin. Nor are they more effective than watchful waiting, unless it is a double ear infection in a child younger than age 2.

Here is more information regarding avoiding drug-resistant bacteria: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...5&postcount=12 Basically, UNNECESSARY antibiotics are the cause, not avoiding antibiotics when NOT needed.


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Here are some homeopathic options for fever, if it gest very high (104 F.), I'd use the Belladonna and other homeopathics antipyretics for fevers.


Here is an article called "Fevers In Children, A Blessing in Disguise". It was first printed in Mothering Magazine. It discusses the dangers of fever reducers.

Generally, I am much more comfortable with Motrin than Tylenol safety wise. But, do NOT give any NSAIDs with chicken pox or any virus. Generally, Motrin's issues revolve around the GI disturbance, which can be addressed with normal dosing and food on the stomach. Motrin can be given in huge doses and this is where the GI issues can become significant. But the real issue with NSAIDs is the unknown affect that they have if one has a virus. The interaction isn't well understood and there is an aspect of impeding the immune system. The whole Reye's syndrome is related to NSAID and viral infections.

Another issue is that Tylenol wears off abruptly and Motrin wears off more slowly. Fever spikes are more common when Tylenol wears off abruptly. Febrile seizures are more common with fever spikes. We never use Tylenol. There are potential issues with liver toxicity too. (And masking illness is a whole 'nuther issue.)

Probiotics- for immune support, digestive system is 70% of immune system. Many of the serious side effects of cp are associated with a damaged gut, secondary to antibiotic use. Avoid antibiotics with cp and other viral illnesses.

Here's info about vitamins and fever reduction, and fever and chicken pox, (applies to other viral illness):



Definitely homeopathic alternatives could help. Match the symptoms.
Here is a list of possibilities.

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My biggest concern for an infant with a fever is related to the potential for dehydration. Is she nursing effectively and frequently? Is she listless or lethargic? If she is not nursing effectively and frequently, has few wet dipes, or is lethargic, I'd have her evaluated for dehydration.

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um, not ALL ear infections are caused by viruses. i think that's why antibiotics are effective some times.

also, the fever does not reach a high enough temperature to kill any bacteria. the fever signals your body is having an immune response but it doesn't actually kill the bacteria.

i'm also fairly certain that the immune response continues in absence of the fever (i seem to remember this from the vax forum).

all that being said, i don't dose with pain reliever until the kiddo is obviously uncomfortable, i remember being sick with a fever and it sucks. i do give anti-biotics on occasion and they seemto do a pretty good job of what they are supposed to do.

just my two cents.
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Who said ALL were caused by viruses?
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DS had an ear infection and I gave him the round of abx (for the first and only time) and they did diddly squat. Even after the rx was finished, he still showed signs of discomfort. I went to the health food store and got some ear oil with garlic and mullein oil. Cleared things up in a day or two, though I continued with it for nearly a week just to be sure.
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Don't you think that when she took the kiddo to the doc, the doc looked in the ears and noted purulent drainage which is why the doc ordered antibiotics. That is the difference between bacterial and viral. Give her the antibiotics.
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a few drops of lemon juice in the ear really helps to relieve pain - I use it myself and with my kids. I hope she's feeling better soon!
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Looks like a couple pps gave you all the natural remedies you'll need.. so I just wanted to add one to help get the fever down naturally when it spikes too high.

Raw egg whites on the bottom of the feet, not sure how well this will work on such a little one, but if they are that hot I don't suspect they'll be kicking much.. anyways, you get a couple egg whites for each foot and place them in baggies and then tape or tie around ankle with hair band (careful it's not too tight) and this will help bring it down within a half hour in most cases, sometimes an hour in rare cases.

I also wanted to say that I understand not wanting to use ABX, I'm strongly against it as well and use manuka honey instead, though you can't use it with an infant you can get manuka oil and use that and it's just as good.
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Originally Posted by mysticmomma View Post
Who said ALL were caused by viruses?
yep. i misread that. sorry!

from duke health:
"About 60 percent of all ear infections are believed to be bacterial and 40 percent are believed to be viral."

from the mayo clinic:
"In fact, about 80 percent of children with middle ear infections recover without antibiotics. "
- they recommend a 72 hour waiting period if the child is older than 6 months, has an unclear diagnoses, and is otherwise healthy.

boy, you learn something new everyday!

at this point, i'd say continue with the tylenol and skip the antibiotics!!
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With regards to reducing a fever without drugs - my mother used cool compresses on our calves and the soles of our feet, but only if they were hot. If our heads were hot and our extremities cool then no cool compress on the calves/soles of the feet.

I don't know if this is still considered good practice or not, or whether it is even recommended for a baby.

This thread has been so informative when it comes to treating ear infections.
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Whenever DD would get high fevers (105-106) the Dr always said to keep her undressed and in a cooler room and TONS of fluids (pedialylte, BM, Popsicle, water....anything and everything)

I think that the concern i would have (and it sound to me like the concern the OP is having) is that it is only an ear infection. And as a first time mom, it is really hard to not jump to the worst case scenario.

If you are sure that the ear infection is the reason behind the fever, then i say skip the abx.....if not then feel it out and see what happens, But i would stop calling your Dr because, most likely, she doesnt understand your reasoning and it might put up red flags where they dont belong.

I hope your LO is feeling better! Please keep us updated.
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Originally Posted by geekgolightly View Post
Don't you think that when she took the kiddo to the doc, the doc looked in the ears and noted purulent drainage which is why the doc ordered antibiotics. That is the difference between bacterial and viral. Give her the antibiotics.
Viruses can also cause nasty discharge. That's an over simplification.
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Originally Posted by justicedante View Post
Hugs mama! I know how worrisome fevers are. I find this article very helpful:
Just wanted to update:

That night I stayed up all night with DD, comforting, holding, and watching fever. It was a rough night. But in the morning, her fever had broken completely. She was very tired the next day, but as the day progressed, she became more and more like her old, perky self. By the end of the day, she was laughing and playing. I'm still continuing to give her the garlic/mullein oil in her ears and lots of rest, fluids and Vit. C and echinacea.

I really appreciate the above article. I read it that night, along with many hours of research on what is really happening when the body has a fever and how it is affected when it is artificially suppressed or when given anti-biotics. I continued to read all of your great replies.

I very much appreciate all the support I received. This was my first time going through something like this and I was very scared. But I learned a lot about how immune systems work. I have learned to trust our bodies. I've also learned it's important to watch how our bodies are handling the illness and when it's time to seek extra help, like anti-biotics. I think the biggest thing I have learned is not to fear sickness but respect it for what it accomplishes and watch how the body is handling it (is the child still fighting or getting weaker?).

One thing the above article mentioned is that generally after the fever has run it's full course, there seems to be a jump in development in the child. I saw that on the night after DD's fever ended. She almost seems like a different girl, like more mature and assertive some how.

I think I'm a different person too!

Thank you again for all your support!
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I am SO glad that you made it through the night It is scary, and it does get easier. I used to be so terrified with dd when she had a fever. Now (she's 5y) and I've developed a system for knowing when to treat it. It also gets easier as the children become more communicitive.

Even with ds (16m) I held off on any fever reducing meds much longer than I would have with dd.

I hope you are able to enjoy some much needed rest all around tonight.
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We just came through an ear infection, the first one ever - with high fever and just awful listless toddler symptoms.. It was the second time in his entire life I gave him anti-biotics .. I understand your reluctance and personally prefer to use homeopathy and herbs as much as possible, though there's a time and a place for Western medicine. .. This is a very old post, so I'm curious did you end up giving the anti-biotics, did she have mengitis, etc..? 


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