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Sore spots on belly?

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Is anyone else getting these? I'm assuming it's from the crazy movements going on in there. It feels like I am getting bruised on the inside! This is normal, right?
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I just noticed this the other day. Every once in a while I feel very sensitive - sometimes its rather painful - where I think a foot may be lurking. I very lightly bumped my belly against a chair yesterday and it hurt way more than it should have. I'm chalking it up to normal for now.
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I never had this with my past pg's, but this time there is a spot on the top right side of my belly that if i push and the baby is there, or the baby kicks it, hurts like HECK!
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I haven't noticed this so much on my belly, but my boobs have been aching like I am back in first tri! I'm guessing they are just gearing up to be milky, but that has been pretty uncomfortable.
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I have one spot on my belly that gets sore when baby moves.
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yes! and I'm so glad you brought this up! I have this one spot that is very sore..but I am feeling it this morning, and it's gone! It is totally like a bruised feeling...ouch!
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I only notice these when someone is feeling my uterus like when I was going to the midwife. It is like they pinch my flesh between their fingers and the baby. It HURTS! But they said it is normal so *shrug*
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I have one that is really bad lately. It feels like the muscle and skin are going to rip away from my navel.
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I do too right above my belly button and I was just figuring it was a slight hernia- which is also normal so I'm just being careful.
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I have a small spot on the top left side of my belly where it feels that way, but only sometimes. It's like 4-5 days out of the week it happens, and always in the afternoon and for the rest of the day. Feels bruised, especially hurts if I touch it (I know I know... don't touch it)
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