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I agree with AM, it has done wonders for my hair. It doesn't dry out as much and it is NOT damaged at all.
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BTW, is it common to relax childrens' hair in the usa? my ex lives in LA and i am very curious to see what kind of hairstyles are fashionable for black/or biracial kids with curls. the black people i see here in germany already relax children's hair a lot or put in faked braids, even when they are very young. off course it looks nice, but i dont think it is necessarily good for the real hair.
Some parents do perm their childrens hair very young but majority I have seen is around middle school age. I had fake braids when I was young as it is not as damaging to the hair as a perm.

i want to "teach" her to value and love her beautiful curly hair, even though it may need more/different treatment than streight hair (she is very sensitive when it comes to washing/touching/braiding her hair, even though i try to be careful). i want her to be proud of her look and she should not "hide" her heritage by wanting to look like "white" people. i would never relax her hair! and i hope that she will have enough self-confidence by the time when she can decide for herself.
This so wonderful I think most parents should do this. Teach the child that their hair is beautiful and how to take proper care of it and when they are older (adult) let them decide if they want a perm. Relaxing the hair is permanent and it will have to be cut off if something goes wrong so you can also straighten the hair with a flat iron if she wants a straight style (but don't let the flat iron be too hot).
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thanks for the links to the different sites, everyone-- it's very educational! :-)

i've done a little poking around to get some ideas of what to do with my sons' hair. i'm black, and wear a short afro after many years of wearing dreadlocks, and my husband is white. i'm still exploring what to do with my hair, as well as learning how to care for my boys'.

so what i do with them is essentially leaving conditioner in their hair from day to day. i keep a spray bottle of water with some conditioner (mane and tail-- the bottles are big and cheap!) in it; i'd estimate it's about 1 part conditioner to 5 or 6 parts water. in the morning, i spray down their hair, wetting it really well because it's easier to handle that way, and comb it out with an afro pick for the day. at bedtime, i rinse out their hair in the bath, again wetting it really well, and put it up in a braid for the night. just a single braid, nothing fancy. braiding keeps the tangles down and makes the morning ritual of combing out their hair so much easier.

after combing in the morning, their hair generally dries into an afro-y looking mass of corkscrew spirals (well, ringlets for my younger son, since his hair isn't as long as my elder's) which gets fluffier as the day goes on. so i'm sure if i were more aggressive with the conditioner, like using it straight and leaving it in, instead of diluted and towel-drying the excess, the spirals would hold their shape better. but i'm not fussy about it-- i just like to keep things relatively tangle-free. :-)

i use shampoo on them once every week or two. i'm not religious about it. if i think about it at bath-time and it's been more than a week since the last shampoo, and sometimes it's been much longer than that, then i'll shampoo them and use conditioner afterwards. i use whatever "baby formula" hair-and-body wash is on sale. we haven't had any issues so far, and my sons are 4.5 and 2.

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whoopsy- If your DD's scalp is still itchy and flaky even when you've changed things around, I might try take her to a different dermatologist. Psoriasis can be difficult to diagnose on scalps, and especially for non caucasians and kids. It can be irritated by shampoos/conditioners, but not often cured by avoiding chemicals.

you can also check out www.psoriasis.org for info.
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I have a 13 year old daughter and she has dandruff. She uses mixed chicks shampoo, and then when she's done in the shower she puts in mixed chicks leave in conditioner. She still continues to have dandruff. Do you have any tips, at all?
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