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Two sick kiddos

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If I wasn't already feeling like I'd be pregnant forever (due Mon), DD and DS have both gotten the sickies in the last 24 hours -- fever, vomiting, argh.

Just had to vent a bit
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Oh YUCK! I dread DS being sick any time now.
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Oh no! I hope it's just one of those 24 hour things and that you don't end up getting it! And I hope your baby stays put for another few days. One of the few times it would be nice to have one go a little past that due date!

If it makes you feel any better my oldest dd just came down with pinkeye--not that pinkeye is any comparison to barf/diarrhea illnesses though. I'm wondering if I should just stick an cotton swab in her eye and then poke everyone else in the eye so we can just all get it and get over it at the same time!
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Ugh, that doesn't sound fun.
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