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Our First Posts - share yours!

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Okay, I'm getting a little sentimental here, but I thought it would be fun if we searched up our first post on this ddc to reminisce.

Here's mine :

I'm Joining You!!


Hi Ladies!

I am so completely over the moon excited to be joining you! I got a BFP at 13 dpo on Wednesday, and 2 more today. I'm a little worried because the one's today weren't darker. Shouldn't they be darker 2 days later? Anyway, as of now my period is late and I've had 3 BFPs, so I guess I'm pregnant!

This is our first baby and we've been trying for over a year. I actually have an appointment to start fertility testing on Monday, so I guess I'll be changing the purpose of that appointment .

This was such a strange cycle. I ovulated on cd 23 - the earliest I have since stopping bc 2 years ago. That day my temp was low,but it was early for me so I didn't think much of it. Then that afternoon I noticed some ewcm, which is very unusual for me, so as soon as DH got home we did some bding, and the next morning my temperature was way up.

Everything just feels so surreal right now. I could write a novel at the moment so maybe I should just leave it at that. I can't wait to join all of you for the next 9 months!

Lots of sticky vibes for all!
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That's really cool, Gillian. Hard to believe that we've all come so far. What's the easiest way to search for all of my earlier posts? I did a basic search but didn't see anything anything besides me posting my expected due date. I think I may have just been really quiet at the start -- nervous that things would stick.

I also remember finding it weird that I would have a February baby. Sure enough-- February 14th!
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Go to the search button on our ddc's page, and when it drops down, click 'advanced search', when you get in there there is a spot to the right where you can search by username. You'll get all the posts in this ddc that you made, and just go to the last page to find where your first post is.
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I was just browsing some more of my first posts, and I found out that LionTigerBear - you were posting here before you even got a bfp! I guess you had some good intuition
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Here's mine:

Hi everyone!

I just found these AWESOME forums! I am due 2/11 with a miracle little girl via IVF/ICSI after 9 years of infertility! I am having a joyful pregnancy despite having SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) and GD. I am fortunate to be able to work form home and stay on modified bedrest for the SPD. Just found out I have GD but I feel confident I can control it!

Just wanted to say hi and I'm so happy to be here!
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This was mine:
When they get this DDC I will be joining. EDD Feb 8th/09. We were trying for a November baby when we started. It seems our whole family is fated to have birthdays in the spring. My dh's is Feb 22, My FIL is Feb 18. Mine is Mar. 23 and DS is Apr. 23. My MIL is June 29. SIL and BIL are both in May.
This will be my first DDC on MDC. I am hoping for an HBAC and also hoping I can get the same midwife I had before.
As for symptoms I just feel tired and nauseas which is what tipped me off that this was it. Now I need to figure out when to tell everyone. We weren't secretive that we were ttc.
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Paige & Nill: your posts made me smile. just packed up the last of my maternity clothes and put them away. now I'm getting all nostalgic too.

enjoying my beautiful baby and still marveling at the miracle of pregnancy. . .
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I didn't discover this forum until late and my first post was on November 10 in the chat about "Do babies have personalities in the womb?". Next time I think I will come here first thing!

" My MIL says that while my BIL was active and kicked to the point of pain, my husband was quiet and rarely kicked. This completely matches their personalities: the agressive, dominant older brother and the quiet, contemplative younger brother. My mother says that I was a an active flipper, twisting and turning around while my younger brother kicked like he had army boots on. I was definitely an active, high strung child, while my brother was all grunt and little boy business.

"With this being my first and having nothing to compare the kicks and flutters to (I LOVE it, by the way), I have to just guess. So far, I wouldn't say that this baby is extremely active or very athletic, but I do feel a lot of action. I get the sensation that my baby is "swimming" as I'll get kicks followed by the pressure of an arm or leg moving briefly against my side. When I put pressure on my stomach, I get directed kicks in that area--even as direct as at a fetascope (you can tell it was me the novice using it not the midwife as I was in completely the wrong area). The baby likes me walking or singing and will be still and gets really active when I settle in somewhere quietly. Thankfully the baby doesn't keep me awake, but my husband says that the best time for baby watching is while I'm asleep as my tummy will bump and jump.

"I'm getting the impression of a very inquisitive, out-going little person who is trying to reach out to us, but yet not active to the point of hyperactivity. I've started singing lullabies and talking in my baby voice while gently rubbing my tummy. I hope my baby knows how much I love it!"

I think I was right.
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