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Snotty Discharge

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Looking for some advise:

I have had some pale yellow snotty discharge lately. It does not smell, but I never had it before and it is a lot. Is that just normal? Or should I be worried and see my midwife?
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I've had it, too. I would guess it's normal. If it bothers you or you start seeing blood in it or whatever, definitely call your mw.
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I think its normal. Its normal here . I've had it with all three.
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Thanks. It is good to hear, I am not the only one So many things change during pregnancy, it is sometimes difficult to figure out, what's normal and what not.
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Yep, it's normal.
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Me too! I didn't have it with my first two so I was kinda getting worried. Glad to know I'm not alone!
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Yep- got it here as well- slightly offputting but normal!
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Eeek! I'm having it too!
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Originally Posted by frogautumn View Post
Eeek! I'm having it too!
Tell me about it, I don't remember this from the first time around!
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DDC crashing from Sept, but I have definitely had this. I noticed more earlier on and it kinda freaked me out. Had a few days of having lots of it when I wiped. Very yellow and snotty. . .not the same as pre-pg cervical mucus either. But seems it was normal. I still have more discharge than normal, but its more creamy now than snotty (TMI sorry). You body is just working hard to keep that area flushed out! Also you grow the mucus plug and bits of that can get dislodged (but it regrows/renews itself).
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