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What is going on??

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Hi mamas.
So here I am again...
I don't know what to think- I didn't sleep well, and when I did sleep, I had very elaborate, vivid nightmares. I had some contractions that were quite a bit more intense. I got up this morning feeling so-so. Then about an hour after I got up I started feeling awful- I was feeling nauseous, had (TMI!!!) diarreah, (which I thought was weird since I had a banana this morning), more intense contractions, but not with any kind of definite pattern, and my back is just killing me!! I really don't know whats going on. I haven't lost any of my plug that I've noticed, no water breaking....
What do you think the deal is?? I took a nice long hot shower, and that helped my back a bit, but I still feel awful.
As of a couple weeks ago, I no longer have a doc, and can't seem to find one in the area who is willing to take me on this far along, or with my insurance. The doc I had pushed me WAY over my "comfort" level, so I dropped him. I don't know if I should just sit tight and wait it out, or go get checked out.

Thanks for sticking with me here. I need support and objective thoughts right now, and where better to get that than my DDC here on MDC?
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I would guess early labor? It's hard to say, honestly, especially as I'm a first timer, myself. How many weeks are you right now? I were you, I would avoid the doctor that you dropped. You didn't say *how* he pushed you past your comfort level, but that sounds bad, and like the last thing you need right now. Since your water hasn't broken and no plug or anything, I'd just wait it out and see what happens. As many other threads here bear witness to, contractions can start days or even weeks before labor really gets going-- that could be what is happening now.

Do you have a plan for when you do go into labor (for sure), since you don't have a doctor?

I hope you feel better and get some relief soon.
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I just wanted to offer some :

That can't be any fun at all
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Also sending love, hugs and support. Have things continued to be as intense today or are they letting up? This happened to me on May 15 - felt very nauseous, had strong contrax and hot flashes, etc. It went away when I had a lie down.
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Feeling a little better now, the digestive/intestinal issues seem to have let up. Still having the sporadic painful contractions, and my back is still killing me, but it's a lot easier to deal with now that I don't have to be on the toilet every 5 minutes!
I was planning to labor at home as long as I can and go right down the street to a GREAT hospital last minute ( not the one my old doc works at) and have baby there. BUT, if she decides to come early, I don't think laboring too long at home would be the best idea!! At least she is nice and active today, cause despite the extra pains her movements cause, it's nice to know she is moving as usual.

Thank you so much for the love and hugs and support. It really helps the heart, ya know?

I am so sorry to anyone else going through it. I just keep trying to remind myself that baby will be here soon and this will all be a distant memory.

Gosh, we are so close mamas. Any one else a bit scared??
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So it's about 5am here. Been up for about 2 hours with contractions every 5 minutes. Still no sign of plug, or show, or water breaking. WTH!! I'm tired and hurting and frustrated. Stupid birds outside are chirping. I came out to my living room cause I was moving around in bed a lot and didnt wanna wake up DP. I'm jealous that he gets to sleep right now though.
Don't know what else to type. I just don't have anyone to talk to till folks start waking up so I came here.....
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My house is toooo quiet. this sucks.
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I'm sorry you can't sleep. Does a warm bath or shower do anything to help?

I'm always irritated when my DH is sleeping soundly and I'm tossing around, awake with heartburn and a continually filling bladder. I hope this babe comes soon for you. Hang in there!
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I took a shower earlier, but all it did was make me more sleepy. I'm timing the contractions right now, and if they don't slow down I think I will go in to L&D. I am still really hoping to not have this little one for at least another week, but hey, if she's ready, she's ready. No stopping them when they've made up their minds huh?
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Oh hell some of these really don't feel good!
At least it's supposed to be a bit cooler today- mid to high 80's. Don't feel like dealing with 100+ right now!!
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Going in to get checked out wouldn't hurt. At least then you'd know if the ctx are doing anything. If they are, maybe that will be encouraging, and if they're not, maybe wine or something to help them stop so you don't just get more and more worn out.

And "stupid birds chirping" made me laugh, so thank you for that, as I am a real WITCH today and not much is making me laugh!
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Originally Posted by sonuptosondown View Post

And "stupid birds chirping" made me laugh, so thank you for that, as I am a real WITCH today and not much is making me laugh!
you are very welcome! I actually laughed myself when i read it just now!

So it's about 7am now, still contracting. Gonna let DP sleep a bit longer before I wake him up and freak him out. I hope he keeps calm, this could just be my irritable uterus going into overdrive, ya know? But, could be a baby coming too. definately feels worse than my usual contractions that ive been having for 7 weeks.... we will find out in a bit.....
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Exciting that it might be for real! Hope all is well!
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So after my last post i went and took another shower, contracting the whole time 3-4 mins apart, then at 7:30 got into bed to try to rest while i could. Then 7:45 rolls around, and theres a contraction. BUT WAIT!! 1 in 15 mins?!?!?!
So I stayed as still as I could, and didn't have another one for almost 15 minutes again. I fell asleep. I slept for a few hours, and as long as I don't move/shift/get up/fill my bladder etc etc, i can keep them at bay for decent stretches of time. my cervix hurts a lot though, and it feels like baby is trying to claw her way out. Still not sure which way this will go, so please send me happy thoughts that either way it goes, it goes well. THANKS!!
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: Lots of happy thoughts for you!
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