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10 minute speed cleaning: Week of 5/18-5/24 - Page 2

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- put away stuff on bathroom sink
- wiped down sink and wall behind it
- wiped down tub
- cleaned toilet
- emptied bathroom trash
- scooped kitty litter box
- took out kitchen trash

Week's total: 93 minutes
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- straightened up the living room
- cleared the dining room table
- scooped the cat box

Total: 103 minutes
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Just seeing this thread now...perfect timing!

I just spent 15 minutes in my bedroom - stripped the bed, folded some laundry and put it away, swept the floor, etc. Before that I cleaned the upstairs bathroom. I'm going from top to bottom and doing the whole house in 15 minute intervals all day, so we can enjoy this three day weekend.

Next up...stairs and hallway. (I'll probably need just the 10 minutes for this - there's a pile from the other rooms upstairs in the hall of things that didn't belong in there and need to be put away, and I need to sweep.)
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Hallway and stairs done.

Working on living room next...
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Oh, real quick...
phathui5, we must be on the same cleaning schedule. And I wish I was eating pretzels, even if I had to pay for them. Soft pretzels with the outside just a tad darker than usual...with yummy dip! Mmmm... :
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Okay, changed my mind....did the boys room instead. Toys up and away, bed stripped, floor swept. Displaced items back to their homes.

NOW onto the living room!
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Living room and dining room DONE!

Now the hard work begins - kitchen, laundry room, downstairs bathroom, back porch and outside. Plus, trash/recycling and laundry, too.

- empty dw
- load dw
- wash pots and pans
- feed chickens from the chicken bowl
- put trash out
- clean counters
- wipe down appliances
- vaccuum floor (ugh! : )
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Kitchen is done! Yay! :

Not doing so good keeping things to 15 minutes, but I am getting it done - and that's what matters, right?!

Doing the bathroom next...then the laundry room. :
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Bathrooms finished.

Also had a mini-emergency, needed to remove a tick from my two year old's thigh! And I re-vacuumed the kitchen...kids tracked in a bunch of leaves! :

Laundry room:
- sort laundry
- bring clean stuff to couch
- switch washer to dryer
- start a new load
- clear off counter
- cat litter boxes
- put misc strewn items where they belong
- vacuum

Oh man...this is the one I'm dreading!
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Okay, laundry room is DONE! Not as bad as I thought it would be and I'm so glad its done.

So my whole house has been cleaned up. Now I need to do a deep cleaning! I will save that for another day, though...its good enough for now.

I still want to work on the porch, the deck and the yard - but I am going to take a lunch break. I am starving after all this cleaning! I just don't want to mess up the kitchen again...
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Gees I need to do this 10 times a day!
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Lunch is over and cleaned up. Except I need to re-vacuum the floor...again! I'd like to meet the person that thought carpet in the kitchen was a good idea. :

Now, I am working on laundry. I should be doing the outside, but its hotter than I like it to be and dh will be home in a few hours so I'm hoping he will take care of the yard/deck/porch.

Only 15 loads of laundry to do...grrrr!
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I am a whirlwind today!

30 minutes so far, making calls while tidying kitchen, put away dishes, folding laundry, and making the bed.

Toys cleaned up
DD's craft area entirely rethought and planned

And she's up an hour early from her nap... Grr....:
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- straighted up the bathroom
- emptied the dishwasher
- did a load of dishes

(forgot ten minutes from this morning too)

Week's total: 123 minutes
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I am doing laundry in between being outside with the kids - they've kept themselves entertained fairly well all day so I could get stuff done. Oh, and I did get to sweep up the front porch. DH is picking up pizza for dinner on his way home and I'm just gonna throw together a salad. I just have one errand to run tonight, so I should be able to finish all the laundry tonight. It should be a good weekend. :
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- straightened up in the kitchen
- wiped down the counter and sink
- put stray laundry in the hamper

Week's total: 133 min
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- swept the kitchen
- mopped the kitchen
- took out the kitchen trash

Week's total: 143 min
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Can I keep this going? At least for this week?
I meant to jump in last week and kept forgetting! :doh
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