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Midwife in Williamsburg?

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I just found out my little sister is pregnant with her first DC : Does anyone have a MW recommendation for the Williamsburg area?

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I'm in London,Ky & am trying to find a midwife,good luck.
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Hi. I know it's a little late, but I just saw your post. I just got a list emailed to me from ICAN of Richmond. Here are the providers (some mw, some OB) they gave me. Obviously, your sis won't be VBAC, but VBAC-friendly providers are often natural-friendly also. The Homebirth Midwives listed do births all over the Hampton Roads area. Congrats, auntie!!


1. Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Hampton. They are a great

group of docs and have been very supportive of women in the past.


2. Drs. Hughes, Dixon, and Wolcott: Support the DePaul Midwifery

Center. I don't think VBAC women qualify for the Center, but they may support her desire for a VBAC. 757-451-0929.

3. Dr. John Lee: a solo practitioner, and a little bit of a maverick.

Definitely believes in natural childbirth. 757-547-8108.

4. Also, as a last resort, she may want to try the perinatologists at

Eastern Virginia Medical School. Not the best scenario, but they have so much

technology at their hands that they are more willing to "go to the

edge" as it were. They have been very supportive of home birth clients that I

have referred to them. Their number is 757-446 7900.

5. Virginia Homebirth Midwifery

Jenny Rector, CPM- home birth



6. Seven Cities Midwifery Care- home birth

Terri Hewitt, CPM

Jenny Derugen, CPM

757 622-2791



1. Lois Hancock, CNM. (757) 838-7277

Diane Thomas, CNM- she and back up doc are more medical. (757) 874-2790

3. Williamsburg Woman Care- 6 women doctors. 3 are great, other 3 more conservative.
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