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anyone do bulk vending?

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hi, mamas.
I am looking into this and did not see it discussed anywhere here.
its not a very natural product, but it looks like a nice way for me to easily add some income for our family. I am thinking about getting a couple of multi compartment bulk candy dispensers (was looking at the Vendstar 3000 and the U Turns) maybe a nice big gumball machine and one with stickers and tattoos.
Has anyone tried/ done/ made money with this and want to say anything about it? Recommend or dis machines or offer tips on securing placement or offer any other general words or advice on the subject...
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I would love to know more about this too. I had a neighbor in the distant past, who did this after a layoff from Hughes Aircraft. He was very mechanically inclined, which was useful as he was constantly having to repair the machines. How do you find places to put the machines?
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was it the regular simple mechanical gumball/ candy dispensing machines that were constantly in need of repair? or maybe he had coke and or snack vending machines? because i was thinking the mechanical gumball machines wouldnt need much repair...

i figure finding the locations are the "work" of the venture. I do know there are locating services which you can pay to do it for you, but i am thinking to locate mine myself.
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I have not had personal experience, just heard it from a friend second hand. He bought 30 vending machines (I am not sure what kind) and contracted with another company to place and service the machines and collect the cash. He ended up losing money because it was unscrupulous company and they did not obtain permission from the correct owner to place the machines.

It can be lucrative - a business friend of ours is the largest vending machine operator in Northern California.
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Vending Business

A vending machines business would be a great choice for getting into a growing business opportunity. I have seen a lot of people grow while setting up snack machines and candy machines in perfectly selected locations.
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Bulk Vending is a great way to make extra or even primary income.  It is tough to find good sources of information on the subject, I know it took me forever!  Head to www.bulkvendingforum.com and you will find vending professionals discussing day to day operations and answering any questions.  Good Luck!

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