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silly details...what to catch baby in? (blankets, etc)

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So what do I have on hand for baby to first get wrapped up in? Cotton receiving blanket? Towels? I was going to go buy a few dark colored soft towels or receiving blankets just so I don't have to worry about staining so much. I know it's not a huge deal but it's one of those last "get ready" things I thought of.

How many should I have?

Should I wash them a certain way? I've done my other baby stuff in perfume free/dye free detergent and no fabric softeners or anything else. I have a front loader so I use very little detergent anyway.

I'm a little obsessive about this because my last one was UC in our van and my Dh had to catch him in his sweatshirt and then I just had my fleece jacket to wrap him in. I think it was the fleece but he broke out in a terrible rash for 2 days. It was all over his body and really red, it looked terrible! I just want to prevent anything like that again! Well, we hopefully won't be in the van again

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We had a water birth so I think she was wrapped in a towel immediately after leaving the tub. As soon as she was out we put a hat on her head. We had a bunch of receiving blankets on hand too. Not the flimsy ones you get from the store. We made several out of flannel that worked much better.
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We have 5 big bath towels, 6 facewash towels, and 8 recieving blankets. My midwife also delivers babies in Africa so when i asked about how to clean them, what color they should be, what fabric...etc (i like to be REALLY prepared) she assured me that ANYTHIGN was better than nothing, and that if all we had was an old sweatshirt that it would work perfectly too!
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We had flannel receiving blankets and some towels. Used the towels in the tub and then later the blankets. I think I had 6-8 of each. As long as they are washed and dried (w/o fabric softener) they shouldn't bother baby's skin.
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My MW recommends running baby's stuff like receiving blankets an extra 10 minutes on hot in the dryer. Not sure if that really does anything or it's just for peace of mind.
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We used towels that I bought just for her birth. I washed and dried them on hot and just put them aside for the birth. They were hair towel size and we still use them. I figured towels would be better used than a bunch of receiving blankets at our house.
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My midwife wanted us to have 10 receiving blankets available, but we actually used 5 or 6. I birthed on land. I picked up some blankets 2nd hand and washed them well,so I wasn't too concerned if they were stained. None were, though.
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