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How large is your laundry area/room?

Poll Results: How large is your laundry area/room?

  • 14% (12)
    w/d are in a room which is primarily for another function (e.g., kitchen)
  • 37% (32)
    w/d in a hallway or dedicated closet
  • 8% (7)
  • 18% (16)
    50-100 square feet
  • 5% (5)
    101-150 sf
  • 4% (4)
    no laundry at home
  • 10% (9)
85 Total Votes  
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Saw some pics here of great laundry rooms, some of which are large enough to serve several functions. Just wondering how much space y'all have to work in for laundry purposes.
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I don't know the square footage but ours is big enough for a large chest freezer, a spare fridge, the washer and dryer and a cabinet and I still have plenty of room.
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I wasn't sure how to answer the poll, my laundry room is under 16ft^2, it acts as a pass through from the kitchen to the garage also, so all that space isn't really usable -just a spot for either a washer or kitchen door, or garage or dryer door to open and close.
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We had a second floor laundry room put into our (1922-era) house last year. We had a small room next to the bathroom that wasn't good for much, so we had plumbing put in, and there are some storage units in there that we plan to swap out someday. I love having laundry on the second floor! The room is about 7' x 10'. There's room for the washer and dryer, plus a clothes rack for hanging things, plus shelves that house about 10 large plastic storage boxes, for off-season clothes, etc.
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Thanks for your responses. I screwed up the poll when I wanted to add more options. I'm waiting for help from the questions board.

A pass-through would be a hallway, I would think...
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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
A pass-through would be a hallway, I would think...
ok, I'll answer that, I didn't think of it as a hallway I guess because the doors open into it, more like a room, but it's definitely not much of a room!
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I chose "w/d in a designated hallway/closet", as it was closest.

We have a slightly oversize galley-style kitchen. The fridge and stove are on one side, with the sink at the end (under the window) and the counter-length running up the side across from the fridge and stove. (If dh is standing at the stove, and I've got my back to him at the counter, we just fit - but not right now, because I'm pregnant, so we're crowded.) Our small deep freeze is on the other side of the counter...and the washer and dryer are under the window. So, they're along the same wall as the kitchen sink, but the kitchen cupboards and counter are between them, forming a sort of wall. It's not exactly a hallway, but that's the closest I can think of, as it's not a room, either.

There isn't much space - more without the freezer, but we need the freezer. The front door is right beside it, so the far wall - across from the freezer - has our coat hooks on it.
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i chose "hallway or closet" the hosue we are in now has a tint little hallway between the livingroom/kitchen hallway and the bathroom. this maybe 5 foot by 4 foot area is where our laundry room is. its a VERY tight space. it always ends up cluttered because there is nowhere for anything to go..

BUT.. we are moving. and the new house has its own laundry space. its still a hallway, but it is kind of the corner of a V shaped house, so there is quite a bit of space, lots of counter area and storage and shelves. im really excited to have a usable laundry area.. it will be shared, kind of with the landlady who uses it as an entrance to a room that she keeps to herself, but there is just extra house stuff in some of the cupboards so if i get it all organised it should be plenty of space for a cold storage and pantry as well as laundry room.
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Ours is about 100 sq ft with cabinets, shelves, counter space and an additional storage alcove.
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I think mine is about 100 sq ft. I have a washer (no dryer by choice, but there is room), three shelf units, and two smaller cabinets. It doubles as my food pantry and currently the cleaning supplies live there too, but I may move things around between the lanundry and hall closet.

I added a door so it opens to the backyard now. Makes a nice difference for someone who line dries everything! Plus the door has a screen window in it to open and shut for ventilation, and let in natural light.
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We call ours "The Back Porch" or "The Laundry Room".

It was added on years and years ago- the old old siding is visible still!

It's probably 8x10 or smaller.

You walk through the backdoor, and then straight through another door and you're in the kitchen. So it's a porch of sorts.

The washer and dryer are on one side and there is room for a dog food tub, some laundry baskets and that's about it. Not cramped, but definitely no room for anything snazzy like a folding table or ironing board.
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Mine is just under 100 square feet, though part of it is a half bath. There's room for my front loading washer and my dryer stacked, my 2nd top loading washer which is used primarily for my business, a deep sink, a ~4 foot long workbench (also used for my business) with a mini-fridge under it.
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I'm bad with measurements, but ours is small. It fits our washer, dryer, and the pet food/water bowls. It's not a closet, though.

I must say, I love having a designated laundry area, even if it's small. Our washer/dryer used to be in the yucky basement.
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It's about 80 square feet.
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Mine is in a closet, washer and dryer stacked on top of one another. Yea, I live in a condo, lol.

The good thing about this is that it forces me to fold and put away the clothes right away.
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I would guess mine is 50-100 sf. It's more narrow than I would like but it is long. There are shelves over the w/d and a sink with a counter against one wall. I have plenty of room for laundry baskets, the iron can stay out if I need it to, the drying rack is usually out, the vacuum is often in there, and our diaper pail is in there.
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Our laundry room is about 200sq feet...... wait before you get envious let me tell you what takes up the majority of that room............... a wood stove. Yup our home long ago use to be a vacation home that was mostly heated by wood and the wood stove is in the laundry room with a fan motor thing (no longer works) that heated the home. We also have a chest freezer going in that room.
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Maybe 3 feet by 3 feet? It's a closet with just enough room for a stackable washer/dryer. I love that it's right off our living room and kitchen. Makes it a breeze to keep an eye on dinner and fold up clothes.
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Originally Posted by jjawm View Post
I must say, I love having a designated laundry area, even if it's small. Our washer/dryer used to be in the yucky basement.
The basement thing is a PITA...but I almost wish we had that. We'll be laundering cloth diapers again soon, and having your laundry area right off the kitchen isn't always a good thing.
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I voted other ... mine is about 5feet wide x 12 feet long I'd say. It has doors at either end, but isn't really a hallway (hence the other) as it's not a general passage way... the external door goes to the side yard where the clothesline is It has a laundry sink, room for the washer, and a ginormous linen/broom closet that is about 6ft long and probably 2ish ft deep. There is plenty of room to pass through, as well as have laundry hampers along the wall.
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