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We are looking for a pediatrician in or near Rockville for our two year old daughter as well as for our baby on the way. We're planning a home birth so we need someone willing to see a baby born at home. We also would like someone who is supportive of breastfeeding, willing to delay and/or spread out vaccinations, and in general does not jump to medication or medical procedures as a first strategy in dealing with health issues. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Our first attempt to find a pediatrician didn't go so well -- we got a list of doctors willing to see babies born at home, and so we randomly picked Dr. Joan Barkin's name off of it, since she was closeby. We went today for our first appointment, but unfortunately it was a really bad experience, and we left feeling very disappointed and uncomfortable. I definitely would not recommend her.

Thanks in advance for the info!
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I like my ped in Germantown - Dr Wendy at www.yourkiddoc.com - but am unsure if she'd visit a baby born at home - you could ask. I think she would meet your other criteria.
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We love Dr. Stern in Highland. He wants to see all newborns within 24-28 hrs of birth (or as soon as possible) no matter where the birth happens. I don't know how far you're willing to go, he's in Howard County, not far from where 108 and 216 intersect.
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another vote for dr stern. he's great.
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