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Doula's in Eastern KY

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Does anyone know where I can find a Doula in Eastern,KY(London,KY area) that would attend a UC in my home?
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Hey I don't know any certified doula's in the area, I am in training to be certified, just started though part of my training is attending births, here is a little about me I am 23 a mama of 4,one unassisted,2 with midwives and one with OB, I breastfeed,co-sleep and AP, if nothing else maybe we could be friends? I am in Somerset Kentucky which isn't that far from London.
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There are very very few. I'll look up my list again and let you know. Someday maybe I'll add my name to the list. I'll get back with you ASAP.
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Hi I was just wondering if you are a doula now... I'll be havingmy baby in may in London and was hoping to find one!!!!
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