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clw and cuddling the boobs

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MY dd is 3.5 and asks to nurse maybe once a day, sometimes she forgets. We've also been having "abc nummies" for 6 months+ now (she was nursing so often that I had started suggesting we limit nummies for as long as it took me to sing the abc song)- so when she does nurse, it's only for like 10 seconds. Anway, I've noticed lately that she's wanting to cuddle my boobs a lot- likes to nuzzle or sleep with her face up against my chest. It's not a big deal to me, but I was just wondering if other kids go through a stage like this as they're letting go of actually nursing?

ETA: okay- so I just read the whole other thread that's dealing with this similar issue! I guess I don't really care if people think it's okay or not, since I don't really mind (and I tell her when I do) I'm just wondering how common it is, and how long this stage tends to last.
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Yes, both of mine did. My sister's children did as well.
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my ds will be 3.5 soon and he has recently gotten more cuddly and affectionate toward my breasts-- and although he still nurses like a champ a lot of the time I can see that it's tapering off slowly.

Zoe, mama to Thomas 1/06
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Yes!!!! My 3.10 year old is obsessed with my breasts. She says she loves them and wants to snuggle them because it makes her feel happy. She also tells my nipples she loves them because they have milk. I imagine it will pass eventually like everything else. I tell her when it's not okay with me to snuggle and she respects my boundaries. Sometimes I am just all snuggled out YKWIM?
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Yes, even when dd doesn't want to "drink the milk", she frequently just wants to "touch the milk". She'll just sit next to me with her hand down my shirt!
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My son prefers pats and snuggles with my breasts. He too will say things like " I really love your boobies. They make milk for me! It's my favorite!" And he will want to kiss them sometimes. It's very sweet...although since I am feeling like I am over nursing him lately, I shudder because I wonder how much longer he will be such an avid nurser.

Just reread your original reason for posting....Can't really answer your question since he hasn't weaned, but wanted to say that my boy is going through this now.
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even now my dd who hasn't nursed in a year, still falls asleep with her hand in my shirt.
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