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art/craft ideas for an 18 mo old.

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Hi there!

I have an 18 mo old and I am wanting to do some arts and crafts with her but am unsure what would be age appropriate. any ideas?

Thanks so much!
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It really depends on if she is big on putting things in her mouth or not. With close supervision she should be able to use crayons, markers, and fingerpaints. Also homemade play dough is great. Let me know if you want the recipe. You can let her paint with food, like yogurt, tomato sauce, mustard, beet juice, blueberry juice, any juice really, etc. on paper or a tray. Given a palette or little containers I'm sure she'd have a blast mixing different colors together. You could show her how to rip paper and help her glue it like a collage or use beans, seeds, or pasta to glue like a collage. Watered down paint would be good for brushes or sponges, you can show her how to flick or splatter it, messy but fun. With salt dough you can cut out shapes with cookie cutters and bake them for her to paint on.
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Our favorite thing is bathtub painting. I put my 18 month old and 3 year old in the bathtub with washable paints and let them go.

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It's not really a craft, but my almost-two year old's favorite thing is when I make her a big bowl of soap suds, sit her on a big old blanket and give her cups, bowls, spoons and whisks & let her "cook", lol.
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When mine were that age I gave them a few blobs of paint on a baking sheet. They would smear it around for quite a while, either with a brush or more usually their fingers. They usually ended up ripping the paper when it got soggy so this worked out really well.

Peeling and sticking sticker was (and still is) a favorite too.

Threading cherios or some similar cereal is good too, and it doesn't matter if they eat the "beads"

I bought a bag of small craft pom poms which have kept DS busy for quite a while. He likes to scoop them with toy diggers etc, sort them into an egg box and just generally move them form one place to another DD (4) likes to layer them in a clear jar.

On day we may even stick them to paper.
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I use to do jello pudding finger painting with my kids.
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