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Anyone Else Nauseous?

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I posted this in breastfeeding, but I thought I'd post it here as well to see if any of you gals are experiencing this kind of thing...

So since last week I've been feeling super nauseous on & off which I thought at first was yeast die off as my NP has me on Nystatin & a yeast free diet... But I haven't been taking it for over a week now & I was on the yeast free diet plus a cleanse before I got pg (I'm almost 3 months pp), & stayed on the diet for most of my pregnancy & I never felt this sick...

So then I started to worry that I was already pg again... As I would be right around 5 weeks if I had gotten pg which is when ms has started w/ both of my ds's... But tests have all been neg (though it took 5 weeks to get a positive w/ ds 1, so I guess I can't completely write that off...)

So I did some reading online & a few places said that you can feel sick if your iron is really low which it was when I was pregnant (I'm going to go back to get my levels rechecked this week (I've been taking Iron pills since 2 weeks pp) ) or if your not eating/drinking well & I do tend to forget to eat sometimes... The thing that is confusing me is that the day's that I feel the most sick are the days I eat really well & it can be triggered by eating the weirdest things (like carrots ) So I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone else gets sick pp/when breastfeeding aka is it normal or if I need to go get checked out...
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I have felt sick during breastfeeding as well, and actually almost passed out a few times. I also posted under breastfeeding challenges.

I think that it is because of low iron. I am now taking an iron supplement and making sure that I am drinking a lot of water. I have and intense and sometimes very painful letdown (usually spraying multiple streams of milk everywhere) and wonder how much of it has to do with this as well.

Hope you are feeling better, and keep posting if you find out the solution.
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