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Canning Help!

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Mods...not sure if this belongs here or not. Please move if need be.

I would love to get back into canning this summer. However, we are renting a townhouse with a glass top stove. Is there an alternative I can use, say something outside? We have a gas grill with a side burner, but I am not sure of the BTUs and if it will hold the weight of a full size canner full of water and jars of stuff.

Please help.
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We bought a camp chef 2 burner thing last summer to can on, and it worked out fantasticly. Its outside so it doesn't heat up my house, it heats it up super fast (so less time bringing stuff to a boil/up to pressure), and was just wonderful.

This is the model we have:

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We have a camp stove (not the explorer 2) as well. Make sure you do a lot of research for the best price on anything you buy. I have seen the explorer 2 for $100 including shipping. During the winter I can meats and stews inside on an electric coil stove and it takes *much* longer (to come up to pressure) than on gas.

Good luck!
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Cabelas is in KC. I am going to see what they have and what price.

Question - What we have is a 21qt All American Pressure Canner. Will a camp stove hold this?

This is the one we have.

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I have the AA925 and it works fine.
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: Velochic, I think I love you. Thank you!

I am so excited I can't wait to get one of these things so we can get started. My boxes of jars and my pressure canner have been gathering dust in the garage. They have been calling my name to get out!
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