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My Natural Birth Documentary

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post ever to a blog...I'm a newbie to texting and all things techie. As an avid reader of Mothering magazine and all your helpful posts during my pregnancy I felt compelled to share my story to help forward the natural birth movement.

My husband and I created a short informational documentary based on 10 womens' out of hospital birthing experiences. We hope it will be a useful tool for anyone who has questions & concerns regarding the process. Please feel free to send this video link along to anyone you know who is considering a birth both in or out of the hospital.

I have entered it into a video contest to be judged by Ricki Lake and the producer of the Business of Being Born and would appreciate your views and votes.

Giving birth to my son at home was by far the most profound and life changing event I've experienced ever. It is my wish that all women have the choice to give birth in their own way.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to a continual dialogue via your posts on Mothering.

Huddybear : )

Part One:

Part Two:
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Just watched these on youtube - how marvellous. I'm planning a homebirth with my third son, it's good to see other people empowered by their choices. Thanks for sharing.
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great job!!! i loved them. esp the end when they talk about their births.

watch them both!

how do i vote?
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These videos are so beautiful and inspiring! I was crying my eyes out. I'm planning a home birth for my first baby, due in October, and positive stories like these are just what I need....

Yeah, where can we vote?
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Hi, I'm a mom of 4 kids who have given birth in a hospital setting with no medical interventions. I guess I consider myself lucky not to require medical interventions.  I imagine your experience at home must be wonderful and comforting to be in a familiar environment.


I am currently a student in Alaska university and our focus group case study we would like to research is about Natural Birth.  We would like to understand and hear stories from mothers who wanted to have a natural birth.  So the criteria for our participants would be:  (1) a mom who wanted to have a natural birth (may or may not have a birth plan established in writing but had definitely thought of it) and (2) delivered their child in a hospital setting.  Also, of those who delivered in the hospital, (2a) they had natural birthing - no medical interventions OR (2b) they ended up not being able to carry out their natural birth plans by having medical interventions.  For (2b) moms, we would like to understand what caused them having a change in their delivery plans. If they did deliver in the hospital but were able to have natural birth, were there midwives or doulas in the room? Based on their birthing experiences, we would like to draw out more questions to explore the natural birth experience vs medically-assisted birthing experience.


Our focus group session is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, 2012.  Each student should find a mom that fits the above criteria and arrange with our professor for the mom to join our interview session via internet (Elluminate Live). It's anticipated to last 30 minutes.  Our online class begins 5:30pm and ends 7:20 pm.


Would you know anyone that fits these criteria and would be willing for us to interview via internet (Elluminate Live)?  If so, do please let me know. Thank you so much for reading my call for interviewees.

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I tried to click on your documentary and it was removed. Do you know how I can watch it?


Carolyn Gall AAHCC

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