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discounted hotel rates?

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My dad is dying of cancer. He is expected to live 3-4 more months. We live in Alabama with our four children. My parents live in PA in a tiny house. We are going to visit tomorrow and staying a week, but I'd like to stay as long as possible so that we can spend as much time with him as we can.

Money is obviously a factor, we just don't have money to just book a hotel suite big enough for me and the kids (dh will need to come back home to work) without going into major debt.

I'm trying to find a living situation that will enable us to see my dad lots this summer without ruining our entire financial future.

Yes, we could take out loans and pay for this summer for the rest of our lives but we'd rather not do that.

Anyway, do any of you know of a hotel chain that offers a discount to family members of people suffering a terminal illness? Any suggestions on how to make this work?
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Hi Kathy,

I'm sorry about your dad. It's just a thought but maybe the hospice or hospital where you dad is being cared for could offer suggestions that would enable your family to be there for as long as you needed to be.

I am unaware of any hotels that offer discounts but it's worth asking around to the the hotel chains.

Good luck,
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We got a hotel discount to visit family in the hospital - but the rates were still so high. I'd suggest looking for a b&b, or possibly even a basement suite or small house that you could rent for the whole summer. Even if you are not there full-time, it would be cheaper than a hotel (and have a kitchen to save on food costs) and then you could come and go as needed. Sorry about your dad. hugs.
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