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Anyone else's babe posterior??

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My babe was more or less anterior for weeks and weeks. I always felt his butt and back in the front of my belly. Well, starting early last week, he moved posterior and (it seems to me) more and more posterior. And last week I really tried to do all the things you're supposed to do to get them into the right position.

Is anyone else trying to do anything for this or are you just trusting that they'll be in the position they should be in when labor starts? I have been trying to sit on a birth ball while working at the computer, but today it made my hip hurt so much!

Anyway, just wanted to whine a little and see if anyone else is dealing with this. It seems so strange to me.
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Originally Posted by Jayray View Post
Anyone else's babe posterior??
Sometimes. S/he still spins around quite a bit. I'm not worried about it, I'm not even term yet. I'm not the biggest fan of OFP (optimal fetal positioning) pre-labor though. What position the baby is in pre-labor doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what position they will be in in labor. Even in labor, most babes engage in the pelvis from a slightly posterior position.
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At my last mw appt she said that baby was "almost posterior". He's kind of facing my left side, that's where I feel all his kicks. I personally can't tell his exact position myself, but my mw didn't seem concerned so I'm really not either. I'm sure he'll get where he needs to be before the big day
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Mine is, which means I'm feeling lots of movement out front and anyone watching me is treated to a display of random hills and valleys appearing.

Thankfully I don't have to worry about position, as I'm having a c-section. My 2nd birth was a posterior birth and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I also wouldn't exhaust myself trying to get baby to turn, to be honest I don't think my last baby could turn, there was very little amniotic fluid.

My midwife said that with 2nd timers and beyond the baby usually turns in labour not before, it's just rather unfortunate that that didn't happen for me, the posterior birth was very damaging for my joints and pelvic floor.
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Mine hasn't been posterior but was facing left until a few days ago. Now s/he is nicely anterior. Spending hours on my hands and knees scrubbing paint flecks of our new bamboo floors seems to have done the trick. If anyone wants to come over and see if it works for them, they're more than welcome!
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hey, I just replied to another thread about posterior babies in the I'm Preg. forum. I typed out everything that I can think of that I've heard to help them turn. I spend a lot of time on spinningbabies.com a couple days ago, so I'm trying to make it all gel in my head. Check it out! SB.com does say that if you've had other babies before then they have kind of paved the way for your body and baby to position correctly, esp if the other babies were positioned correctly.
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I have carried all my babies left-posterior. The first two turned anterior before or during early labor without my noticing. I'm counting on this guy to turn, too. My midwife said that when you carry straight out like I do, the baby is just more comfortable posterior because anterior means that the little neck has to flex alot as the body falls forward and the head stays in the pelvis.

I do tend to get an overwhelming urge to be on hands-and-knees or forward tilting the day or two before labor so maybe that has helped spin them in the past.
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I saw the thread in I'm Preg! I'm trying to do a lot of that stuff. I even took a nap face down yesterday with my belly in a nest of pillows. It was actually pretty comfortable, but didn't seem to change babe's position. I guess I'll just do what I can and hope he knows what's best for him.
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My baby has been LOP, ROP, LOT, ROT, LOA and ROA in the last 24 hours : ) It's like he/she is spinning like a top in there : ) I figure by the time I go into labor and am spending a lot of time leaning forward, he or she will rotate down into the right position. I spent a lot of time and effort worrying about this in my last pregnancy and that baby was born sunny-side up : ) So, a fat lot of good that did me : ) I figure they will be in the right position they need to be to come out in and to just leave it at that. No worries!
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