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What do you still need to make/buy/do for baby/birth/postpartem? - Page 2

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I don't want to think about it! : :

I have bought NOTHING! Ok, I probably don't really have to because my youngest is 18 mos, but I have not looked at the baby box yet. She was a winter baby though, so I think I am in denial :

My room is a disater, so much so that DH and I are sleeping in the guestroom : My bedroom is where I will give birth and where baby will sleep!

We don't have a car to fit the whole family!
We want to get a seat conversion instead, but have still not done it...

What happened to the year?
Time passed too fast, and now I am too pregnant, tired and painful to be able or want to do anything. I am going to end up having the baby in the living room, asking DH to run to the store and buy diapers, and having the baby naked in a sling for the first weeks - it is summer though, right? :
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
What are you getting him? I am thinking I will get him his own "baby" to take care of while I take care of the real baby.
Honestly, I had not decided yet-but, that is a great idea, he loves "babies" too so that should be perfect...I'll probably do that and ask my mom to make a doll sling for him Plus he thinks he has a baby in his belly and is sure to be disappointed that mine comes out and his doesn't lol
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oh yeah, I am making our own slings so that should have been on my list. LOL! Sew slings. One for each parent and one for my daughter. I should get on that pretty soon.
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Originally Posted by mags View Post
What a great deal! I'm glad you got it. You'll love it! What color did you get? I wish they would have had all the funky colors available when I got mine. I have a charcoal one, but would have loved a more fun color.
I got the red one - really like the blue color but since two little girls will be riding in it thought red would work better.
I'm super excited - can't wait for it to come. A good friend has one and loves it - she's the one who talked me into it.
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Quindin, I'm right there with you!

The only thing, and I mean ONLY thing I have ready for the new baby are the diapers - a lovely SAHM mom made me some NB and size ones, but they are unwashed and really, I don't even know where they are right now!

I have some clothes that will be hand-me-downs from DS and a few things from the thrift store, but I'm not too worried about that.

I want to make my own mama cloths and have the fabric and pattern but right now its just sitting in the corner by the sewing machine collecting dust. I really need to make that a priority or I will be wearing DS's diapers pp!!!

Our house is a disaster...we are nearing completion of a huge remodeling project and I am just about at the end of my rope. Everything is in boxes piled up everywhere, every room is a disaster, workers are here every single day (I have started requesting Sundays off so I can have at least a little peace), its noisy, dusty and I am just dying to nest!!! : I am told that by this time next week everything will be done and we will be able to move back into the other rooms...yeah, I'll hold my breath!

Oh, but I did buy DS a baby doll so that he can *practice* with a baby before the real one gets here. He is only 20 months old and has no idea what is actually going on so I thought this might be a good transition object. I think I will give it to him this afternoon.
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Baby doll for my 18mo - thanks for reminding me!
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Things I need to buy:
bed rails
car seat
birthing pool

Things I need to do:
deep clean the whole house
get freezer meals ready
wash baby clothes
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write will
find pediatrician
go shopping (one big trip to T@rget will do it, but I'm waiting for my shower before we go)
prep prefolds
launder hand-me-downs
install car seat (waiting for mid-June for this)
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This is my 3rd baby. 2nd boy and 2nd July baby. So I think I have most things covered.

Things I need to buy:

mamapads although I guess I could just get some extra infant size prefolds. I have about 10. I bled a lot with both babies though.
A baby hammock (probably won't happen)

Things I need to do:

freeze some meals
wash baby clothes and cloth diapers
get swing and crib out of attic (well DH will probably do this) and clean
set up bassinet

We are converting our home office into a room for the baby. In no way will this be donw until after the babe is here but he will sleep with us for at least the frist 3 months anyway and his diaper changing area is in our walk through closet
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
write will
We still haven't done this.. I keep meaning to!
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Ok, I think I have a really long list! But here it is:
last minute:
clean sheets on bed
make sure there is cat litter food, and dog food in the house
camera charged , card empty
video batteries ready
announcements (at least address envelopes)

do now:
freezer meals
vagina materials (peri bottle, sitz supplies, pads)
baby diapers (sposies and prefolds washed)
stump cleaning supplies
finish sewing projects (mei tai, slings, curtains)
infant car seat install
birth bag (clothes, food, contacts/glasses, music, blankets, bathing suit top)
get the rest of the baby stuff from attic
Set up pack and play just in case
return some stuff to babies r us
get midwife (and assistant) gift
buy new diaper pail
clean house and garage

Ummmm, yikes.
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Originally Posted by LizzyQ View Post
We still haven't done this.. I keep meaning to!
Me too! I will download something tonight and do it
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Oh my, you are all so organized. I feel awful. I need basically to do everything...oh, and I'm 34w, 1d today. Aaaack!

We aren't doing a baby room, instead we're re-doing ds1 and ds2's room. It's about 60% done. I am borrowing a carseat from my cousin. Don't have it yet. I have some cloth diapers, but since I'm looking at c/s #3, I'm not doing newborn.

I need to get/do:
cloth wipes
wipe solution
nursing pads
find my handheld breast pump
set up changing table
put baby clothes in old dresser
stock up freezer (okay, maybe this one is halfway done)
go though old baby stuff I have and pull out what we can use (like bathtub)
I'd like to buy a new bouncy chair, a nice girly one. Any suggestions?

*get caught up on ordering pics from Snapfish, uploading pics to Snapfish and get these in albums - this is my personal goal to get finished before the baby comes. Why, oh why, have I not done this for almost a year?!
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Originally Posted by SequoiasMom View Post
video batteries ready
announcements (at least address envelopes)
Oh yeah.. I also need to make sure our video and digi cam batteries are charged! That would be awful to have the batteries run out as the baby is coming!

For DS1 I premade the announcements and then just added in the details and photo, but now I don't have photoshop on my new computer!
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Wow, reading all this just scares me. I have NOT been motivated to get ready for LO and yet time is fading fast...

I still have to make:

2-3 doz pocket diapers NB and next size up
mama cloths
maya wrap (I am getting obsessed about carriers, yet have never actually used one )
One more NB kimono
2 more NB covers

I have a lot of odds and ends to buy, but I will wait for our baby party and also see if any of my IL's get us any baby stuff for our b-days (very doubtful we will get anything at all, considering they missed the b-days). I think it will only take one big shopping trip to the city and we will be good. Although I will probably hit up all the thrift stores a few more times in the next 2 months!

Install car seat
Set up arm's reach and rearrange bedroom
Find new health insurance
Freezer meals
PP stuff

Hopefully that's it
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Things I need to buy:
Some more cloth diapers. we're waiting until after our shower on Sunday.
pads for me, chux pads, bottle of witch hazel, rescue remedy cream

Things I needs to do:
Make freezer meals
Deep clean the whole house
Move some furniture around in bedroom and set up the co-sleeper
Install car seat (We don't even have a car yet. We need to figure this one out. I don't think installing a car seat while at the birth center after baby is born is the best idea)
Find a pediatrician
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I'm not sure if this thread is more depressing or helpful

I still need to:
* order prefolds, launder them, and borrow my friends LO to show DH that it really won't be that hard
* order covers
* Clean out all the moving boxes from *cough cough* 3 mo ago out of the kid room.
* Figure out how to use & install the carseat
* order a sling (any suggestions?)
* convince my boss that I really am leaving in a couple weeks, and NO I will not cover for the HR girl on vacation the last 2 weeks of June!
* clean - clean - clean
* make more freezer meals
* vacuum out the car (it's been a good 1.5 years since that happened last :
* buy a nursing bra or something close
* put together a birth plan to ensure that I won't have a 'routine hospital birth'
* pack a baby & mama bag

I'd really like to make sure that in the week or 2 leading up to the due date the house is organized and a restful place to be so I can labor their peacefully until the last minute. (haha good luck eh )
Like I said... not sure if this is depressing or motivating!
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The only thing I've done is buy a package of disposable newborn diapers when they were on sale.
But being my third baby we don't need anything for the baby right away. I still need EVERYTHING for the birth though.
AND we do need to fix the co sleeper which was broken by rambunctious older kids.
And I need to wash and go through all the baby stuff.
Luckily the three will fit across in our car so buying another car is not on our list.
I was going to knit some wool soakers and I won't get around to that probably. But we have quite a few cloth diapers.
I also need to figure out a wrap that's cooler than the moby but just as comfortable and not $70!!
We are doing a CSA and getting a box of frozen meat from a farm so I'm feeling ok about food.
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Originally Posted by springbride View Post
* order a sling (any suggestions?)

* but a nursing bra or something close
You can't go wrong with a ring sling (maya wrap). And, I haven't tried out any other kinds really...

Don't get a lot nursing bras until you find out what size you are after the baby comes and your milk comes in. You can over-judge or under-judge your potential size very easily.
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and to springbride...I would also recommend a pouch sling, cause those little babies just curl up in there so well. Plus, it will be hot and there is less material than the maya wrap. Although, I am looking forward to using the ring sling (it's new to me and I never used one with DD).
As far as what kind of pouch sling, honestly, I love the hotslings, but I would get one on ebay or something. They are also fairly easy to make. AND I am sure there are some people on MDC that are selling them.
Anyway, that's my two cents.
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