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What do you still need to make/buy/do for baby/birth/postpartem? - Page 3

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Well, thanks for helping the panic settle in a little further!

I have to:
*pack our entire apartment
*clean our entire apartment
*coordinate the move of myself, DH, DD and DS to our new house, which isn't actually done being built yet
*clean NEW house (umm, once it's ready!)
*unpack and set up as much as possible since I know I'll be too busy/tired/crazy to do it post partum
*find DDs baby clothes, wash, put away
*find baby gear (car seat, cosleeper, etc) wash whatever needs washing
*get all the homebirth supplies (ummm, if I have a home to birth in)
*figure out all our new appliances (when we get them...)
*get and learn how to use cloth diapers (I'm getting a bunch from friends, hopefully it's enough and thankfully they're hanging onto them until after the move so I don't have to move those, too!)
*start hypnobabies (yah, was supposed to start that around 25 weeks! I've done it before, but still...I tried to start reading it last night and fell asleep on the Introduction page)
*get presents for DD and DS from the baby
*take DD and DS shopping for presents FOR the baby
*stock up on pads, food, toilet paper...(I think a trip to BJs will be in order...yah...once the house is done)
*figure out service providers for new house and get things connected (I will never make it if we don't have tv and internet, LOL)
*buy a few nursing bras since my boobs are even huger this time around
*buy mattresses for DD and DS
*buy pots/pans/kitchen stuff
*file taxes once we move in so we can get our first time homebuyer credit
*pack a hospital bag just in case
*buy a new sling
*buy new bouncy seat

I have SO much to do and I am SO overwhelmed. And there's not a whole lot of it that I can do now, either, except for the packing and cleaning - my least favorite part. I'm plugging away at it as best I can but I'm honestly FREAKING OUT right now.
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Oh, this thread is a blessing! It reminds me of all I need to do yet!

Here's what I need to:

Find and Clean (I *think* it's all in the basement):
infant carseat
infant toys
breast pump (it's not in the basement, but it needs to be cleaned and ready to use!)

Buy (largish items):
dresser (there's one at Ikea we have our eyes on)
rocker (decide on another glider that hopefully won't fall apart, or a rocker/recliner)
double stroller
bookshelf for the baby's room (stores supplies AND books)
big brother presents for DS
pack n play
new diaper pail

Buy (supplies):
nursing pads (which reminds me to check on the almost-gone box I have and see which ones are the ones I liked)
lansinoh lanolin (I'm sure I spelled that wrong)
new nursing bras (my old ones are just about worn out)
PP pads

make a list of dh-friendly meals, get ingredients on hand
spend as much time w/ ds as possible
clean the whole darn house
organize closets (find my summer clothes, get out pp appropriate pieces)
finish baby's room (put everything it it's place)
order pictures from shutterfly to complete ds's photo albums
pack hospital bag
pack a bag for ds to go to grandma's
make sure my email address book is up-to-date
keep camera charged (in a few weeks)

I'm sure there's more. Plus, I've got ds's birthday in a few weeks. There's about 3 more lists of things to do! Agh!
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Originally Posted by Quindin View Post
I am going to end up having the baby in the living room, asking DH to run to the store and buy diapers, and having the baby naked in a sling for the first weeks - it is summer though, right? :
This is my plan too.

I keep going back to --how much does a summer baby need? All my others (3) were winter babies and I feel like I needed to get so much more together.
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I haven't done a darn thing! I haven't bought anything (we need to re-buy a lot of items because we thought DS was the last baby).

Off the top of my head, I know that I need:
car seat
carriers (I am thinking babyhawk and hotsling)
clothing (onesies, socks, all of it)
burp cloths
diaper bag

Need to get the cosleeper and baby bathtub from MIL's house. Also the white noise thingie - hope it still works or I need a new one of those.

Need to switch rooms with the kids so they will have more room before baby arrives.

Need to check function of breast pump... probably need a couple of bottles for that, too.

Need to see if my dad/stepmom will take DS for the birth.

Need to plan activities for my Brownie troop next year so I don't have to worry about it with an infant.

Closer to date -

Need to pack bags for DS and I.

And probably a zillion other things.
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Originally Posted by springbride View Post
* order a sling (any suggestions?)
I have the Maya Wrap Mama Baby ring sling and LOVE it! it is so stretchy and comfie and easy to adjust and nurse in etc etc...the only thing is they run really big, I bought a large and I think both DH and I would be fine with a small--I guess n the bright side there is plenty of extra fabric for a nursing/sleeping cover! I think they are really pretty too.

Just my 2 cents!
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Springbride - I really really would recommend a Hug-a-Bub wrap for a newborn. We used it for both of my sons for months after they were born, before they were too big for it and we moved up to a mei tai. It's a soft, stretchy wrap and it is not hard at ALL to figure out how to wear and use.
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Springbride, you're probably overwhelmed with sling advice, but I my moby wrap for the newborn period. Even though it has more fabric than a pouch or ring sling, it is just so awesome for the nb period. I am excited to use mine again. Let us know what you decide to get.
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haha. . .great/scary thread!

firstly - thanks for the idea of a doll for dd - she'll be 21 months when baby comes and would *love* one (today she tried to put a cloth diaper on a buzz lightyear toy of our housemate's). Now to find one that can be dressed but isn't scary and plastic. Or impossibly pricey. Ideas anyone? Internet is good since we're in New Zealand. . .

Now the rest of the list:

* make half a dozen mama pads (already have 4 and some organic disposables for lighter flow)
* make a bunch of breast pads - with some old felted-up merino sweaters
* make some warm NB size pants (again the merino sweaters and some bamboo fleece)
*sew one more NB vest or wool sweater
* knit at least one pr wool baby socks
* knit one NB size wool soaker
* buy a used sewing machine since the one I was borrowing died (it was from 1964!) so I can sew the above!
* wash/air/de-stain hand-me-down baby clothes
* sew button onto newborn cap and knit one more
* sew a few NB/small size wrap diapers
*borrow snap machine to put snaps on mama pads, soaker, etc
* buy a couple comfy nursing bras
* rent baby carseat from the local centre here (for 6 months)
*sort out/put aside linen & some basic supplies for homebirth
*check birth pool (in cupboard)
*get some music/set-up to play music for labour
*buy some ibuprofen for afterward (tylenol does nothing for me)
*make some postpartum bath sachets (herbs/salt in muslin bags)
*clean out car
*convert sewing supplies cart to baby/mama supplies cart and move it to the other side of the bedroom (it's on wheels)
*get a diaper pail specifically for baby (can't see using dd's for both)
*belly cast (at 36 weeks)
* birth art (when my friend gets here in early July)
*discuss birthplan more with Dp/mw/friend who is coming (ie please someone take photos this time!!)

* a stretch wrap sling for me - like the moby, etc
* an ergo (or like) for Dp (note we have 4 slings already )
* one special shirt or the like for the baby - as I have not bought it anything

Not baby-specific stuff that still needs doing:
*exams x 2
*pay tuition

Thankfully there will be people around to take care of us so no need to worry about food or toilet paper. Whew. . .it still seems like a lot!
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Originally Posted by treehugger75 View Post
Well, thanks for helping the panic settle in a little further!

To answer the question "What do you still need to make/buy/do for baby/birth/postpartem?" ... Everything? : I have a lot of "things," but no practical everyday supplies, yet. My shower is in June, and I'm hoping he doesn't arrive early!

A short list of things that come to mind...

- Clean. Clean. And more cleaning.
- Do more packing/decluttering. (i.e. winter/summer clothes)
- Take things to Goodwill. Quit buying things to replace them. :P
- Make a place for baby to sleep in case I can't get out of this apartment.
- Keep trying to find another place to go.
- Figure out finances and legalities. Still.
- Buy pads, nursing bras/tanks, etc. (Diaper pail?)
- Pick out a coming home outfit for both me & baby.
- Think about food to stock up on or ask people to make.
- List of phone numbers to call during/after delivery.
- List of birthdays/anniversaries I don't want to forget in the next months.
- Consider things I could make for baby in the meantime.
- Install the car seat and have it inspected.
- Stop worrying about Dad (HA!).
- Stop worrying, period.
- Breathe. Breathing is good.

There's so much more I need to put down, but... I feel ill all of a sudden.
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Thia thread is putting a LOT of things into realtiy for me. I have not had my shower yet so I really don't have anything for our little lady yet. My mom and I have been stocking up on clotheas from yard sales though. I have also put the crib together and the dresser. DH and I are going to buy the crib mattress and hopefully, the bedding this weekend....other than that we have nothing. No car seat, no cleaned out baby room, etc.

So...here we go, MOTIVATION LIST for Ali!!

Things to do:
Clean out baby room, including the closet.
Wash all clothes and receiving blankets
Write birth plan
Write wants and wishes for my doula
Get a baby and start "practicing" with my doggie
Make my nursery "homey"
Buy some kind of small speakers for ipod for hospital
Make a hospital paking list for me and DH
Line up some meals for us PP

I'm sure I'm forgetting A LOT.....but at least its a start! I am going to go start cleaning the baby room now! Thanks for the thread ladies!!
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Holy cow... what DON'T I still need to do...

Definitely have to put together the birth kit before the midwives ask me again... I told them I wasn't allowed to give birth at home for another 4+ weeks anyway, so why would I have put it together yet??

Also need to buy a new breast pump (can't seem to make them last through more than one child). Diapers would probably be a good idea, too...

Baby clothes need to be sorted and washed. Okay, they need to be located, sorted, and washed...

Co-sleeper needs to get set up and at some point the crib needs to look like a baby's bed and not a storage site.

And the cleaning... good lord, the cleaning...
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This whole thread is stressing me out!

I am too tired to truly care - I feel like I make it through each day just barely, though I'm sure I will have much more energy when school/work lets out in a couple of weeks.

I need to
*open up the hand-me-down pack and play and see what kind of shape it's in
*clean the garage sale swing I bought for just a few bucks
*get my OB to sign off on my birth plan
*get some kind of bag ready for the hospital (but pack very lightly)
*meet up with my doula
*get my backyard fixed up - right now it's a pile of dirt
*buy a small digital camera (we have a great one but it's too big to lug around)
*upload a few movies onto my ipod for the hospital stay
*get my FML paperwork in at the beginning of June
*pick a baby name
*buy a Big Brother gift for my son

Fortunately, if I keep feeling tired/lazy and I don't get to all of my list, or even most of it, it won't really matter. Most of the stuff can be done after baby arrives, if need be.
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It is good to know(or rather not so good) that everyone's lists are as overwhelming as mine. The problem with getting everything done is that I am supposed to be resting due to early labor signs, which makes it next to impossible to get everything done. I knocked off a ton of stuff from my list this past week (mostly buying stuff), since it is looking likely this baby will come early.

Here goes-

Pack & Move
Meticulously clean old apartment so we get our deposit back
Unpack stuff in new place
Take Nursing Boards (oh yeah, find time to study)

Still need to buy:
nursing bras
diaper pail
cosleeper sheets

Baby clothes
Cloth diapers a bazillion more times
Baby bedding

Need to make:
freezer meals
meals for homebirth
transfer birth plan
finish baby blanket that I have been knitting since january

set-up birthing tub
get care seats installed
go through a friend's baby gear that she is giving me
return some baby stuff to stores
tour the hospital (in case of non-emergent transfer)
Gather all birth supplies

I am exhausted just thinking about this stuff.

Oh yeah, pick a name.
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