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Baby engaged/dropped

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Ok, it's been almost 7 yrs since I've done this labor thingy LOL. This is baby #3.

My midwife said today that the baby has dropped and is engaged deep in my pelvis. She did go ahead and check me since I have had some slight bloodly show. My cervix is soft, I'm not dialated though and baby is at -1.

What does this all mean? I didn't get to really chat long, she had to run for a delivery.
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honestly? it means not all that much. i mean, it sounds like your body and baby are making the changes to prepare for labor, but none of that is an accurate predictor of when labor will happen/how close you are to having the baby. i'm 37 weeks, walking around at 3cm and 50% effaced (self checked) and have been losing my plug for over a week. i still am clueless as to when labor will happen; it could happen tonight, could be 5 weeks from now you could go into labor in a week even if you're not dilated a bit. it's so variable!
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To me, it's a lot. My babies don't drop or engage before labour - it's never happened!

It's just another step on the way...probably indicative that you're getting close, but no guarantee. Everybody's different. You may be one of those women who walk around like this for a month...

My baby's not engaged. Actually, my baby's transverse...
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In my first birth, that check sent me directly into labor I had a tiny bit of bloody show and mentioned it to my MW that evening at a regular appt. She checked me for the first and only time, and I was in full blown labor 2 hours later.
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Wow interesting! I'm a 3rd time mom, so I'm not sure if it's common to have her engaged already?

I don't recall dropping this early before (my others were 38w and 36w but the 36weeker was an induction) and I honestly don't feel labor will happen real soon, though my Brax Hicks are much stronger but def not regular.

It did make me feel like whoa---she really is coming sometime soon!! (as in the next month LOL) Kind of like a wake-up call...get the carseat installed kind of thing.
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Both my dd and surroson dropped about 3.5 weeks before they were born. This baby dropped a week ago so I guess we'll see if she follows suit. Baby dropping and dialating at this point really means nothing except that your body is getting ready for birthing...but it could be tonight or in another month!
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The only thing it means to me is I can eat again and I have even more pain in my pelvis. Other then that, nothing. I am only 34 weeks and he has been very low and engaged since last week. I am not dilated but OB felt the baby's head very low. I doubt I will have labor that requires my c-section any earlier then my scheduled date, but I can only wish right?
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