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Postpartum Thyroiditis

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Is anyone familiar with this or know of any alternative treatments? Or are any of you experiencing this right now?

I haven't been to the doc yet to get it all checked out, but I am pretty sure from my research that this is what is going on. The biggest symptom is that my body hair stopped growing (and I don't have ringworm), I have no hair under my armpits and haven't shaved since the birth two months ago. I am also gaining weight although I eat less and am exercising everyday and am still up amost 30 pounds. I also started some symptoms of PPD which can also be a sign of PPT.

The lack of hair growth freaks me out the most. Maybe I'm just going through menopause
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DDC crashing.
I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis.. I don't know enough about PPT specifically to be able to help, but you might want to ask over on The Thyroid Thread in Health and Healing. (It's huge, so just jump in and ask.)

My thyroid condition was diagnosed a few months post-partum with DS2.
Hope you find some help and feel better soon!
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Get your levels tested. Not just TSH, but also T3 & T4. If you're hypo (get the actual numbers, don't let them brush you off with "normal", the old guidlines were over 5, but it's now over 3 & for some really sensitive people, over 1 means they're hypo), you can request a natural thyroid med like armour instead of the synthetic.
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Hmmm, I had noticed that my body hair is not growing, too. Looks like I'm off to do some thyroid research.
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I am having the same problem myself! I was wondering if it was my thyroid and came here to look it up...Hmm. I know I love this site for many things, but, wow the answer is sitting right here!
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