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Let's talk about the VBACs we're going to have in 2004!

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I'd love to get a discussion going with anyone else who's currently pg and planning a VBAC. I'm due in May, and I'm interviewing doulas, doing lots of reading, etc. I'm starting to get excited, but I know I have more mental preparation ahead of me...

Anyone else?
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I'm in the same boat. I just got the news I too can attempt a VBAC. My Midwifes and OB are awsome and support me. I recently found I CANNOT deliver (a VBAC baby) in water at the local hospital, due to policy, but I can labor as long as I want in their big tubs. What have you read about VBAC's? I haven't done much reading but believe I'm informed about the risks. Congrats on even trying!!

Kim, Wife to Michal, Mom to Lance, 2yrs
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I am going for VBAC for our August baby. I can't believe how hard it is do this in my area. I really don't understand why this backlash has occurred. Everyone that I am acquainted with who had a c/s, which is about 50% of the mom's i know, had a repeat c/s. I don't know anyone personally who has had a VBAC. It is causing a little bit of a rift between me and my friends, mainly because I feel strongly against routine repeat c/s. I do believe people need to do what they feel is right for their bodies, but I feel that many of them are uninformed.

Our hospital doesn't have a 24 hour anathesiologist, so that is why they don't recommend VBAC's. But I feel like everyone is taking an equal risk, anyone can be in labor in the middle of the night and need an emergency c/s.

Right now I am interviewing one homebirth midwife, and one more OB. I saw one OB who was totally against VBAC. I am about five miles from our hospital, so that isn't too bad of a drive if I need to transfer. I am unsure right now what I am going to do. I feel like if try VBAC in this hospital, that they will be pushing for the c/s. It depends on how comfortable I feel with this next OB.

I am eager to hear the other VBAC'ers out there!
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Woo hoo! Glad to see you both! I was starting to wonder if I was the only out here (I *do* think I'm the only one in the May group doing a VBAC...).

Ilovebeingamom... it seems like 1/2 the moms I know have had cesareans, too, which seems kind of weird, because I'm supposedly in a "crunchy" place, and the C rate at the local hospital is supposed to be lower than average (but I think at the surrounding hospitals, it's higher...). : I was on a hike Fri with some other moms, and birth came up, and she said she has to have a C with the next one... I asked why, and she had a C with her first, due to breech presentation... I might ask her more about it (very gently, but she's a pretty open person) over time, but from what I understand, women who had 1st C due to breech have about the best odds of success in a VBAC! Anyway, it seems strange to me that no one else here (IRL) knows about VBAC...

I'm with an OB group... there are no more CNMs in my town (???), and I personally don't want a homebirth (it's turned out okay, though, because the practice is good, has great stats, and I've had a gynecological problem during this pg which would have had to have been monitored by an OB anyway). I'm being very frank (but polite) with the drs. in the clinic, trying to use my prenatal appts to focus on how we're going to handle the birth. So far so good--the drs. have been great. There's 1 dr. who seemed anti-VBAC, but ironically, she's pg (and more pg than me), so she'll be on leave when it's my time (so I don't see her anymore--yea!).

I'm working on finding a doula... from my birth experience last time, I learned that even a midwife isn't going to be there all the time, and I'm hoping a doula can help fill in the inevitable "care" gaps in a hospital experience.

Fortunately, VBAC is okay at our hospital, the hospital is ~ a mile from our house, so everything's set there. I'd like to labor at home as long as possible, though.

Quiltinglance, howdy! I'm pretty sure waterbirth is against policy at my hospital, too. I've read "The VBAC Companion", which was awesome... I think it's a good "starter" VBAC book... it really got me thinking about why I want to do this, how to go about it, etc. I've been trying to reread all the birthing books I read the 1st time with ds... but I got a lot of them from the library, and we've moved somewhere with a crappy library, so I think I'm going to have to buy some. I read Ina May Gaskin's new book. It makes me sad that it's not like that everywhere (but travelling to TN to give birth is not practical for me!). I'm definitely going to get "Birth Partner", just because it seemed so darn practical last time. I've also been reading tons of labor/birth stories... I think it's helping me get in the "vaginal birth" headspace, if you know what I mean...
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I'm planning a VBAC also in August! I am in the same boat you are about local hospital policies against VBACs! It stinks but what can you do?! I am going to a hospital 45 min away from my place but it's close to my M-I-L's house so I should be ok! Hopefully everything will work out this time( had toxemia and high bp last time ).
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Ug, I'm hearing about hospitals not allowing VBACs all over the place now... it really makes me mad. I think homebirth is really great for anyone who wants it, but what if you'd rather have a hospital birth? It means you have to choose between a hospital repeat C, a home VBAC, and possibly a hospital VBAC far away, none of which may be the birthing woman's first choice.
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I'm due in early April, and planning an unmedicated, doula-assisted hospital VBAC with CNMs. I'm traveling over an hour away to do it. The OBs (the only practice) at the closest hospital (25 minutes) (which is who did my c/s) said they were supportive of VBACs, but they had too many ridiculous requirements (like forcing an epidural, and doing an intra-uterine exam after delivery), that there is NO way I could go back to them. I would prefer a homebirth, and even found a terrific homebirth midwife with lots of HBAC experience, but DH won't go for it. I'm prepared for a fight at the hospital, and bringing a wonderful doula (who has had 3 VBACs herself) to be the "Guardian of my birthplace." I'm fairly comfortable with my plan, but I don't 100% trust the CNMs or the nursing staff, so I'm prepared to be on my guard.

Thomas (v/b 11.20.97)
Daniel (c/s 6.25.01)
#3 due early April, 2004
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Hi all, just a note on the whole hospital policy regarding VBAC's. It's been the practice of hospitals that don't have a 24 hr anesthesiologist to simply schedule a repeat c/b. This isn't so much the hospital's decision as it is an insurance company mandated one. If you are going to try and deliver in a small community hospital (VBAC), verify before you get too far along what their policy is. The best way to do that is to contact the nursing manager of the OB/Labor/Delivery department directly. Lucky for us most OB are forthcoming about what restrictions they are under. I'm still not sure why I can deliver in a bed, but not in the water at my hospital. I have some research to do. If there are going to be complications what's the difference?

As for so many doing scheduled c/b. Recently a female OB was on the Today show praising them!! She thought they were a wonderful way to prevent incontinence later in life. I wish they had someone on at the same time discussing the real issues surrounding c/b.......necessary, when they are necessary.

Kim, c/b Lance 2yr, wife to Michal, vbac 3/25/04
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I am planning a VBAC in late April (early May). I am just trying to prepare myself with fetal positioning and lots of reading.

Is anyone here using chiropractic? That is something that I wanted to look into.
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I'm planning an HBAC for late March/early April. I've read a ton (VBAC Companion, Silent Knife, Open Season, Bradley books, and tons on the internet). I have a friend who had an HBAC a year ago with the same midwife I'm using and I talk to her frequently which helps put my head in the right "place". I've also been doing a ton of visualization. Every day I walk three miles at the YMCA and almost always spend those 45 minutes envisioning various birth scenarios. It helps me to imagine long labors, short labors, painful labors and even potential problems.

Honestly, I SO EXCITED for my HBAC!!!!!
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Hi Kristina, what a god send this site is. How is John? Getting excited about the whole HBAC? The visualization sounds wonderful and you sound so excited. I am just now getting the book The VBAC Companion. Last Friday I got the "yeah lets try a VBAC" from my DR, so I'm behind on reading. I have a great OB/Midwives who really respect my choices.

This week they are having me do the 3 hr gtt because Lance was so big. (10lb 6oz). yuck.

Keep up the great spirit. We'll have to post our birth stories when we've accomplished great things........


Wife to Michal , Mommy to Lance 2yrs VBAC 3/25/04
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So happy to see all the vbac-ers! I'll be having mine in late March.
It took the first five months of this pregnancy to find a good supportive provider and I'm finally enjoying being pregnant now. I got tired of fighting the local OBs and hospital for the birth that I wanted, so I left town and found a birth center 35 miles away. Not too bad!
Best wishes to all of you!
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MamaDub, HURRAY to you for sticking it out......hanging in there.....and following your heart.

Kim, mama to Lance 2, Wife to Michal:LOL and VBAC 3/25/04
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I'm going for a vbac for my July baby. My ob is going to allow me to have the vbac even though he recommends a repeat c (I think they all do). But if he starts talking c, I'm finding a new care giver. Most hospitals around here don't allow vbac's. The hospital I will be delivering at is about 35 miles from home. I plan on staying at home as long as possible.

My step-sister had a vbac with her 3rd baby. She was 35 weeks when she delivered. And this was at a military hospital.
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My OB hasn't mentioned a repeat c to me at all. The practice where i go has an 80% success rate with VBAC, which I think is pretty high. Although I understand it's important to know how many women they have that request a VBAC and are risked out for some reason or another.

I don't know anyone IRL who has had (or even attempted) a VBAC, and that's why lists like this are so important to me. It's nice to know there are other people out there feeling the same way I do.

By the way, I plan to have a hospital non-medicated VBAC. I think that some OBs now are "requiring" an epidural during a VBAC, which seems to me would increase the number of repeat c's.
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Kim, I understand why the policy gets made, but I still think it sucks, because it removes access to a VBAC for a lot of women. It seems weird that someone in some office somewhere gets to make medical decisions for you...

Reading more and more, I'm thankful for the practices at my ob clinic and hospital... they sound like they're really on the minimal side.

JayGee, I'm right there with you on the visualization front. I'm trying to do a lot of this, too.

I'm doing the 1 hr glucose thingy in a week and a half (because I'm over 30). I was excited because the directions say I only have to drink 1/2 the bottle (kind of a stupid thing to get excited about, but trying to be positive).
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kkmama....No Fair!! I had to drink the WHOLE bottle (50g Sugar)!! It's not too bad actually, mine tasted like very sweet orange crush. I have to drink 2 bottle with the 3 hr test. (Over 30, big baby......) ugh.

As for the policy removing access to VBACs, I agree. You need to find a Dr, or group of Doctors that are strong enough of a voice to make change at their delivering facility. (or change won't be made) I too would seek another hospital if my local one didn't allow VBACs.

Hope your 1hr goes well.......

Kim, Mom to Lance , Wife to Michal edd 3/25
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Hey Kim! Great to see you here at MDC . John and I are doing great and are both excited about the HBAC. Did you ever think John would agree to such a thing ?!?! My conservative, Southern, military husband !

Hope your 3 hour goes well. I took my one hour on Tuesday and passed without a problem. Also saw my civilian midwife yesterday and had a wonderful appointment. She says this baby isn't very big at all, which is kind of a relief since Jacob was 8 lbs. 12 oz. I'm hoping for somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8 pounds by the end. Other good news is that the baby is finally heads down .
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Hey everyone! I am planning my 2nd VBAC, but 1st homebirth in Sept. 04 (if this baby stays) and I am completely excited about having another VBAC. My 1st was the most amazing day of my life and Im sure this next one will be even better because hopefully I wont have all the fears that I had with my 1st labor. I wont be having a doula this time, but I will have my midwife and best friend to support me and I think they are all I need. (My husband is useless and hopefully will be watching my other children!)

Well, Im glad to be here and wish everyone else luck with their VBACs!
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Well, I'll let you know in a couple of weeks.

Planning a VBAC and have been since the very beginning. I'm with a midwifery group that is attached to a uber-staffed university hospital and they have approximately a 75% success rate with VBACs.

Some of their policies include:

no inductions (period), although they can augment with pitocin if labor stalls

not going over 42 weeks gestation

intermittent monitoring instead of continual

I just got *their* birth plan list from them last week and was impressed with the information. Will scan it in and share it when I have two neurons to rub together and five minutes to spare. My DH and best friend will be my labor support team in addition to the midwife and likely a student midwife as well. One of the midwives in the practice was actually born and raised on The Farm, too!
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