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I just picked my daughter up from her last day of school.

It's been a rough year, and I was ready to pull her out to start homeschooling a few months ago, but we decided to let her finish the year (with a lot of support from us). We start 'officially' homeschooling now.

Can I explain how incredibly happy I am to finally be free of this school district? And moreover, to actually be a truely active part of my child's education? To know that we can let her learn as she wants, without having to tie her to her age-peers who aren't where she is academically. We don't have to limit her knowledge to what the other kids can learn, and we don't have to teach her to pass tests to prove she's learning.

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Welcome to the journey.

Have fun!!

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Your post could have been my post!! Our last day was today too - I feel like shouting "We're Free!! We're Free!!" Next week we are going in to donate our uniforms to the uniform closet for new families - since we won't be needing those anymore!!!
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I was going to pull my boys last month and we also decided to finish out the year (three weeks left...). We homeschooled before and LOVED it and I can't.wait. to get back to what we love!
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we finished last week, so I know exactly how you feel! :
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It's so weird because parents of her classmates were all standing around chatting about how much more stressful it was going to be with the kids around and not in school, meanwhile I was celebrating.
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Hooray! Yesterday was our last day, too, and my dd came home and was ready and excited to start homeschool right that minute.

We're taking some time to de-compress, tho. We might "officially start" in July or so.
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Yesterday was our last day too!! I've been counting the days and I sang with joy all the way home after I picked up my daughter. Thank God we have the right to homeschool in this country!!!!
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Congratulations!! :
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Out for summer, out till fall, we might not come back at all! This song seems appropriate
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That's exciting. Welcome to the club!

You know your child so well, and it will be so wonderful to be the one there to see her discover firsthand....
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