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Do you have a library ritual?

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Separating with the books seems to be a bit of a problem here. We talk about keeping the books in good condition for other kids... about us coming back to check them out anew... still I guess we need some kind of a ritual.

I plan on doing children's library twice a month. Any suggestions?
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Have you tried picking out the 'new' books before giving the 'old' ones back? You can do an 'exchange' at check out time.

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I have to admit that sometimes I sneak back Eli's very favorite library books when he is not looking. It is so hard for him to part with them- but this won't work for much longer- eventually he will remember and so I'm interested in the replies you get.

One of the things we do is collect our library books in a special library book bag. When we get to the library we empty them onto the desk and say goodbye to them. Then we head to the children's room and select new books. Eli takes these to the desk for checkout, and they go in the bag to go home. Its sort of a ritual that moves us along, otherwise we would be bogged down in the childrens room forever reading.

its wonderful that your child loves books so much,
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Thanks so much for the replies.

We are going to implement both the getting books first and the special bag suggestion. I will keep you posted!
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We also say goodbye to the books and I have taught the kids to say "It's somebody else's turn", I think it helps them understand.
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"Taking turns" works for us. I also renew books very liberally, keeping them to the due date. We also go to the library very often, three, four times a month, having some books to read at the library and some we'll take home, using the share and take turns language with either makes it easier.

Of course, you know how some toys/books that are favorites, nobody wants to share those? With one particular book we had to "blame" the library and say it's theirs and they want it back and didn't want to share anymore. It was the only answer they'd accept.

- Amy
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The idea of it being someone else's turn for the books is really great. I am very lax about returning books (you should see how much I've paid in fines this year ). But my kids always understand we can choose that book another time. Sometimes we go a couple months between trips to the library, then it becomes routine again. We do our best, and they always enjoy the new books (If we read Katy and the Big Snow one more time . . .).
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We do the outside drop box which is really cool cause the kids like to put the book into the tray then reopen it to check to see if it is really gone.
So much fun, it makes the parting much easier, then we go inside to refill our bags. We usually go to the library at least once a week, so the kids enjoy and have learned that the books reappear on the shelf to be checked out again.
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