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Reiki Moms

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Any Reiki Moms out there? I am a Level II Reiki Practioner and plan to become a Master in July. I love to share Reiki with others and would love to start offering distance Reiki to those in need.
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I got my level 1 and 2 attunements from a friend in January I love Reiki! I've sent distance Reiki to friends during surgery as well as the doctor etc. I hope to take a Master Class in the future.
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I plan on taking the master training in July and teachers training in October. Would you be interested in doing a distance Reiki exchange. I know I could use it! I would love to get some more experience with distance Reiki.

I am starting a Reiki circle healing weekly for anyone that would like to be included. I will be sending Reiki once a week, normally on Wednesday afternoons between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm EST.

Just send me a message to be added to my list!
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I got my level I and II Reiki in 2003. I always thought I would become a master shortly after, but moved away and lost connection with my teacher. Right now, I think I am pretty happy with being a Level II- it works great for my family, friends and myself.
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No style of Usui Reiki Ryoho is better then any other style and each person should connect with the Reiki Shihan (teacher) that feels right to him or her. Since the constant flow of positive energy is essential to the normal functioning of beings.
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I became a Reiki master 11 yrs ago. I don't really do anything with it anymore.
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I got certified in Reiki I in January, but then didn't go any further with it. I really believe in it and use it all the time with my family! I hope to go on to level II and possibly master when time and money allow!
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Reiki moms!

wow i didnt realize i would find any other reiki moms! i am a reiki master and my mother and a couple of my aunts are also masters and do attunments! ive been hoping to have a reiki share before i give birth but havn't been able to get on together,
does anyone else do reiki drumming? its a neat thing to try out with unborn baby! :
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Reiki Moms

I am a Reiki mom too. I never heard of Reiki drumming. I will have to look into that.
I have been a Reiki master for several years now. I haven't done anything with it for a while until recently. I guess i had "forgotten" about it. I just started using it on my son and want to teach him. I found a book on Amazon for teaching Reiki to kids. Haven't picked it up yet though.
Glad to meet you all.
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I've been a reiki 2 for, maybe, 10 years? I've moved on to mostly other energy work, but reiki is definitely part of it.
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Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post
I've been a reiki 2 for, maybe, 10 years? I've moved on to mostly other energy work, but reiki is definitely part of it.
What other types of energy work do you do? I got energy work from a woman at an ND's office and it was very powerful. Eventually when life settles down and we have more time and money I'd like to branch out too. I have a hard time just fitting Reiki in right now
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hm... um... work with angels and other light workers? I'm not really sure what to call it. I started off with the Pleiadian workbook, though...
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Wow, its great to see so many moms out there with Reiki.

I have not heard of Reiki drumming, but it sounds great!

I have also found a book listed in my Reiki magazine for teaching children Reiki. After I become a Master, I think I will pick that up to start working with my son. He loves it when I give him Reiki and he loves to meditate, especially with crystals and we also listen to guided meditations. I love it!

Would any of you like to share how you incorporate Reiki into your daily lives? I just recently started working with distance Reiki and I am using it more on my son when I find he is having a difficult time sleeping or any other troubles that arise.

Love and Light
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I give myself Reiki every month with the intention of detoxing and it is SO helpful! I gave my 4 yo daughter some to help with her anxiety about riding in the car and help her to sleep better. Speaking of which I should do that again since she is having more sleep issues.
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I just bought a guided self Reiki CD. It is awesome and has three 20 minute guided sessions. I listened to one today that included an affirmation for each hand placement. I had such a wonderful day! I need to remember to do this every day if possible!
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Yes, if I gave myself Reiki everyday I know I would feel so good! I'm thinking about trying to convince my 4 yo to have quiet time during the baby's nap so maybe I could do it then. What cd did you get and is there an online store with other neat stuff that you like?
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That would be great if you could find the time. My little man still takes a 2 hour nap every day, so that give me some time for me!

Here is the link to the CD that I just bought http://www.inner-sanctum.com/Reiki.htm. You can buy the entire set, Journey Through Reiki (5 CD's )or you an download one CD at a time for $9.99. CD 2 is the CD that has 3 guided Reiki treatments. So far I have done the first 2 out of 3 meditaitons and they were both fantastic.

I also have this CD http://www.sealedwithlove.com/index....t_meditations/. These meditations are also wonderful.
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Subbing, I don't practice reiki (yet) but I am interested.
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I've been very interested in this but, really don't know how to go about learning, certification. I know there are teachers in my area but, being a SAHM and having an 8 month old who is not given bottles, and lacking funds currently I'm doubting I can do much with it right now.

I have a terrible issue with empathy to the degree that I find myself coming down with symptoms of an illness I don't have right before finding out a loved one has the illness or disease that causes those symptoms (and before they even know they have it). Sometimes it gets so bad I start picking things up in public, from neighbors, in the waiting room at the dr office.... it's draining. I have hopes that through learning reiki I could not only help others but learn to help protect myself as well!

So if anyone could direct me toward some resources that might help me along the way I'd be very grateful. This is one of those situations when it would just be great to have a personal friend who could teach me over time using the few minutes a day my kids are sleeping or playing quietly.... and for free

I can dream right?

I'm going to lurk here if no one minds.
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I really want to learn Reiki, but there doesn't seem to be anyone local for me to learn from. Would distance learning work?
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