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Originally Posted by Mammo2Sammo View Post
He is better. It turned out to be bella to turn him around, and he ended up needing it every hour maybe. I was considering going to the er before it started working.

So this is what I think happened.

I tested spongia, which is his go-to breathing remedy. Nothing else was giving me a positive.
It didn't help either at all or much.
Then aconite, which seemed to be the same.
Then belladonna. He continued to test positive for spongia the entire time, I wonder if it was tipping off his regular lung stuff? I'm not sure. Or maybe it is related to what you wrote. Spongia was close to Bella, but not necessarily the best choice.

It makes sense that aconite would start it.

Poor little boy. It is scary not being able to breath. He is sleeping with dad now.

I'm still feeling rattled. I'm surprised that a 6.5 year old is still having croup. Last time he had croup his lips started turning a bit blue. I didn't make the right decision. I should have called an ambulance. Instead we drove manically to the er. Well actually it turned out it might have been the right decision because by the time we got to the er, the cold night air calmed his airways down.

What else can I do to help him? I was thinking a castor oil pack? How about wet sock therapy? The second night is often worse, so I'm a little worried, but I've never used remedies before, so we'll see.

It is not unusual for my pendulum to give me two in a row. I've been meaning to talk about this, but am too tired now. Will bring it up another time.

thank you it is a great comfort to have this thread.
I think I need to take some RR now, and maybe a good cry.
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thanks JR.

What a cool memory about your doctor. It's too bad those kind aren't around anymore.

We call them "sugar medicine".
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They are few and far between to be sure. My doc growing up still did house calls. Same deal too, he was my parent's doctor when they were little (they met in high school!) His appointments always lasted an hour. You went into his office fully clothed for the first 45 minutes to chat. Then the check up in the exam room for about 15 minutes where he would focus on anything you had expressed concern for. It was very dignified. You didn't have to wait in a cold exam room in a gown. You were on his level in a cushy armchair hanging out talking about life. Not just physical aches and pains.

Anyway, M2S, a castor oil pack would be great. I would put some rosemary EO in it, or just boil rosemary and let him inhale it as well. If it were my kid I would give aconite again at the onset and start with belladonna afterwards since it fits and seemed to work. However I may consider dosing more frequently if it were needed.

Calming vibes to both of you!

JR...very cool about your doc!
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Hello everyone. I wanted to report in about how last night went with croup.

Yesterday evening he started to sound a little congested and "throaty". Before bed, I had him breathe in rosemary steam and then did a caster oil pack. He really liked the caster oil pack. While he was "packing", I sat down and thought about a remedy for him. Aconite and bella were both "no's". I decided to look at cold remedies, thinking if I could control the cold it might help with the croup. Using my cheat sheet, I was guided to Gelsemium. I flipped over the cheat sheet to the brief description and it said "lethargy, flu, nervous anticipation of events." I teared up. Of course he was scared about the night. He knows how croup goes. This was an important lesson for me. I can use remedies to help with emotional issues. (Yesterday, I felt some interesting shifting in myself with aconite.)
Aconite and Bella were still no's. I cleaned up his skin and he cough a loose rattling cough and was physically unsettled. I thought again and Hepar sulph came up. He immediately become still and stopped coughing. Throughout the night I gave him Hepar sulph. The night went fairly well. He developed a mild fever, and I with his remedy.
As expected, because of the way croup presents itself, he is doing better this morning.
He tested positive for antimonium t for his cough this morning, and more gelsemium. I am switching back and forth.

One question I have is what should the frequency be when you are using two different remedies?
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oh, goodness yes! I had to take my son to the dentist the other day (routine) and I am *terrified* of dentists. I mixed a flower remedy and put argentum nitricum and gelsemium into it (for anticipatory anxiety) and it helped me through even though I started into a panic attack. The have wonderful emotional applications!

Look at you go, mama. You really do have an affinity for homeopathy as well as a gift. I'm very impressed.

As far as frequency I still dose as needed. I don't ever do a routine unless it's something like arnica after a traumatic event. Even then the "routine" portion is only for the first few doses.

The nice thing about alternating is that it gives you more flexibility. So I would just watch the situation and apply remedies as needed.

I'm just terribly impressed also that even though the second night is often worse, you moved through it without any panic. Sounds like you were seeing results and gaining confidence!
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thank you Elisabeth, that means a lot to me.

My next job is to work on my DH. He always become a total mean grump in the fall. Last night, during my epiphany, I realized I could work on him. Ignatia popped up. So we'll see if it works.

It terms of my own panic, I didn't mention that I also tested strongly for gels, so I took it also. I think that helped me too. Yesterday was an off day for me. Not much got done, the kids were a bit ignored. The stress was hard. Often during times of crisis I think "who in the world thought I could do this? I can't be the one making these decisions!" I frequently don't have those thoughts with homeopathy. I feel empowered, willing to question and experiment. Well, as long as my pendulum is working.
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Check this out. I think this might be a cool connection.

All day today my 6 year old kept on needing gels. Remember last night I realized it was partially because of anticipating events. Today I really thought it was all about his head cold/croup. (We are visiting family this weekend and I want signs of a cold really decreased, so I really stayed on top of it.)

So tonight when DH was putting him to sleep, DS told him to turn off the lights. The lights were just too bright for getting to sleep. huh? This boy has needed the lights on, full bright, all night long, for a long time. I wonder if it was the gels that helped him out? Now this remedy is for anticipating events. I don't know what will happen when the event is actually happening. ie will he freak when he wakes up in the middle of the night with no lights on??
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So....do tell! How did the night go?
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I'll probably be more of a lurker at least for a while, reading as much as I can. I'm really wanting to get active in researching and using homeopathy as a means of treating the ails of my family-but I'm really in my infancy when it comes to my knowledge.
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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post
So....do tell! How did the night go?
I'm just getting access to email now.

He went to sleep, woke up at some point, mildly scared, he called for DH. I peeked I. And all lights were off but the door was opened a crack with the bathroom light on.
That was the last night we've been at our place.
The first night at my mom's a light was left on as we settled down. I decided to turn it off since I thought there was enough ambient light. I turned off the light and he quietly and briefly whined and worried. I pointed out the light. He was fine and didn't panic the next night. Through the nights, he didn't have a chance to wake up and worry before "musical beds" happened because of my three year old. Will look out tonight.
Got my FEs today! WooHoo!

OT: we were visiting my three week old semi premie niece. I could tell she has ptt. She clicks while nursing, and is still falling asleep easily at breast. She has just gained back her birthweight. She is not giving clear loud signs of hunger, rather she tends to shut down (semi-sleep) when distressed or very hungry. Mom is not pushing nursing, rather both parents are trying other soothing methods. I briefly discussed tt and asked about the clicks (which mom confirmed). I told her to keep this in mind if the pedi becomes worried and pushes formula. She is defensive around me and I didn't want to push more.
Thanks for listening. I just wanted to share my concern.
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I think I have the cold that caused croup in my son. I have gone so far in my homeopathy, but I still feel like I am stuck with regards to muscle aches and pains.
What are some remedies that I can test out?
I tried a couple with little success, but I don't remember at the moment what they are.
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can you talk more about how it feels and what makes it better?

You can think about many, but ones I'm seeing commonly are gelsemium, eupatorium, baptisia, pulsatilla and nux- all of which have deeper pain. Also, don't discount arnica!
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2 questions, if I may.

1. Good book to help me figure some of this out on my own? I'm convinced, I'm going to order the Washington homeopathic kit (top 100? can't remember the exact name) that Pat linked a while ago....

Okay, I can't find it now, can anyone help me out?

2. The reason, I need more tools for dealing with stuff. I don't think DD is sick in the sense that I usually think of being sick, she's got this lingering cough from us being sick a while ago, and sometimes it's getting irritated and I don't know why. And poor kid threw up twice this morning from the coughing--I really don't think she has a gastro bug, I think it was just the irritation from coughing fits, and I don't know enough to do to help her. The coughing has subsided a bit and she's looking at a book relatively patiently waiting for me to finish this, but this cough has lingered (sounds dry, not productive, um, happens periodically during the day, sometimes correlates to high activity levels but not always).

I have The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro and honestly, I need something simpler (even if it's less accurate). I am not skilled at matching up symptoms and figuring this stuff out.

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by TanyaLopez View Post

1. Good book to help me figure some of this out on my own? I'm convinced, I'm going to order the Washington homeopathic kit (top 100? can't remember the exact name) that Pat linked a while ago....

I ordered the Top 100 Remedy Kit from Washington Homeopathics. http://www.homeopathyworks.com/jshop...d=505&xSec=104

They have a fascinating and comprehensive "Flu Kit" also. http://www.homeopathyworks.com/jshop...=8308&xSec=104

Washington Homeopathics also has the following premade kits:

Animal Rescue Remedy Kit Contains 18 Remedies in 1/2 dram vials. For any animal. Acon. 30c, Fear, shock; Apis 30c, Stings, allergic reaction; Arnica 30c, Shock, trauma; Arnica... $54.00

Birthing Remedy Kit Contains 18 Remedies in 1/2 dram vials. For just before, at labor, and right after birth. 30 c potency. Aconite 200c, Ant. Tart 30c, Arnica 200c, Arse... $54.00

Children's Remedy Kit Contains the twelve combinations: Children's Tonic, Colic, Constipation, Cough, Diarrhea, Earache, Fever, Hives, Insomnia, Motion Sickness, Teething, ... $48.00

Urgent Care Remedy Kit Eighteen 1/2 dram vials of 30X homeopathic medicines. Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Cactus, Cantharis, Carbo V, Chamomilla, Cocculus, ... $54.00

I'm pleased with the small size of the pellets, bottles, and carrying box. It is much cheaper than purchasing them singularly ($2 each vs. $7). And it came with multiple 200c remedies, also. My friend and I share them, as needed.

ETA: they changed their links. I'm hunting for the kits.

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Maybe they ran out of kits??! I can't find a link anywhere.

All of the kits are missing. I wonder if the "helpful" FDA is involved.

There is a new "disclaimer" I hadn't seen previously. I wrote to them to inquire about the missing kits. The FDA has been going crazy on anyone purporting to have any "flu" cures. ONLY FDA "approved" vaccines and pharmaceuticals, such as Tamiflu are able to be marketed as improving flu symptoms.

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Originally Posted by WuWei View Post
Maybe they ran out of kits??! I can't find a link anywhere.

All of the kits are missing. I wrote to them to inquire about the missing kits.
I just received a response.
Hello, none of the kits are available at this time, we hope to have
the Top 100 kit and the 30c kit available in about 2 weeks, the
others will take longer.

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i never even thought of that...
think aconite would help with re-taming my runaway cat? could i hide it in wet food or maybe just dissolve it in her water?
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Pat, thank you for doing all that legwork, and now I don't feel quite so bad. I found the Washington homeopathics website and typed in search stuff like top 100, kit, stuff like that, and didn't find anything and I figured user error.

I can wait two weeks, I've put it off this long.

Pat, you're so helpful.
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I like Practical Homeopathy by Vinton McCabe. Easy, practical and totally worth the money.

And FWIW I got that response from WHP about 2 weeks ago. It seems that things are taking longer than usual....
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I have the 50 remedy kit and wanted to add some about a month ago, kind of create my own 100 remedy. At the time they said they were organizing things, and all things kits were not available.

FWIW - The 50 remedy kit has worked well most of the time. I use it a lot, but once in a while I come up with another remedy I wish I had.

I also wish I had a super small emergency kit. One that I can throw in my pocket or a small bag.

I use the cheat sheet quite a bit that came with the remedy kit. When that doesn't meet my needs, I switch to practical homeopathy.

Like today. I woke up with extreme pain in my neck. Couldn't talk or eat comfortably. The good thing is it got me to a chiro, something I had been dragging my feet about. I think this chiro is going to meet our needs really well. Turns out that it isn't nerve pain, rather intense muscle issues. The cheat sheet wasn't helping me, so the book helped and I am using cocculus.. I don't know if it is working well or not. I am currently using a caster oil pack. EFT didn't help.

PB - thanks for the guidance on muscle aches. I will use it as a reference for next time.
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