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it's a good one.
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Hi everyone! I'm joining in... and don't think I'll have time to go back through the whole thread. I homeopathy. So, I'm just going to comment on the last couple of subjects.

The study group I joined last year was working through Henny's book mentioned above. It was a bit of a head-first dive for me in learning about homeopathy! A lot of it went over my head, but I did still learn a lot. I have a tendency to give very few doses after reading Henny first... she is one who just gives a constitutional remedy and lets it sit for 6 months!

I don't have a materia medica yet, other than Miranda Castro. I'm thinking I really need one, but we'll have to wait until it fits into the budget. I will probably get Clarke or Kent's as they seem to be most commonly used in my study group.

One of my very first experiences with homeopathy was with a burn. I poured boiling water into what I thought was a mason jar to make tea. It was not a tempered-glass jar, and it shattered and water scorched my leg in a palm-sized mass. I ran it under water, grabbed a compress, and then grabbed my Miranda Castro. I took some aconite for shock, which calmed me enough to look up burns... fortunately there are only a few remedies. I chose causticum, and took it right away while waiting for my mom to come help me with the kids. I could feel the heat draining out of my leg. I had to take another couple doses. A few hours later, I was walking around the pharmacy, getting a prescription filled for my baby, and picked up some Tylenol for myself because everyone was telling me how bad burn pains were, and I would need something. I never needed a pain pill. The homeopathy took the pain away, and if it came back, I took another dose (but didn't end up needing many overall). I also never ended up using ds3's abx script, because I had very overwhelming evidence of how homeopathy worked, so I resolved to let his constitutional remedy work, and just stay in contact with our homeopath. His chronic cough healed without meds or breathing treatments of any kind.

So, that's my story in a nutshell.
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Welcome, and I bet I know who you did that study group with!
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Originally Posted by Panserbjørne View Post
Welcome, and I bet I know who you did that study group with!
I wouldn't be surprised... everyone seems to know J around here!
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Books and Joining you!

So happy to find this group!! I use homeopathy extensively at home and began researching after my DD's 1st ear infection, treated of course with antibiotics. I knew there must be a better way than going down that road! Bought Ullman's book on homeopathy for children and Boericke's materia medica. That was four years ago and have used homeopathy successfully with DD and DS, along with husband and self! So many stories of great success with it. Staphysagria after mild tearing from childbirth, Lycopodium for DS's tummy troubles since birth, on and on. Most recently used Pulsatilla for husband's hay fever and, per my homeopath's recommendation, give DS one dose of Thuja 30c after any vaccination. I do not have ANY friends or relatives here in Alabama who use homeopathy--my in-laws call me a witch doctor! Although there are very few homeopaths in the area, I did find a study group. It's such a relief to have other alternatives and to find other like y'all!

Miranda Castro's book is great--I cannot begin to tell how much I used it after delivery, for my DS's early tummy troubles, and for one bout of mastitis. It is excellent and easy to reference. I like her general book as well. Any have Roger Morrison's books? We use his study guides in our group... Thanks so much for posting!
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I have both the Morrison books and LOVE them. Welcome!
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Just this past week my pregnancy nausea has ramped up to a constant state. I've also had some heartburn and indigestion and exhaustion. I just did a case for myself and came up with nux vomica. Once I read it, it sounded dead-on. There were things that I hadn't thought to include in the case that fit. I just took my first dose, and I'm hoping it will help... if not, I will be calling for more expert advice.
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here is a list of acute homeopathics for morning sickness.


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The nux did the trick, and I am a new woman!

I took a dose the other night, and all day yesterday I was nausea free. It came back a little this morning, and I put another dose in water, and was feeling good. Yay for homeopathy!
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Circulation problems & hormones

I'm looking for ideas for a concern that's bothered me since first pregnancy. The calf and ankle of my left leg felt intense pressure during first pregnancy in 2005 and some swelling followed. Dramatic spider veins on ankles were also noted. Deep vein thrombosis was ruled out and the leg problem resolved after delivery. The same problem occurred during last pregnancy (2009) with significant pressure in calf and ankle--it's the sensation you have after being stung by a bee with generalized swelling, pressure and a slight "heat" sensation. The spider veins in ankles were awful during pregnancy as well. Again, for a few months after delivery, the problem went away. I am 13 mos post-delivery and have started regular cycles again. During the first two heaviest days of my cycles, the pressure/discomfort has returned intensely along with the spider veins and mild swelling in the ankle (this is concurrent with heaviest bleeding). It remedies itself after each cycle.

Considering seeing a vascular specialist, but this obviously is related to hormones as well. Just wondering if anyone has insight or ideas for tx?

My constitution is a Nux Vomica (!) which I take as needed, but generally infrequently. Thank you!
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I am in the early stages of getting a constitutional remedy.

But until then I need some help. I still am getting sick a lot, but my real concern is that I don't want to eat. I am not eating nearly enough and my body is not liking it at all. Any ideas about a remedy for an appetite stimulator?

I know zinc could help, but it makes me so sick that I'm not taking a huge amount everyday.
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My youngest has had nasal and throat issues for about a month now.
We have used Hepar sulph successfully in the earlier stages.

WHen it moved into his lower throat causing a very bad cough I used cell salts (the one for bronchitis) and the scary cough went away. Unfortunately he started to react to the lactose.

I've noticed his desire for ice-y foods recently, especially when he wakes up.

He told me when he wakes up in the afternoon his throat hurts a lot. He is ultra cranky after a nap (he rarely naps, but has every day this week).
He craves cold foods
His voice sounds like his throat is swollen.

I energy tested and read up and causticum and mercurius both came back strong. BUt, mercurius was the winner.

Hopefully this will work.
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Need help with a badly sprained toe.

My son was playing soccer tonight, barefoot, and hurt his foot. But it turned out to be mainly just his big toe. he says he cannot move it and it hurts a lot. I have been doing ice. I gave arnica 30C, three doses, 15 minutes apart. then I have alternated arnica and ruta every other hour since.

What do you think? Should I stick with just arnica? What do you think about ruta or hypericum?

When it happened, he was in a lot of pain, and he kept saying his nerves all over his body were just in pain or something like that. He is easily distracted from the pain, however, by food, video, or reading.

He is going to bed soon, so please tell me what you think you would do right before bed and what you would do tomorrow.
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When I sprained something, I also did arnica and ruta, going back and forth.
Keep the remedies by your bedside just in case you need to give more in the night.

Aside from testing it energetically, I think I would wait a couple of days on hypericum, waiting to see if it is the same kind of pain.

I would think a castor oil pack would also be useful - but I don't know.

poor guy. I hope he feels better soon.
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Thanks! How often should I give them now? He had the first three doses of arnica 15 min apart, then I've alternated each every hour, for two more doses of arnica, two of ruta. Now he is in bed but not going to sleep because it hurts. There is some swelling. We are doing ice also.
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Just learning from you guys and reading up on ruta in my Ullman Homeo. for kids book and he suggests, oddly, that (ruta and) Rhus tox is common for sprains. Rhus tox does have the restlessness (esp at night b/c of the pain) but I know isn't so well known for sprains. Just in case he never settles down, it might be an alternative. The hypericum doesn't sound so out there either if the "nerves hurting all over" thing continues, even though the toe wasn't technically "smashed" it might be the same feeling. Hope he's better soon!
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Thank you! I wonder if I should consider Rhus tox next? I don't want to venture into too many different remedies, though, I guess. I was considering going out to get him some Tylenol or Advil though, so I guess trying that first wouldn't be any different. He and another child collided, so I don't know if the toe got bent backwards, or crushed, or exactly how it happened. Thank you!
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And the nerves all over description was mostly in the hour after it happened. He hasn't said that since, just that it really hurts in general.
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split lip

Anyone want to take a crack at this?

On Tuesday night, DD was running in the kitchen and slipped & did a face plant. she cut her upper lip pretty badly. We immediately put ice on it and I gave her calendula & arnica (200c). The next morning her lip looked great and there were no complaints. Fast forward to Friday, she was complaining that her lip hurt. Woke up at 1am and said it hurt. I gave her calendula & arnica again & she went back to sleep.

This morning, her lip is really swollen & she has what looks like a canker sore where she cut her lip (on the inside).

Any thoughts on treatment? Should I take her to the Dr. to make sure it isn't infected?
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This is late, chlobo, but how is she doing now? I have no idea about a remedy, but I know that there is so much blood supply to that area. How is she now?
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