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Originally Posted by barefoot mama View Post
Yikes. That is quite a high potency with extremely frequent repetition. Even as a constitutional, that amount of repetition is almost unheard of in that potency. As a specific for teeth, it's, well, just be careful with that. Watch for proving symptoms.
as I'm learning more myself about homeopathy, that's what triggered the "hmmm?" She has always done dosing similar to that and I've never followed her directions, b/c it felt too much like popping "regular" pills. I think I will ask her about her methods next time we are in.

Now, I feel a little guilty, b/c I wanted to trust she knew what she was doing and I've given him 3 doses (won't give him anymore!) Is there anything I can do to help that?

I'm going to see if I can get the cell salts.

Thank your for sharing your opinions!
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Thank you Pat for this link I think I've figured out why she gave DS such a high remedy to take so frequently. (on the bottom of the page under dosage guidelines )
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Originally Posted by springmum View Post
Thank you Pat for this link I think I've figured out why she gave DS such a high remedy to take so frequently. (on the bottom of the page under dosage guidelines )
Wait- but that only goes up to 200X. And you're dealing with 200C, right? I didn't know there was a 200X, so maybe that's a typo... but once a day sure seems like a lot for 200C!!!
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Originally Posted by changingseasons View Post
Wait- but that only goes up to 200X. And you're dealing with 200C, right? I didn't know there was a 200X, so maybe that's a typo... but once a day sure seems like a lot for 200C!!!
Very true...I didn't even notice that! I've never heard of "x" either, so I wonder if it's the same too.

If it is the same thing it does say that 200 should be given once a day.

I've stopped the daily dose for now, will give it once a week maybe, until I can see her when we are back from vacation so that I can understand more.

eta - Learning more
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Ok, I'm just so far behind with reading; but, 200X is NOT the same as 200C.

I would NOT give 200C daily. Neveryoumindthere took that daily, times three days, and about put herself in the hospital, literally. But, she is doing amazingly now. But, daily, long term with 200C is not ok, imo. My understanding is that the eastern Indian dosing is heavy and hard like that. But, I would not take it that way, nor give it to my child that way.

200X is a totally different Dose. I don't understand the dosing frequency on it. PB will need to chime in about that.

200C is dosed as needed, not daily. And 'as needed' is like every 3-6 months, ime.

It sounds like a misunderstanding on the prescription dose.

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No, a 200X is not the same as 200C. X is indicative of a decimal scale whereas C is indicative of a centesimal scale. (the difference is being diluted 1:10 vs 1:100) The C is more dilute and therefore a higher potency. It's a deeper action.

I think it is a good idea to have a dialogue with your homeopath so you feel comfortable with treatment. Lower potencies to tend to have a shorter duration of action so you may see those given more frequently. However when you are going as high as 200C *the way I see it* is that you are not allowing the remedy to work to it's fullest potential. Each time you give it the new dose is interrupting the previous dose, stopping it's action and starting up again. IN my training what that means is that it doesn't reach the depths it could if administered in a single dose.

Now, different practitioners have different styles so I'm not at all saying your practitioner is wrong....just that what she's doing doesn't seem to be classical. It's symptom based (which in and of itself isn't classical) and is employing the use of high potencies repetitively without evaluation in between-which is slightly unusual. But....she may have a different plan. I would just encourage communication. this is a relationship that needs to be built on trust. I know a few homeopaths that do some crazy arse prescribing, but have great luck! Perhaps this is what she has found works in her practice? Perhaps there was an indication that you are unaware of? I don't know. I would just hate for you to assume she's "wrong" and not engage in an attempt to clearly understand her methods.

If at that point you are unhappy-so be it. But give it a chance and keep the lines of communication open.
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Originally Posted by springmum View Post
eta - Learning more at this site don't know how accurate the source of info is, as I am just learning too
Some of their info made me twitch. There were also some inconsistencies I notices as I browsed. I dunno. Didn't seem like the best resource to me.

"DECIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 10 parts dilution.
CENTESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 99 parts dilution.
MILLESIMAL - potency based on the ratio of 1 part substance to 1000 parts dilution."

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong.
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I double checked the vial - it actually says "200 ch" so is "ch" the same as "c"?

I really want to be able to trust my ND b/c I think that is vital in helping our healing, but now I feel so conflicted
I will definitely have a dialogue with her though - thank you for your input PB

Thanks for chiming in about that site too PB, deleting it.....
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I'm sure our dear barefoot will chime in here too....she's been doing this longer than I.

CH is still the centesimal scale, it just refers to the method by which it was prepared. That denotes it was the "hahnemannian method." As far as anyone's concerned it's the same thing. You may also at times see CK....same scale different method. It doesn't affect the dosing or potency at all.

I understand it can feel frustrating....I would just communicate with your practitioner and listen to your gut. ND's tend to practice homeopathy differently than homeopaths. Not all, you understand, but most. Most ND's get the same amount of training their entire scholastic career in homeopathy that homeopaths get in the first 6 months so there is a different understanding, and therefore use of the modality. They study many many things, where homeopaths are extremely focused on a specific method. That could be the big difference here.

Just to be clear, there are ND's that develop a passion for homeopathy and go on to study that intensively and in depth. That's a different story. Just saying there are many people that use it, and in many different ways. So, it would be good to get more info on the reason behind the treatment.
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Thanks again everyone - I'm learning so much.
I really appreciate it
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I've not heard of that guy or that site before. It looks like he sells only x potencies? I just looked at it briefly, but I'm fairly certain I wouldn't trust the info there either.

Yes, an X is MUCH different than a C.

Not much more to add, PB covered everything nicely. Bummer. I really felt like talking homeopathy!

Don't be afraid to talk to your ND honestly springmum. You are the one paying the bill and we are talking about your health and your family's health, not theirs.
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Hi all,
My son and I have just started a new constitutional remedy, and my 9 yr old is getting eaten like crazy by the bugs. I actually this morning was wondering whether he had chicken pox, but I think they really are bug bites, and they've been accummulating over the past few days. He has about 2o bites in one spot on his face and neck alone. Tons on his legs and around his waist too. He is so itchy.

What can I do to prevent and treat bug bites while on a remedy? I have some Bitecare Gel by Boiron that has echinacea, ledum, and calendula in a gel base. That seems to help a little bit. But what about keeping the bugs away in the first place? All the home remedies have essential oils that we are supposed to be avoiding.

Do you think that Avon Skin So Soft is okay? Woodland fragrance works pretty well, but I don't know if that counters the remedy or not.

He is so itchy, poor guy, because he practically lives outside right now.

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cell salt question

I recently have been using cell salts for teeth - three different ones that were recommended here.

I am dissolving one of each in about 4 oz of water. I then give about a tablespoon to each of us, three times a day. All three of us have lactose/casein problems.

is that enough water and pellets?
I'm still concerned about lactose, should/can this be diluted more?
I'm hiding the tablespoon in fresh juice for me three year old, because he is suspicious of all supplements at the moment, even if it is just water on a spoon. Can you use juice in cell salts the same way you can with homeopathy remedies?
should I mix/hit the diluted salts each time? (I forget the homeopathic wording for that.)

My youngest has some bumps on his elbow. I am wondering if it is the cell salts, but am not sure yet.
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Which salts are you using?

I can only give you *my* answer here. Firstly the dosage is really 4 tablets 3 to 4 times a day per person so in terms of substance you aren't getting enough based on what you are writing to see dramatic changes. However I do understand your concern with the lactose. You will have to see what your collective threshold is.

Secondly, homeopathics really shouldn't be placed in juice but I do understand that there are those that advocate this. That isn't my training but I would say it's better than nothing. That said the tissue salts aren't homeopathic and there's no real reason I can see that they wouldn't be fine in a carrier. Many people do like putting them in water, and I have had several people have great results doing just that.

Thirdly, no. You do not need to succuss them. They are not homeopathic. They are diluted, but not potentized. You can simply take them.

I wish I could help with the elbow action. I'm sorry! Those are my responses and the way I would handle them. Best of luck!
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We are using cal phos, silicea, cal fluor.
I just pendulum tested and cal phos and silica came back as strong "no" and cal fluor as a strong "yes".
We are going to be with my inlaws for three weeks starting this weekend. I think I am going to hold off using these until after. I don't want an added stress either to their bodies or my mind. It is stressful enough (although we do truly have a lovely time with them.)
Afterwards I think I will try the cal fluor by itself and really try. I know it will expose them to lactose, but fillings will expose them to much more.

I just got hair analysis back for both boys yesterday. They make the cutler counting rules, and show hypothyroid and AF, plus a couple of other things. I don't want to add any more to their load with tooth fillings.

I can get my oldest to do some oil pulling. I can't get my 3 year old to do anything. (although he will eat anything in an ice pop )

My mind and heart kind of feels like they are exploding.

Do you think cal fluor will help on its own? What is the (very broad) timeline I need to be thinking about?

thanks so much PB and Barefoot mama. Being able to learn all of this is really empowering and comforting.
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I wanted to update that I got the cell salts. I picked up the calc phos, calc flour, silicea.
I was really torn about what to get - the spray with ethanol, or the lactose based tablets (DS is dairy intolerant) In the end I went with the spray, b/c he has reacted to very minute amounts of dairy in the past. It still seems a little weird to give him something containing ethanol though..
I am going to give him 1 spray of each 4x a day.

He is still at the stage that he just has white spots on his teeth, so I'm hoping that this will help them to go away quickly as I focus on his diet, oral routine as well.

I'm going to our ND next week, I feel a little more informed now, so that we can have a good discussion.
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hmmm... I didn't even know they had a spray! I bought some silica ages ago, but have never gotten up the courage to give any to DD since she's so sensitive to dairy. Maybe I will have to check out the sprays too! Keep us posted how those work for you.
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Aaaah... never mind. After typing that I realized that the ethanol is probably made out of corn, so that would be just as bad for DD as lactose.
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You know, it was totally the lesser of two evils situation for me. Through muscle testing early on in DS's life, corn showed not good. I've never done a trial, just avoided to make things simple, & b/c there was a lot of mystery reactions (yeah like avoiding all corn products has been simple...not)

Dairy I saw clear reactions, so I guess I'm doing a trial of sorts. The need for keeping his teeth healthy is pushing this, and he's been doing fairly well lately so I should know pretty quickly if it's okay.

Sorry CS that both options are not good for you guys
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My DS tripped outside Tuesday evening and hit his head on the edge of the horizontal board going across our wood fence. He ended up needing 7 stitches on his forehead. I gave him a dose of arnica 30c on the way to urgent care and another before bed. Yesterday I gave him a dose in the morning and before bed. Today I did not see him before I left for work so he has not had anything today. I'm not sure if I should continue to give arnica (or another remedy) while the cut is healing. Should I continue for a few days? If so, how often should I dose? I'd like to try and minimize scarring.
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