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i havent made it all the way thru this thread yet, but i'm wondering if you've talked about allergies (pollen, not food) and treating acutely? my family had been in the habit of popping one of the boiron bluetube for allergies (histaminum hydrochloricum), but as i learn more, i wonder if that's the best approach...? we have a couple allergy times here, fairly short but quite intense-- one's about on us now... the other will be later in the summer, after the rains. i've managed in the past to be mainly fine with local raw honey, but... ahem, certain members of my family are less... diligent..... ;-) 

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for acute situations that's fine.  from a classical perspective you'd do better to find the remedy that covers the picture which would reduce the symptoms over time.  the other option is isopathy (getting the offending substance in potency kinda like homeopathic allergy shots) which works quite well for many people.

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right, that's what i was thinking. the honey does work wonderfully well here, since most of the offending pollen is "native/local"... but that only helps if you take it, lol. 


these allergies are really so mild, that it's not worth, imo, doing "much" about them.... but you know i love the notion of addressing the whole picture.... ;-) i'll be interested to see if what dh is doing with cell salts will help. 

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Hello, sorry to invade your thread, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a homeopathic remedy for overactive letdown. I was seeing a homeopathic doctor, but he moved to Oregon! greensad.gif


Haven't read through this incredibly long thread, but I plan on doing so soon. It's hard with a newborn.


ETA: wow.. I didn't realize how old this thread is! I hope I can still get some suggestions.



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