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How do you deal with fears of m/c'ing? - Page 2

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After my m/c in 2006, it is hard not to think that it may happen again. I just pray that if this baby is meant to be with us, everything will be okay.

I also pray that if the baby is meant to be m/c, that I do so early...I was in my second trimester last time. It was devastating.
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my first pg was a loss. every pg since has seen me paranoid until i hear the heartbeat. even after that, i'll still check the tissue when i wipe. it never. goes. away. i'm especially freaking out right now because i'm not having morning sickness. lots of other symptoms, but no throwing up. who knows, maybe i just won't get that sick this time. i still won't feel 100% until i hear that heartbeat or feel a flutter...

i'm just trucking along like this is a guarantee. i find staying positive helps.

On a side note, I haven't had morning sickness with my pregnancies...sometimes it is normal.
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im terrified to so guess im in this club
i must check about 40 times a day
and because i have some cramping i am really paranoid
i don't think il feel better until iv heard the heart.
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It helped me to read a thread I found by googling "early pregnancy no symptoms" -- it was basically a ton of women posting about how they had no symptoms and were still pregnant, and after about 50 of those it sunk in that the #1 sign of pregnancy is NO PERIOD, and I still haven't gotten my period, so just because I'm not sick (YET) doesn't mean I'm not pregnant! Women who are super sick have m/cs, and women who feel great have babies, and vice versa.

I'm feeling a lot better about this. I also got nice emails from my midwife and her apprentice reassuring me. And you guys!!!
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I'm TOTALLY worried. A wreck, actually. Mostly because I miscarried last time and still had strong pg symptoms for weeks after the babies had died. I would have had no idea if I hadn't gone in for an early u/s (which I had never done before). I'm on progesterone and feel that that would "hold in" even an ended pregnancy. I can't imagine going through that again. So, I worry. I spotted last weekend, though nothing big, but bled yesterday and was FREAKED out. I have now seen the baby via u/s three times and three times he/she has had a very strong heartbeat (177/180) and is growing fine. Still, I worry. My dr. says I'll worry until I feel movement regularly. Another part of my worry is that I've always been deathly ill in the first trimester and beyond. Like in bed, can't function, the works. I'm not sick AT ALL this time. I had a few days of slight m/s a few weeks ago and now nothing. I do feel pregnant but more second trimester pregnant, if that makes sense. Anyway, I know I should just be grateful as I've lived through the horrible m/s 8 times and now I'm getting a huge break. But instead I worry, LOL. I knwo there's no point in the worry but I do it anyway. So, I'm a bad one to ask, LOL.

Hugs to all you wonderful mamas!!!
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Oh I can relate to this!! I have had 2 early miscarriages before i had DH, so I just cant get myself to be excited about being pregnant until I can hear the heartbeat on the doppler.
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