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Phew! I got a bunch of old kid's clothes and mama clothes out of here. Doing alright. I'm going to pack my clothes this weekend-- one box to take with me for the summer, the rest in boxes to go to storage.

I don't know what to do with our staples-- can I put them in storage for 3 months? What is okay to store, flour? Sugar? Spices? Pasta/rice? Soy sauce? I know we're going to lose some stuff, but I don't want to have to spend a ton buying all this stuff when we move into our new place in September.
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Originally Posted by Siennaflower View Post
Updating in order to keep myself on track!

Dd and I had a nasty cold for the past 5 days and I was really taking it easy with everything but now I'm back up and running. I have so far knocked out most of the kitchen pantry and the counter tops. I took a good deal of food down to a food pantry and ended up dumping a lot of expired stuff (really, you don't want to know how much...). I'm feeling good about how empty everything looks. Oh, and I hit the junk drawers too and I was ruthless. I moved all the tools that were in the drawers to the garage and I plan on sitting down and making an actual tool kit once I have them all in one location. I know there's a bunch more lurking around the house.

For the rest of today I will be emptying out the rest of the cupboards and organizing my cookware and mixing bowls and all that good stuff. I will probably let go of 1/3 of it since I know I have multiples of some items. Then I plan on giving the inside of the fridge a good once over and cleaning the stove top and that wonderful area underneath it. I'll let the oven self clean tomorrow while I'm at dd's award ceremony and then I will be officially done in the kitchen which is the hardest room I have. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!!!
being sick with so much to do is hard. glad you are feeling better!
sounds like you are making some great progress on your packing and sorting. my kitchen is next on my list, but its going to have to wait till next weekend. im leaving for a week on saturday to see family in the big city..and my mom is getting here tonight for a visit till then.

hottmama: i also did the clothes thing the last few days. i went through EVERYTHING and ive got about 4 big garbage bags of stuff to go to thrift store.. i still have too many clothes and plan to go over them again before we leave at the end of june. its a process i guess.

and to answer your question about the food stuffs. could you find someone with a spare fridge who would store it for you? i know lots of folks who have one in their garage/ect..or maybe someone with a cold storage cellar? i would hate to have to rebuy all of those foods too. moving is expensive enough as it is without having to refill all of the cupboards. i hope that you find a solution to your delema.
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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
that is quite the move!

we have a dog and cat as well as 3 kids.. so i hear you on the eeek!

at least you have moving help. that would really make my life easier. we have a van and then we will need a moving truck, so we need to find someone who want to driveone of the two there, then somehow get back home. i don't drive yet (learning) so its going to be tricky. my mom offered but she lives 6 hours away from where we are now, so it would mean her coming up here, then driving for 9 hours to the new house, then going home, which from there is probably closer to 11 hours. she would stay a few days to help with the kids while i unpack, but still. its a lot to ask and i hate to.
Fern, I just wanted to say that I will watch the kids for ya when you move here...

(yes, I'm stalking ya )
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I haven't read pp's yet, but I wanted to join this thread. We're hoping to move into our first house at the end of june. We've been living in our apartment for five years and I have started to declutter and pack. I'm glad I have weeks to do it because I am only able to do a little each day (or every other day). We've moving about 50 miles south east of where we live now, so not a big move, but big enough!
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Originally Posted by majazama View Post
Fern, I just wanted to say that I will watch the kids for ya when you move here...

(yes, I'm stalking ya )
stalk away. and many thanks jazz!
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Count me IN! We just bought our first house and it closes in a couple weeks. We have until September to slowly move though - we are moving just 30 minutes away and plan to keep our apartment through the end of September because I'm planning a homebirth in our apartment (midwife won't come to the new house - it is too far away from a good hospital).

Needless to say, moving while very pregnant during the hot summer is something I'm not looking forward to! I'm so glad we can do it slowly.

I started officially "sorting/packing" this weekend! I'm starting with my craft room as that is the most difficult for me to declutter. I'm the type who will keep broken junk because I think I'll make art sculptures with it someday. Crafty stuff is so hard for me to let go of, but I'm doing it! I've got three HUGE garbage bags to donate, 1 to the recyling bin and 1 to the trash. Another one is stuff will sell on eBay. That totals SIX huge trash bags so far that I'm not taking with me.

There is something about knowing I have to carry the darn stuff that makes it a lot easier to say goodbye to.
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Originally Posted by Eclectica View Post
There is something about knowing I have to carry the darn stuff that makes it a lot easier to say goodbye to.
Isn't that the truth?! I'm gotten rid of a ton of stuff too because I can't see carrying it!

I have packed another box and stuffed 4 more trash bags with clothes. No packing for me today because we're going to a playgroup this morning and Costco this afternoon. I think I'll be dog tired tonight.
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With 12 days to go, I've packed my clothes, the kids' clothes, the kids' books and toys, everyones' winter coats, our homeschooling stuff and art supplies.
Next up: grown-up books
I also need to find some more boxes, any suggestions where to look?
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I am in. We don't know where specifically we are moving which is insane... but we are moving so subbing!
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Originally Posted by hottmama View Post
With 12 days to go, I've packed my clothes, the kids' clothes, the kids' books and toys, everyones' winter coats, our homeschooling stuff and art supplies.
Next up: grown-up books
I also need to find some more boxes, any suggestions where to look?
Your local grocery store. Ask the produce department for apple boxes (no holes in bottom) and banana boxes (hole-we use for bigger items.) and when I worked in nursing homes I used to save the big boxes from the Depends, so you might want to call around there too.
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Originally Posted by hottmama View Post
I also need to find some more boxes, any suggestions where to look?
Copy paper boxes! With lids, very nice for books. Ask ANYONE you know who works in an office to save boxes for you. You might also ask at a local printer/copy shop (such as Kinkos).
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Originally Posted by Tradd View Post
Kimi, I'm like you - just myself and my stuff in a 1BR. I moved in September. This is the first move that I really paid for movers, and let me tell you it was worth EVERY penny. Cost me about $450, plus $20 each tip for the two movers. Total distance was about 20 miles. I moved from a second floor apartment, to a first floor unit. Two guys and a truck for 3 hours, and it only took about 2-2.5. They had wardrobe boxes I could rent for $1 for the day of moving. The guys brought it up, helped me put my clothes in it, and moved it out to the truck. I have a large, nicely framed picture, and they also rented me a mirror box for $1 for the day of the move. Paying the $10 (or so) for the mattress bag (or however much it is) is a good idea.

Call several movers in your area. Ask friends/coworkers who have recently moved for recommendations. I'm in the same area as Amys1st on MDC and I got a WONDERFUL movers recommendation from her. They were excellent! The movers will come out and do a visual estimate. I was at the minimum. The more time in advance to get your move scheduled, the better. I got my visual estimate about a month before I moved. When I got the apartment and preliminary move in date set, then I called the movers to schedule.
Thanks Tradd!!

It's just such a hard decision b/c it's going to be about $900 for me to pay for movers to move me to my new state. I really don't want to spend that money. But I also don't have any guy friends who I can ask to help me move... So I'm stuck. I hope the decision becomes clearer in the next few weeks because I need to move at the end of July
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im back from a week of being in the big city..all of my decluttering & packing was put on hold. i got back saturday night, with a van full of stuff flooring for my new bedroom, fun stuff from IKEA (lighting and other things) a few new linens, some couch cushions.. things to brighten up the space. im going to have to get rif of a bunch more stuff now, to get back to where i was before, but the things that i collected are all perfect, so it will be insentive to get rid of lots more unperfect things from my home...
ive got a pile of empty bins and boxes, so this afternoon my plan is to de-clutter pack up all extras from my kitchen,livingroom, laundry room.. things that we wont need for the next 3 weeks or at all.. then tomorrow wil be the lower level of our house, the bedrooms ect. ive already done a preliminary declutter, so this will be the next level. it will be hard! but i know well worth it once we move and have so much less junk.
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I agree that hiring movers is so very worth it if you can make it work financially. Since we're moving just 20 minutes away we'll do car loads of boxes slowly but still plan to hire movers for all the big furniture pieces.

Anyone planning to sell any of their stuff they've decluttered? I have a big pile of "for eBay" items but I'm getting a bit overwhelmed and wanting to just throw it all in the donate pile and not look back. Still, making a few hundred bucks would make a lovely fund for new house furnishings.

I've completed the decluttering of the craft room. Doing the closets next.
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We are finally moving again! :

We are currently in a tiny little house with no yard that we are renting. 2 bedrooms with 4 kids and broken windows all around. We just found a house and got our offer accepted that day!

The bank is taking forever thanks to our loan person leaving for vacation without letting us know and not passing on our stuff to be sent in to Rural Development and just waiting until she got back after 10 days. : So now our contract has been violated but the sellers just want to get out of there, so luckily it will all close and be done June 30th.

I am so sick of living here and it's just a disaster right now. I have no space to put anything away, no closets, no storage, so the piles and clutter cause my Virgo self to implode a lot. I am so ready to move and be able to put things away and spread out. I want to start packing already if anything to declutter, but I don't know if it's too early? I usually do just a week ahead of time, even when moving across country, but this time we are moving 2 whole blocks away!
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This is our moving weekend! I've been up since 6. We got the POD today, all the furniture and almost all the boxes are loaded up. The house is still a wreck, but cleaning is tomorrow's job. Leaving Monday morning. I'd say we have 4 more boxes of stuff to pack, then the TV (and DVD player) and our mattress is going into the pod Monday morning.
I also did some small repairs today.
I hate moving!
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Good luck, Mandy!

It looks like our closing date is getting bumped up a week. So I am going to get more boxes out of storage tuesday and really get started. Hopefully we will be out by the end of the month and not have to pay another month's rent!
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mandy, it will all be over soon enough! moving IS stressful, but luckily its just a few days of stress, then its over. hope it all goes smoothly!

i have 16 days till moving day.. the days are going sooooo slowly. im getting a ton done, but i dont want to get it done too soon and then need things and have to unpack stuff, so im just doing it a bit at a time.

kitty: : for moving to a new place. im also super excited about our new space.
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were moving soon too. into a smaller space and with a ton less stuff. i have about a month to do it all. were excited but also nervous. how am i going to get it all done?
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I finally made the decision not to have movers. After several quotes it was going to come out to $1000 plus if I were to go with a recommended moving company. The lowest quote I received was $670 from a company with around 50 BBB complaints and who had a negative review on movingscam.com . Sooooo..I decided that I'm going to have to get rid of my sleeper couch because that was the item that was stressing me out the most. It's heavy and I didn't want my sis and me trying to move it up two flights of stairs. I will sell it (or give it away if I become desperate) and just rent my own truck to take my things. I may still hire unloaders in my destination city but I have enough friends to ask to help me out with loading my truck here.

As far as decluttering I've been getting rid of stuff one by one. I donated another box of stuff to Goodwill. I also got rid of lots and lots of bottles of sauces that I only used once. I also started going through all of my old bathroom stuff that I never use. I feel like I'm making some progress
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