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Yikes! That's good that you looked up reviews, kimiij. How awful would that have been!

We are moving it all ourselves. We are borrowing my FIL's truck and only going 2 blocks this time, so it shouldn't be that bad. Hopefully we will still be able to get in by the end of the month so that we don't have to pay another month's rent and storage, though!

I have so much packing and decluttering to do but I've been busy! I need to work on it today between Father's Day and Midsummer activities.
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We're moving in September--last day of work is September 8, and I'm thinking we'll start on our way that very day--it's been an exciting ride so far. I've spent the last year decluttering everything. I mean everything. Hoping to go from our previously full 1500 square foot residence to a less than 500 sq foot. We're only taking what will fit in the jeep (with toddler and dog) and shipping a few boxes, plus shipping my office things. If it costs more to ship than it does to replace, it's not coming with. I have a small budget for replacements when I get there, and I'd love to post the planned list here for your review. We're leaving all linens, dishes, lamps, books, furniture, tools, appliances behind. The end goal is to live in a tiny house that I will be building within a couple of years, so the replacement issue is a huge one for me--it will all have to fit in a small space (probably smaller space than the new apartment).

But for now, the replacements are:
glasses and dishes
bed (could be a sofa bed)
lazyboy style rocker (cause the old one broke and I will need it for kid #2 if it nurses as slow as the first one did)
kitchen table/chairs
some kind of desk, unless the table is big
bed linens
kitchen towels and bath towels
rugs (if needed)
basic tools
coffee maker
toy containment unit
jars for stuff in the kitchen
leftover containers
baking pans/casserole dishes
food (except spices--taking packets with)
a little plantlife
am I missing anything?

I looked at the cost of moving with a truck and decided I could easily replace most of it with new for less that it would cost to move the old stuff. But I sure am having fun with the ikea website and seeing if I could do one-stop shopping at the destination. Any thoughts? I haven't shopped much there and don't own much of it so not sure as to quality, etc.
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I'll be moving across the country in a couple months and I am stressing big time!! We have a cat and my baby nurses on demand every hour or two. Thank God I had a huge nesting urge during my pregnancy and cleaned out all my cupboards and closets! I am dreading having the house clean enough to have buyers come anytime when I don't even get time to shower until 5pm.

Thanks for letting me vent! It's great to read all of your tips!!
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Lana, are you having a yard sale? That should give you a decent budget to work with. And IKEA is indispensable for small spaces. Hands down the best!
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Lana, are you having a yard sale? That should give you a decent budget to work with. And IKEA is indispensable for small spaces. Hands down the best!
yes, actually, most of it is already gone, last years yard sale and craigslist--but there is another yard sale coming in august for the last remaining things--living room set and kitchen stuff, mattress, that type of thing. I have a couple grand set aside for the resupply of stuff a the new place, but trying to stay low budget but good quality, kwim?
I am totally turned on by IKEA--hopefully it will be easy to fill up a truck and be done and set about not buying and selling crap for a long time now..
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Im moving at the end of this months as well and it's a bit hectic to say the least. Im decluttering like crazy & dd has been a huge help. Were moving within the same town to a cute little house with a nice yard & fruit trees. My realtionship with my partner has ended so thats making this all very hard but I'm doing my best to stay positive. The house were moving into is for sale so it will be temporary, probably a few months maybe more. Best of luck & I hope everyomes move goes well.
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That sounds like a good house. Especially with fruit trees. We are currently renting a house for sale. It is a bit nerve wracking. Good luck!

We are closing on the house tomorrow-later than we were told, and STILL have not been told by the owners when they will move out so we can move in. They haven't even packed a box yet, he said. And his wife has been off work just at home for over a month. *sigh* I didn't want to pay another month's rent and storage, but that looks like what's going to happen.
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I am joining... we put an offer on a house and the bid was accepted! We are packing now, but not closing until Aug 21st. We want to majorly declutter, and purge what we haven't used since the last move 4 years ago. Sadly there are things we have't seen since then. Part of me would like to just chuck it all without even looking. That would be crazy though, right?
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I don't think that's too crazy. I get those thoughts sometimes, too.

We closed on the house today. But the owners haven't packed a single box yet and don't know when they'll move. Frustrating.
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kitty, i can imagine how frustrating that is. i hope that you can manifest them getting out of there and making space for you to move in!!

magpie, welcome to the group! and have fun with the getting ready. i t can be an amazing journey!

OceanPotion i have done just what you are going to do, and it SI hard and scary and sometimes panicky, but you will survive, and flourish. i know that the first while was hard on me, but i blossomed in MY new home, absent from the stress and sadness and hurt of living with someone that its not working with. all the best to you on your new adventure. keep us posted!

we are finally approaching our moving day. i have been steadily getting ready for the past 6 weeks but now i feel like i can just get it ALL done without worry of needing things or having it be too soon.

we live rurally and had a bunch of recycling & garbage that needed taking to the dump. ect..and we got that done in the last few days..big relief for me. my new town has garbage pick up, yay! and the recycle depot is just a few minutes from my house, another yay!

we have some outside things, like a bike trailer and a few outdoor toys that we plan to take so i scrubbed them all down..

im doing all of the house laundry and packing it away so that it doesnt get re-dirtied. sadly, its rained for the last week, so i have had to use my dryer a bunch, which i hate to do!

i have taken apart my sons ikea loft bed and sanded all of the pieces, its about 4 years old and over the years has gotten a bit beaten up. im happy to report with an hour or so of work, they all look brand new.

and today i also sanded an old neet desk that my dad made my brother as a child, and im in the process of painting it green. its going to look great!
i have a bookshelf that im also going to paint the same colour, hopefully tomorrow.

we get the moving truck monday, so im planning to pack it all up, save our mattresses and sleeping stuff, clean the house, sleep and then go first thing in the morning (im planning to pack up the fridge and freezer bright & early, and wash them out once its all in coolers). its about a 9 hour drive, so we want to leave early so we can get there by early afternoon...and to avoid the hot hot heat.

im nervous, but excited. i just hope that its all as easy as i think it will be.
the carrying boxes and furniture will suck, but it will be done once its done..
mostly i guess its the long journey that concerns me..cats, dog, kids, stuff. its all a lot to think about.
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Joining here as well. Our moving date is about 6 weeks from now but could go down to 4 weeks. All depending on finding the right place. Most everything is already contained in some sort of apparatus (tote bins, hanging storage shelves, rolling cases. So for those things I will just tape the drawers shut, and sip up the shelves and throw them in a big box. That takes care of the closets mostly. Maybe one days worth of packing and that will be done. I feel like I could finish the whole house in about a week. And then clean for another week (can I just say I hate carpet).
The Kitchen needs to be packed, I'm planning on reducing the amount of dishes and cups. Which should help a ton. Dh wants to sell the couches and the table. But I honestly doubt anyone would want them, the couches have taken quite a beating from the kids, so I doubt I will see any kind of return on my $1200. And lucky for me I don't care about having nice things since I've had kids, so I am buying off Craigslist once we move. We will be renting a Uhaul from Seattle to San Diego that will cost about $1400 to rent and fill with gas, but we do have some valuable things, so it'll work itself out. I have never moved out of state so I am very anxious, but looking forward to a fresh start. Let's hope it is all for the better.
All I can say is Thank goodness I was decluttering anyway, so the move doesn't seem quite so daunting.

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Thanks for the well wishes Kittywitty and thank you mamafern for your inspiration & positive words. Packing is going well and I can't wait to move. Im starting to feel like I can breathe again, to not have to worry about someone elses moods & temper. It really feels great.
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I'm in! We are moving from the US to Switzerland at the end of August with only the suitcases we can bring on the plane.

Yesterday I sold our washer/dryer to the people moving in our house. : That means no moving it and no laundromat at the end.

I am preparing for garage sale #1. We have a moving to Switzerland box and a garage sale box and the garage sale box is more full so that is good.

Anyway, subbing.
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Mama Fern, well you have definitely inspired me to get off my butt! I need to sand our IKEA bunks, as well. The cats have definitely taken a toll on them. And yay for recycling being closer when you move! I hope your move goes well. 9 hours is a lot but hopefully it will fly by for you!

lalaland42, wow! That's a big move! Good luck on packing. Are you going to rent a storage unit or just get rid of it all? I am jealous of your move! I so want to move to another country, if just for awhile to experience it!
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Mama Fern, well you have definitely inspired me to get off my butt! I need to sand our IKEA bunks, as well. The cats have definitely taken a toll on them. And yay for recycling being closer when you move! I hope your move goes well. 9 hours is a lot but hopefully it will fly by for you!

lalaland42, wow! That's a big move! Good luck on packing. Are you going to rent a storage unit or just get rid of it all? I am jealous of your move! I so want to move to another country, if just for awhile to experience it!
just so you know, i used an orbital sander. i wouldnt even try by hand. way too much work~!

so, today i got a ton of boxes from my local health food store. i have finished packing the livingroom, with the exception of the dvd player, tv, vcr & a few movies for the kids, to put on while im packing up the moving truck. there are about 4 toys as well...oh and a few books. our beds are in the livingroom too so after sunday night i will take apart my daybed and just sleep on a mattress on the floor monday night. the one last thing to take apart in here other than that is the tv cabinet. its from ikea, and pretty simple.

tomorrow i tackle the kitchen...its the biggest job by far.
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Count me in! We're moving around the middle of Aug from MO to WI. Right now we have no place to live, but we'll be going up for a trip in about 2 weeks and securing a place to rent/rent to own at that time. We're getting really excited!

I cannot believe how much crap we've accumulated in the 4 years we've been here! The amount of things I've been clearing out is insane, and I'm not nearly done. Packing isn't going too fast yet - I was pretty sick there for a while and we lost a week over it. However, this is the last week the kids are in summer school (what a lifesaver that has been!) so we need to really kick it up this week. We've only got a few boxes packed, but there's a lot less to pack if that makes sense. I'm totally dreading the kitchen, that's always the worst!

In the life of irony though in some areas we have a LOT more to move! It gets colder earlier in WI, and I'm not familiar with the area or stores yet. So I've hit the thrift stores a lot, and as it's summer no one is buying winter things yet. I've gotten the kids entire winter wardrobes already including snow pants, coats, etc. As I've washed them they've gone straight into bins labelled with the kids names so it hasn't been too bad.

We're starting to get overwhelmed and excited!
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i just have to take a breath from this job (kitchen) and vent. im totally boggled. my kitchen never feels VERY cluttered. i use everything in it but there is So much. im packing..box after box. granted its all mostly breakable, so i have to be careful.. but still. i have been at it all day. packing up a cupboard washing it down..packing up the food (doing one box of opened non perishable items, one of unopened) packing up all of the bakeware, and washing it because it gets kind of dusty under the stove) im getting to the end, but i am running out of boxes and bins to pack it all into! and i still have plates, bowls, cups, mugs to pack. plus the fridge..whicj i will do on the last night.
the rest of my house is coming along...i have few hotspots. my upstairs closet has beecome a mess and my laundry room, again. and the bottom of the stairs. piles of things taht need to go in their right boxes.. im going to be solidly busy for the next two days, then probably sit stunned in the moving truck all the way "home" only to have to unpack it all again.

i obviously have too much, but i have also been extremely good about decluttering.
on one hand i keep things because we do use them and cannot afford to replace them, but then we do end up with a house full of "stuff" albiet nice stuff...but does any of it really matter? im not sure.

i know that my new place will be lovely and uncluttered once i get everything put away and set up..but at this point im just :
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i'm going to be lurking

we are getting ready to list our house (in the next month) and i sure hope i am joining the tribe soon!
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Mama Fern, I feel that pain. How is it that what looks like a little can take up dozens of boxes? I have 22 boxes of books, which doesn't surprise me, but more than that in kids toys which is just insane. It seems like no matter how many boxes you have or how little you think you have, it packs up to twice as much as you would believe.

And with packing and unpacking, there is always stuff that gets lost or you just lose the motivation to keep, so that will help with decluttering.
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Hey, mamas!

We're hoping to move by July 15th!! Hopefully, we'll be signing the lease on our new place in the next two days. Then it's camping until after the 4th. Then packing and cleaning!

I can do this, right?
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