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I am moving in a couple weeks, I just applied for a couple jobs today. I am moving about 5 hrs away to go to school and because my county has no jobs for me (I just got laid off). DH is not moving with me, he is under contract with his job. Right now, he is looking at buying a camper trailer and living in that because its cheaper than rent around here (very high cost of living area). So not only do we need to pack but after two years living together, we also have to separate and make sure we both have enough to maintain a household.

We also have no furniture - we have been living in furnished places for the past year. So that's another big thing and with no extra money at all (because this move was so sudden and completely unplanned) - I will be sleeping on the floor - pregnant. Oh well. What is life if not an adventure right?
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Yikes! Can you get ahold of any charitable organizations like Catholic Charities and ask for furniture or put up a flier asking for some? I know it sucks to ask for help, but there are so many people out there who just toss out good stuff or need someone to pawn it off on when they get new furniture. I remember sleeping on a couch when I was pg and had my 2nd child. It sucks!
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I would find the freecycle in your new area!
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e are here, we are home!:

it was almost a disaster, but it all worked out. will give more details tomorrow!

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Originally Posted by MamaFern View Post
e are here, we are home!:

it was almost a disaster, but it all worked out. will give more details tomorrow!

I just checked out your blog. What a beautiful place! Congratulations, I hope it brings you as much peace as it looks like it will.
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I'm glad I found you guys!

The movers came today (we're military so it's paid for by them) and packed up all of our stuff. We pretty much decluttered when we moved a year ago so it SHOULDN'T be that bad (we'll see how many bags of crap I throw away this weekend) We move in on Friday...
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Originally Posted by SunshineJ View Post
Count me in! We're moving around the middle of Aug from MO to WI.
We're moving to WI tooooo!
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So with two months to go here, a trip to the new place at the end of the month to secure housing, I was looking through a notebook for the housing information I've been gathering and found this note to self "how about doing a compact in the new place--great time for a fresh perspective".....dammit, but I was right. Guess no huge trip to IKEA, but some of the exempt items will be pillows, mommy's work clothes, and towels, maybe a couple others....all the other stuff has to get 10 attempts for used before going new...At least I'll be kid-free on the recon mission and can snoop a bit in the thrifts and craigslist there.

And I've decided to fly us out for the move and leave the creaky Jeep behind to get the new car in the new place. I just am pretty sure it will break down on the trip. pretty sure.
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well, almost all my books are packed. and going into storage at the new house. NOT because there isnt room but because we can take out one box at a time and put them anyway after we get the bookshelves put up. without boxes of books laying around.

i have all my winter clothing packed as well. and most of my in season clothing. i have just enough out to function for the next month. all my c.d.'s are packed which was a huge ordeal given i did a radio station for while and have a moster collection. the only ones i left out were then ten in the car.

today i finish off the one shelf of books i havent packed yet.

in packing for the great move of 2010 i have realized how much stuff i own. and really i have gotten given away literally two hoses worth of stuff in the last two years. somehow though its getting closer. getting better. getting less.
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We are all moved into a snug little house. Most of our stuff will stay packed in the basement as the house is for sale. Moving went well but Im having a hard time with my realtionship ending. Some days are better than others.
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Mamafern, congrats!


Well, the previous owners are finally starting to pack and move their stuff out. It's frustrating to pay for a house and be paying for a house you can't even get into yet while they dawdle.
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kittywitty, that does sound irritating! I hope they are gone soon.

OceanPotion, I'm sorry. I hope for better days for you. :

Well, we are signing our lease on the new apartment on Wednesday, and moving in on Saturday!

DH helped pack his own clothes and some bigger things this weekend, and now I'm on my own for everything else! I have most of the books packed, and most of the clothes. My business stuff is going to be rough.. ugh. I just don't want to go through it all!
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Our house just got listed today and everything is finally in tip top shape. I hope I can keep it this way!!!!!

Does anyone know how moving companies charge? Is it by the amount of stuff or how far they drive? I am moving to the opposite coast so I'm wondering if it is worth getting rid of a bunch of furniture?
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Nikola's Mommy - they actually charge by both I think. It depends which one is greater.

Well, after we had made up our mind that I was moving and DH was staying here, DH's contract got suddenly cancelled. So now, I am not going back to college. Instead we are applying all over the US for jobs, who knows where we'll end up. I'm not heartbroken, its both exciting and scary. At least we'll be together for the baby's birth. Anyone know of any jobs for Socioeconomic Impact Analysts?
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I'm joing now, and I'm literally paralyzed with fear right now. We have to be completely packed and ready to go by the evening on 7/14. I've got to pack what we're taking into our travel trailer (that we'll be living in...its' 24 by 8 ) and put away a few special things in a storage unit for when we're ready to move back into the real world (Mainly just my hope chest and a few momentos). Where do I start? To complicate it all, DD (middle of 3, DS 4.5, DD 2.5 and DS2 6 months) is seriously medically complex and so I have to transfer all her services and everything, new insurance, and worry that they won't cover her special medical food. Ack! Where do you begin? Thankfully my mom is going to come down and help me do a yard sale on Saturday.
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Remijo, if that isn't a relative job right now, I don't know what is! That sucks about his job. Do either of you have masters degrees? If so, I would apply to community colleges. The pay is good, you work very little, and it's stable. Or could one of you sub? There are many rural places that still need lots of teachers.

RoadWorkAhead, yikes! That's quite a task! Good luck!!!
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Subbing! We are moving from NY to New Hampshire as soon as our house sells and I can hardly wait. It is so stressful waiting for a house to sell!! I will be back to read more later.
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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post
Remijo, if that isn't a relative job right now, I don't know what is! That sucks about his job. Do either of you have masters degrees? If so, I would apply to community colleges. The pay is good, you work very little, and it's stable. Or could one of you sub? There are many rural places that still need lots of teachers.
DH actually applied for about five jobs teaching at community colleges today, so that's in the works. He has two masters and half a PhD, I don't even have my bachelor's but I have so much experience in office work I never have a hard time getting a pretty good paying job. Thanks for the suggestion!
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remijo: thats how we got where we are. DH's a union welder, but union work is worse than non-existent at the moment, so he sent out resumes from craigslist all over and lo and behold, got a call. He'd have to report even sooner if it weren't for the fact that we have a week full of medical testing scheduled for our DD next week.

In other news, I've got most of DD's med supplies packed now, DS1's clothes, and I've sorted through mine and DS2's clothes. BUt man do we have a long way to go!
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RoadWork, that's great!

Remijo, really cc jobs are awesome. My dh makes more now than when he worked in industry (chemistry) and works only 7 months a year less than 20 hours a week. The benefits here suck, but at the last cc he taught at they were awesome. I'm sure with half a phD he should have no problem, too. :

We are *supposed* to get the keys to our place today finally. Of course with their record, I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get them. I am ready to move and everything is waiting. Impatience!

ETA: Just got word they aren't ready yet. We are seriously unhappy. They told us 2 days, then 3 then a couple more, then this Thursday *for sure* we could pick up the keys and they'd be ready. And they haven't even been there working on it but 2 days in 2 weeks. I am so mad now. So tomorrow at 10:30 am if they don't hand us those keys, they owe us money per our contract and they didn't get the woodwork done like our contract stated, so I don't know what we will do about that.
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