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So, our baby furniture, 1 bed and a tent are gone. A lot of stuff has been priced and sorted, but this still feels like an impossible task Also, tonight I went to my last knit night. I love my knitting group, and it jsut depressed me so much to know I am leaving for real. Alas, tomorrow is another day and this will be a great adventure in the long run
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Kittywitty: So sorry things are crazy. Hoping you get your keys today!

Roadworkahead: Sounds like you are making progress. I hate selling stuff, we are getting rid of it all.

I honestly have no ties to this place. We have only been here a year and I haven't liked a minute of it so it feels kind of refreshing to be packing up. We went through our clothes last night and today will take a huge load to the local thrift store. Now, if we could only get an interview...:
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The date is set

We are moving this weekend to our temporary station at the in-laws while we wait for job interviews and offers (positive vibes that they are in process). This kind of sucks because it means we will kind of be living out of boxes for a while but it saves us a bit of money and puts us in a better place (the house we have been living in makes every one of us miserable). So...here's to fast packing and rapid decluttering!
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our move in date is august 5-7. we hope to have the kitchen and beds set up the first day. if we can the furniture too. everything else goes in storage in the basement and we will un pack it one box at a time.
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Jumping in here! We are set to close on our first house on August 3rd. We are lucky to have an overlap in residences tho by a month so hopefully that will make things easier. DF moves by throwing things in boxes and taking it ALL with us. I think if I am not using it, I will not take it with us and have a garage sale. Will also donate any unsold items so as not to take them! Wish me luck, I'm going to go through my books tonight. I am a book-a-holic!
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the book thing is a gift for us too. it lets me know how lucky i ma to have a son who is such a prolific reader. but i do have tons and tons of books. tons.
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Finally we are in! I will update my blog later with pics. We got internet about a week earlier than we expected, so I'm finally online. Blog is under user profile since they aren't in siggies anymore.
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I wanted to join this thread. We don't know exactly when we're moving, sometime before May, hopefully sooner rather than later. We moved out for an apprenticeship that didn't work out (I managed to get let go for being pregnant by midwives) and then got stuck with my husband's job for a couple years. I'm dying to be closer to family and back in the country and the midwest. We're trying to keep our stuff to a minimium and weed more out, so we don't have too much to move across the country.
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i get back to packing tomorrow. i had a few days off to visit my dad, but now back to work. ugh. i am so glad we have a long overlap and dont have to be out in a weekend or anything. i dont know what we would do if we did.
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Just joining in! It may be as much as a year before we move, but it may be as soon as this fall...our LO is six months and we're hoping for another in the next couple years.(Beyond that, we'll see... ) There are 3-4 of us (G's big brother, C, DH's son is with us part time) in a 2-bedroom, roughly 600-square-foot apt., and it's getting *very* cozy!

In the meantime, I am gradually (re)organizing things and releasing - whatever we let go of now we don't have to pack later!

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Our townhouse got sold - HOORAY!! Now I can finally take a break from cleaning!!!

I am thinking of getting rid of a bunch of furniture and old stuff - for those of you who are doing this, are you using craigslist, garage sales or some other way?
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Bumperdoodles. I haven't been to this thread for months, and haven't read past the first page yet, but I knew it was here and I need it now. :-p we don't know exactly where we'll end up, but it's looking like Seattle right now (which is fine; all family and friends there). It's also looking like we'll dump everything on friends here, ship along a few boxes of special things we want to keep to my dad's, pack up our rav-4 and hit the road, very very soon. 8^D this is ridiculously exciting!
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I get to join this thread! We're moving into just about the same square footage house as the apartment we're in now (maybe 50 less). But the rooms are so much more proportionate. There is a ton of closet space.

The kids will be a sharing a room that is going to have to act as a play room as well. I'm going to trash the dresser idea and use the closet instead. I need some good toy storage ideas. I don't want their room to look like a playroom.
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I'm joining this tribe! :

We accepted an offer on our current house, they have until Monday to remove the conditions.

Our new place won't be ready until the spring, so...

We're going to have to rent something in the interim. I'm not really looking forward to two moves in one year, but we're so excited about our new place that it will all be worth it.

The new place has more storage but less living space, so we're getting rid of some extra furniture and purging anything that we don't love enough to move twice.

Hopefully my little one will go to bed soon so I can get back to work!
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I just got boxes from work today. Time to pack all the pictures on the walls and stuff on top of our dresser. I double/triple checked what's up there. I hate stuff, but it's all kid/wedding related.
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