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travel rocking chair?

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I don't know if it exists, but I would love to purchase a rocking chair that I can travel with. Like, a camp chair that folds up or something. We are taking a couple vaca's this summer, and DS won't sleep without a rocker. I am getting to anxious about this, and then thought that maybe I could take one with me.. anyone know of anything like this? Thanks!
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Folding, Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Here's a few :




Not sure how much you're looking to spend.
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hm, a lot more than i am looking to spend.. and I was thinking something more like.. soft fabric chair that folds up smaller.. like a rocking version of this.. i would like to spend around 20-30$.. but will spend $50 if i have to
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i will edit post when i find more. i just googled camping rocker chair and found a ton! good luck!

Heres a bunch! they very in price
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awesome! thanks everyone! why didn't i think to just google..?
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We did had the same problem when DS was a baby. We found a camping rocker at WalMart that folded into a little bag - very handy! The only bad thing was the hard arm rests. I would wrap a pillow around the arms and tie w/ribbon; not super comfy but it worked.
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