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Just for fun -- resemblance photos

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I thought it might be fun to post comparison pictures of siblings, or ourselves even, with the new babes.

I have a hard time deciding if Guinevere and Éowyn look alike or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes not so much. What do you think? Here are some pictures taken in the same outfit at a very close age (few weeks apart):


What do you think? Please share your own comparison pix if you like.
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They do have some similar facial features, but their colouring seems different. Eowyn definitely has more hair!

I always think it's interesting looking at the similarities between siblings. I'm my parent's only bio child so I don't have any siblings that look like me! DH and his siblings all look very much alike.
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Okay I want to play!

I don't have any other kids, and unfortunatley I don't have baby pics for me and dh. So you'll have to settle for an adult pic of us . But I've zoomed up so you can see facial features better. There is a pic of Royce in my sig.
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Nighten: I think they have similar noses. I can def tell they're sisters.

Gillian: Royce totally has your dimples. You and DH have similar noses though so it's hard to tell.

I'll have to upload some pics. Makenna has my eyes and a small dimple like me and some of my mannerisms..like wrinkling her nose when she laughs. She had DH's chin (a dimple in it) and I think nose. We both have full lips so we can't tell who's she got. Mostly she looks like me but I see DH a bit more lately now that her nose is a wee bit more defined.

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Yeah, I can definitely tell they are sisters. Same nose and eyes I think. The mouths are different though and I think Eowyn's head is a rounder shape than Guinevere's. Actually, Eowyn reminds me a lot of my little girl with her round face, cheeks, and big eyes.

I have 5 siblings and we all vary on how much we look alike. I tell my mom she had two different sets of children. The first 3 all look similar and the last 3 look similar, but not many similarities between the two sets. My young kid pictures look almost identical to my youngest older sister, but we don't look that much alike now. However, her oldest daughter looks just like me. I'm the only one that looks like my mom and my oldest sister is the only one that looks like my dad. The rest are combinations of both or have features from extended family members.

Owyn is definitely a combination. She has DH's eyes, which are so distinct right now they make her look a lot like him. She has my mouth (just hope she doesn't get my teeth and jawline or out orthodontist bills will be outrageous in the future) and our noses are similar so that's hard to tell. I think she is built like DH. She is long and lean, I was short and chunky as a baby. Just noticed a couple of weeks ago, her flap of skin under her top lip comes all the way down to the bottom of her gums... Interesting. Neither one of us has that. I've been told it'll have to be clipped, that would suck.
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Mal I had it clipped as a youngster...no big deal. Quick shot of novocaine and 1 snip. No pain and i thought it was cool my mouth was numb.

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Gillian, the first thing I noticed was Royce's eyes -- sooo gorgeous, but hard to tell if he favors you or your husband, as your husband's wearing glasses. I agree that he's got your dimples though. And the noses are very similar, so that's hard to tell. Have you looked at your and your husband's baby pix to see resemblance there?
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Here's what I think for his features:

What he got from me: blonde hair, eye shape, lips, and cuteness ( just kidding)

What he got from dh: brow line, hair line (and yes even bald babies have hairlines ), ears, chubby cheeks (dh had as a baby), and loud gas

Could be either of us: nose, dimples (dh has dimples too, but thanks everyone for crediting me )

Neither of us: blue eyes (but 3 of the 4 grandparents have blue eyes)

I also think he's going to be tall like his dad, but I have no proof of that yet!
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Gillian--I think Royce has your eyebrows, chin, and mouth shape and your husband's eye shape, nose, and head shape. Very balanced baby!

Nighten--You can definitely tell that they are sisters! What cuties. I think especially their noses are very similar.
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i think we should continue this somwhere else. it would make the new thread awful lengthy.

i think they look similiar nighten.

Gillian I noticed you both had the dimples immediatley but I think he has your chin and eyebrows.

I think my Junie looks a lot like her sister Jewel and they both look more liek me. Josie looks liek her dad. Their is actually a picture his mom has and one I gave her of Josie and they both have their head tilted the exact same way. The only thing that differentiates the two is the clothing style.
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