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if you do just one or two of these, that's fine. I'm looking to establish a vendor for our group. We will only need a few right now, but I'd like to find someone that can handle large orders down the things seem to be heading that direction.

T-Shirts: mostly child sized in a few specific camo prints.
Visors: mostly child sized in a few specific camo prints.
Sashes: mostly child sized, black in color
Charms: for bracelets and necklaces. we don't have specific images designed and are willing to work with simple stock pics, but can design our own.
Patches: not the huge 2-4 inch ones, but the smaller 1/2 -1 inch sized ones. we don't have images designed for these, and are willing to work with simple stock images, but can design our own as well.

So, the story goes - after watching her brother thrive in scouts for years, my daughter was sorely disappointed with the programs available to girls...and we've seen them all at this point. So, she decided to put together her own. We've been working on it together as a fun mother daughter project. Word has spread and other moms think it aptly fulfills a need they've observed, too. Groups are starting. One is starting in June, locally. At least one more is starting elsewhere at the beginning of the school year. I'd like to find someone for our group to order from, and if that works out I'll recommend them in our materials as the "official" vendor for the program. I'm not entirely sure how something like this works, as I've never done it before, but I'd love to be able to refer some business to an MDC family.

You can take a look at the site we're putting together with the program info here;
Faery Scouts Website