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I wonder.......

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......if that was my mucus plug. :

I really think it was. I have been watching the past couple days when I wipe. I thought I had dropped and was feeling more pressure. Yesterday I enjoyed nesting ALL DAY LONG. It was totally great. And had contractions all day and at night I thought maybe dtd would help things.

Today still having the same contractions all day. When I wiped it was a huge snot mess on the TP. My mouth dropped. I am 36 weeks now. My last child was born around 37w5d. (can't remember now) And this is my 5th birth.

So, does anyone think that this COULD be the beginnings? I am really wondering. What should I do? Resting does not do anything to change things, it seems.
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It sounds like it.. but it could just be from your cervix dilating a little. You are so close! :
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Well, it's the last week of May, so I'm thinking this is the start of an exciting time here at the DDC! Good luck to all of us and I hope this is it for you (if you want it to be)!
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Maybe TMI, but I am pretty sure I lost part of my mucous plug as well...a gob of something came out in the toilet for sure. Of course, this is my first baby, so who knows if it means something...or if I'll be pregnant for 5 more weeks :-D
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Could be something, or at least a clue that something will happen in the next week or two! I'd be doing this : if I saw my mp, anyway! At least it would be something different

Make sure to get some rest today, just in case!!
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Ditto pp, rest up!

I lost my mucous plug nearly 2 weeks ago -- I lost little pieces for two entire weeks last time! So it doesn't necessarily mean a dang thing alone but with those consistent contractions... well that sounds exciting!
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How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Still having the same ontractions i have been having. the MW said it probably was my MP. but that i should rest. and drink lots of water.
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