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I think you are very wise in playing it by ear. We planned a vaginal delivery and I refused everything and had many "come to Jesus" meetings with every OB, Midwife, anestesiologist and nurse that heard what we were planning. In the end we chose to have a c-section and they did a spinal (I had worsening Pre-E). A c-section is obviously to be avoided but if you need one you need one. Personally I would choose NOT to get one placed just as I chose last time because it lessens the risks of intervention greatly. The less things you have stuck into you or stapped onto you the better. True screaming emergencies are super rare, even among twins and things like unreassuring fetal heart tones def leave time for a spinal to be placed. Even an abruption can be ok if it's not complete. My Spinal took effect in about 5 min and they were cutting almost as soon as I layed down. Another thing to consider is the fact that Epidurals don't always work and sometimes they fail or leave a window.... this means you'll need another anestesia if something happens. Seems like alot of risk and very little benefit!

As for the comment about it not mattering, I agree and disagree. If you have to have one you're not a failure or a bad mom, but on the other hand it can be harder for both you and babies to adjust and there are risks to surgery of course. For me, I took almost 6 months to begin bonding with my twins not to mention recovery was painful, I had adhesions, the twins were "wet" and kept vomitting and choking on mucus for days and the Dr of course refused to delay cord clamping. Would I do it differently, no. I think that they truely needed to be born this way and I believe I did everything I could to avoid surgery, but in the end their safety and mine depended on this life saving operation. On the other hand if I had NOT had breech/vertex twins and if the Pre-E never happened I wouldn't have let the hospital near me with an epi/iv/scalpel etc. Circumstances are everything.