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BW advice for HUGE baby

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My 7-week-old son is 15lb. From all indications, he's planning on continuing this horrifying rate of growth.

I have a Moby wrap and a ring sling (Over the Shoulder Baby Holder) and am considering a Kozy... but what I want to know is what is going to be the most comfortable for me carrying what is shaping up to be a baby elephant? I would also prefer something that is pretty highly poppable, since we're doing EC.

Give me your experience, ladies! I definitely need it!

- E
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My son was a big boy too... 20 lbs at 10 weeks

the stretchy wrap only lasted a few weeks and ring sling never really worked...

My Ellaroo which worked well with my other boys, lasted a months (thin woven wrap) but then it by the time he was 6 months and 30 lbs there were too many pressure points for me so I switched to a Storch (thick woven wrap)... and it was the best carrier....

DH has a Babyhawk and he has been carrying ds in that for 2 years now and that is his favourite, but I like the easy in and out of the wrap more than the MT...
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Definitely, definitely the Ergo, it saved my life. My baby girl was the same way (and she is a GIRL). She was 8 lbs 12 oz at birth and like 19 lbs at 3 mos. I was using several different slings which would kill one shoulder, I always felt lopsided. But then I would use an infantino front carrier, I didn't like it because the buckles got in her face and after ony 20-30 minutes my shoulders hurt. I got the Ergo on recommendation of a friend and it has been amazing! My daughter is 8 months old now and the rate of growth has slowed considerably since she has been crawling but she is 24 lbs. I recently went to Disney and used to carrier all day, for three days in a row. I felt fine! It puts the center of balance at your hips instead of your shoulders. It can be front, side, or back carrier and in my opinion it is much easier on/off than other front carriers. You can nurse with it too! I walked around all day at Disney doing and nobody even knew when it was happening. I use this carrier all the time and only this carrier. Check out carrymeaway.com, Laurel has a blog on slings and carriers and you can ask her anything you want about them. I also got the backpack, and I think it is more convenient than a diaper bag.
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I had a 20 lber at 9 weeks, and we LOVED the babyhawk we borrowed from a local mom. Once she wanted to be more mobile and in-out, a pouch sling was our next carrier, and she wore that until she passed 35 lbs(and almost hit 3 ft tall!). I'm small, too, only 5'2", and I had no problem with her in the pouch sling. 35 lbs was when I got too preggo, though, and wearing her was just not an option.
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wraps are my lifesaver right now. my 2nd baby was 20 pounds at 3 months and is a round little boy... wraps are the only thing that gives me the support that i need.
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Any two shoulder carry should work well for you
Some examples are:
Mei tai
Woven wrap
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I have fat fat babies and love the mei tai. DH wears our 25 lb DS in it a lot, and I love it for our 10 lb little chunk.
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My second was a huge baby. He was 16 lbs at 8 weeks and then kept growing. I loved my Kozy mei tai and woven wraps for him because they were easy to use, easy to wash and very supportive.
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Another vote for a woven wrap here.
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