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'false' labor

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So Saturday night I was having a lot of braxton hicks, usually I only get them when I bike, but they were now pretty often - whenever I got up, sat down, shifted at all, and then at some point just regularly, maybe every 15min or so. Not painful, but I also had nausea, diarrhea, and by the end of the night what felt to me like really bad menstrual cramps. At some point (I was sewing most of the night) I shifted while sitting at the machine and felt a tiny gush of fluid, enough that I had to change my skirt, but not more than that after that.

I didn't sleep well that night due to the cramp feeling and the contractions, and thought well maybe this is the start tho its early. But by morning contractions slowed down and I got less crampy and less digestive issues.

I was worried about the fluid though, and my mom convinced me to go in to make sure the bag of waters was intact by the 24 hour mark, which it was. They didn't do a real cervix check but she said it looked closed. But I am positive it was not urine (I could feel it start in the vaginal canal!) but I guess it could have been discharge, but it was much more liquidy than that usually is. But slightly viscous, so not urine either.

anyway. this is normal I read, but most things say its a sign of labor being sooner rather than later, is this really true? I ask since I am still worried about being induced due to the high bp - yesterday it was 140/78 (so low number still the same, but upper number much higher, tho maybe because I was nervous?) it would be nice if I could think labor was closer than a too-high bp I guess!
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I feel the same way, crazy bh contrx, cervix lowering and softening. My gut says to get my ducks in a row in priority order. Really picked up a week ago though. But hey we are both in the same boat, could be soon, could not. Either way let's leave the s.s. high bp empty until it's time to bail
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I am sorry.

It does sound like things will happen soon. You can get a small leak up high that can let out a little water and then that is it. I hope your BP stays down.
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Maybe your cervix starting to soften and open up? The gush could have been some liquified mucous plug? Or like the pp said, maybe a leak of amniotic fluid higher up.

I'm a little confused about the timeline--do you mean you had the gush last night and got it checked out already? Or did you mean Sunday last week?

I had a lot of menstrual-type cramps last night as well and some light pink-tinged mucous. They've gone away today.

I wish there weren't so much confusion about labor Sometimes it would be nice if it were cut and dried, x=labor, y=do this, z=do that. But then there wouldn't be as much suspense and excitement, I suppose. Ah well. Just rambling...

Keep us posted if ctx start up again!!
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I have no genie to tell you if labor is near. I'm so sorry. (course if I did I would steal her for myself first... ) I do know that having a "high tear" is possible. It is also possible to have watery bits of mucos plug and/or watery discharge from a yeast infection. NOT! trying to scare you, just btdt.

But for your sake I will send lots of labor dust your way. And to the pp who said something about having their ducks in a row... yeah that! Sat. I had ctx every 15 -20 minutes and then every 10 while grocery shopping. When i got home and slept for a little they stopped. Talk about a wake-up call. I have not stopped rowing my ducks since.
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yah, whoops! I had the gush Saturday night - got checked Sunday night. I'm all messed up because of the three day weekend!

It was funny, actually, in order to be within the 24hrs we had to leave our own bbq My mom and my MIL were both there and w/ all their nervous energy while we were gone they totally cleaned our kitchen!

I'm just glad I didn't end up induced - so even though labor might be far off, I'd rather that outcome. I'm just wondering how often this might happen before actual labor - since if I had had to go to work the next day, ugh, I would have been a wreck (the diarrhea was certainly not fun, and then no sleep)

still having digestive issues today, but not many other symptoms. I think we'll be getting a bp monitor today just to see where i'm at w/ that as well. My next ob/gyn is Friday, so just hoping either bp stays where it is until then so I have a bit more time.
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. . . . . and, just lost some (or all, not sure, it was a lot tho) of the mucous plug. I know I could still be weeks away though, but man! that's a lot of labor symptoms all in two days, (contractions, diarrhea, possible leak, menstrual cramp feelings, nausea, and now plug)

I'd deal easier with just one symptom at a time since I wouldn't get too excited
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WOW! That does sound promising! I'd be excited too - it's hard not to get that way!

Just try to keep yourself occupied. Go for a nice walk (might help things along if it is labor), do some more sewing - anything to keep your mind off it. That's what woudl help ME anyway!
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Good luck!!!
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I could be wrong, BUT I think you are very close to holding your little one. I had all of what you described with my first and had him within 2 days. :

Keep us posted, if you feel up to it and are not busy laboring
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Yeah, I'll agree with pp that you'll meet your little one soon

I read yesterday that prelabor is much longer for 2nd or more babies. First labors usually don't have a long prelabor (or 'false' labor) period. So it's not that likely yours would drag for weeks. That fits with my experience, too--no ctx or anything with first baby until about 24 hours before he was born. So that's encouraging!!:
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well if all the symptoms had stayed, I'd definitely agree that'd it'd be soon, but since most symptoms went away yesterday I'm not so sure! It was nice to see that I wasn't totally being crazy yesterday w/ getting checked out - good to see the mucous plug today and see that the contractions did do something.

still feeling bad digestion today, but not too many braxton hicks, so we'll see if stuff picks up again in a day or so. (I always said it would be nice to give birth on the mr.'s bday, which is wednesday, which is now looking at least possible which is cool!)

it certainly would be annoying to have this drag for weeks! so I am having some spicy food tonite and we'll see what happens
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It may pick back up tonight when you are resting more. And that would be cool if your babe was born on your dh's birthday
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Sounds like you might be close - good luck! BTW - my DD was almost born on my DH's birthday. Had a hard time pushing her out and we missed it by 52 minutes LOL
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