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My sister was looking into the tubal option so I did some research and found this informative site a while back. PTS stands for post tubal syndrome. http://tubal.org/VGHPTS.htm Be fore warned there are graphic photos if you're sensitive to that kind of stuff. There are other sites if you google PTS. Here's a Quiz from the above site:

Tubal Ligation IQ test

1. Tubal ligation:
a. Is a form of permanent birth control.
b. Is labeled and promoted to women as a "band-aid" surgery.
c. In the US is in general always performed by an OB-GYN, ACOG doctor.
d. Carries risks which women are routinely not informed of at the time of consent.
e. All of the above

2. How many women have had a tubal ligation?
a. More than 1/2 of women age 25 or over
b. More then 1/4 of women aged 30 or over
c. More then 1/3 of women aged 18 or over

3. True or False:
There is no risk that Tubal Ligation altering your hormonal
system because it is not hormonal (as with the pill).

4. True or False:
Tubal Ligation is safe and without any known side effects
(expect for the very small risk of pregnancy).

5. True or False:
Having a tubal ligation can improve the condition of

6. PTS stands for
a. Promote The Service
b. Profit The Surgeons
c. Post Tubal Syndrome
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Originally Posted by moaningminny View Post
I would never, ever consider tubal ligation. As well as the minimally invasive and fast recovery time for a vasectomy, I've also encountered many women who have had horrible post-tubal-ligation issues.

I'm not willing to risk it.
uh, yeah. I wish like crazy I had made DH get a vas once we found out the Essure didn't work. But I felt like it was my responsibility since I'm the one who would die if I had another kid.

I am still cramping, painfully, sometimes to the point where I cannot function, from my tubal. My doctor thinks the cramping is muscular and I think he's an idiot. It's been 3 months, the cramping should be gone by now. I am pissed and and trying to get in to see a female OB because maybe then someone will believe me when I tell them how much freaking pain I am in.

Yeah, I would not ever get a tubal again. Essure or vasectomy, or else no more sex ever again. Sheesh.
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I really believe that anything you believe is going to happen, will. People who aren't having problems don't talk about it as much as people who are. Personally, the cramps and bleeding et al got worse after having a baby. I felt like I was in labor! After thermal ablasion and having my tubes tied that went away. I think it's the insane hormanal changes involved in pregnancy that makes the difference not a surgical procedure. It's a fact that as women age bleeding gets worse. With that, cramping. That has nothing to do with the actual surgery. I do know after my first son was born I couldn't even wear a tampon and needed to stay very close to a toilet, preferably at home, while having my period. Every cramp felt like I was going to give birth.
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Well I'm actually considering a tubal ligation AND the ablation, because I'm definitely having a c/s (no one in town will do a vba2c) and want to get the tubal while I'm open. But also, my grandmother got pregnant after her tubal, and as fertile as I am, I can see that happening to me. I just need to talk with my doctor about doing the ablation after 3 c/s.
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I only had one C-section, but I think they'll still do an ablation for you Dolphin, just maybe not at the same time as the tubal. I had my tubal in August and want to have the ablation next month (maybe, I'm still freaking about not being able to have babies and debating whether or not do really take this last final step.) Anyway, I went in for a consult and they just do an ultrasound and look at your uterus and then they take a tissue sample, which hurts like hell.

I didn't know women bled more as they age. That sucks. Really sucks. Bummer.
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