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I agree that you need to be a little light hearted about this, but somewhat serious about the singing. I also have to ask what the voice teacher is thinking when she helps some of these kids select songs? Next week is supposed to be soul, I wonder how that will go over with some of them.

I just read that Fantasia has a 2 yr old daughter. I personally have a hard time when a mother leaves her child to do something like this. Yes, the $$ could set her up for a lifetime, BUT and it's a big but, IF she wins she will then never be home as she will be recording and promoting and such. I just don't think it's fair to the baby. JMO I know that woman have a right to their dreams but I don't think they should come at the expense of the child. I had the same feeling about Nikki McKibbon, although she was just a bad singer too :LOL
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OK, that's it. I'm coming out of the closet. My name is Stacy, and I'm an American Idol Addict...

I think Jon Peter Lewis is adorable. He just makes me smile everytime I see him. I think anybody who has the guts to dance like he did in the wild card round deserves something! (I also like Matt Rogers, and am ducking as we speak to avoid anything being thrown at me...)

I also can't stand Leah. And what was up with her hair? I think I wore a side pony tail like that when I was in elementary school...
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Oh, and you know you've watched a little too much American Ido when you have a dream about being a ocntestant int the top twelve, picking out a bad Cher song (?!) and then having Simon telling you how awful you were.

Now wouldn't I love to have a shrink analyze that one! :
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I am so happy JPL got through to the top 12. There's just something about him that I have loved since the original audition. People who take risks like he does and have a sense of humor like he does make me happy. I'm hoping he gets a record deal even if he doesn't win (and I really doubt he would win). At least since he is LDS he has a chance of getting a record contract from one of the LDS record labels. He certainly has quite a fan base already established
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I just saw this thread...and skipped to the end without reading the beginning and middle...but I was starting to think, am I nuts? Because I thought from his audition that I need to watch JPL and he better make it at least to the final 3 or 4. Between him and his Dad, I don't know who is more entertaining now.

And I think George is going to grow on us.

It's funny--I KNOW there's a lot more talent out there than we see on Idol...why don't all those really awesome talents audition?

(I suppose many are too old or their other commitments are too great)
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What IS it about Leah? A lot of us are saying there's something about her we just don't like. I think it's her personality...she just seems kind of phony. When a judge says something nice to her and she gets that sweet, "awwwww, thank you" kind of look on her face, it seems so insincere.

Hey, I haven't seen "IloveLeah" post on here lately...:LOL

I think the final 12 are a big snore, too, but I keep reminding myself how many of the contestants last season really improved each week.

Fantasia's still my fave, though.
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I also can't stand Leah. And what was up with her hair? I think I wore a side pony tail like that when I was in elementary school...
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It is definately her personality....
She does seem phoney IMO and seems very....ummmm....full of herself....like she thinks that she is all that and a bag of chips and doesn't care what anyone says....kwim??


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I think the thing about Leah is that she feels like she's entitled to fame and fortune, because as we all know, her mother was a famous pop star in Bulgaria. Her mother is obviously pushing her along and coaching her, and since her mom says she's awesome, she must be.

Oh, and she has the personality of a rock. When she's asked a question, she throws her arms up in the air and waves them around and smiles and apparently that's supposed to be an answer. :
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Oh, as for the others, I couldn't believe Suzy didn't get in. Or Lisa, who I think everyone everywhere agrees was ROBBED!

George's performance this week made me happy. Something about the way he bounced around just made me smile. His voice is maybe not the best, but it's good, and.. he just makes me happy.

My favorites in the top 12 are Fantasia, Amy, and maybe LaToya. I think the winner will be female this year.
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To answer the question about why everyone doesn't audition for AM.Idol--- It is "selling out" somewhat. They are all taking a big risk by being on this show. They are being type cast.. as the person who was on AMerican Idol, and lost, for the rest of their lives. The people that have won haven't had that great of albums, artistically, and you can tell the record company rules them.. Nowadays, you can produce your own stuff, or do it your way, still have a great little following, with staying power. These American Idols really have the potential to be one hit wonders. I love the show, not the artists. ALthough, if done right, they could have great albums. Hello...MS. Independent, A moment like this???? Sorry was ok, but what the heck, Ruben could sound so much better in a different song!!!!!!
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I don't like Leah at all, she is apparently from this state (Washington) and there has been a few news stories about how we have a future american idol in our own state :

anyway, she just seems so....um....dumb! Oh and I hate her hair style!!!

I'm fairly happy with the top 12, although instead of Leah I'd have liked to see Lisa there.
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I think (and hope) that Jon Peter or Leah will be voted off this week. I also was not very impressed with the Red-haired boy or Matt the ex-football player. I think Red has a good voice but is in the wrong competition. His rendition of that Billy Joel song was awful.
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Ugh, I just can't STAND Jon Peter Lewis. His voice is just soooo unpleasant to listen to, IMO. And LEAH?!?!!? Ugh again! She just seems so cocky and affected. But I was so happy to see George go thru. I also like Jennifer a lot.

I LOOOOVED Suzy and thought she got screwed.
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While I uderstand the selling out idea, I don't think that being on the show and losing means an automatic typecast.
There are rules that keep many people out of the competition, like you have to be 25 or under (something like that) and you have to be able to take time away from work and family (for auditions too and you might not make it anywhere), you have to have good transportation and good support,
and many have been dismissed for being criminals (the woman last year...gosh what was her name...who was dismissed because her photos were posted on a child porn site..she was not nude in the photos and she gave no permission for them to be used there...she was really heavy and she could SING) she didn't fit the image they were looking for. Ruben's image was a little hard for the judges to get over but they knew america would accept a fat man over a fat woman (they just pushed the "big teddy bear" image)
Ruben was my favorite (to clarify)

also many people are not mainstream enough and won't make it.

As far as the one-hit wonder thing, I think that depends. They all have that possibility, winners or losers. Kelly Clarkson is terribly talented and did well, and probably will continue to do so. The album doesn't appeal to me even though she was my fave first season.

Some of the runners-up have done well in their own right, especially when American Idol producers keep promoting them (like Clay). which reminds me....

RUBEN WAS ROBBED, absolutely ROBBED of that title's true meaning by the promoting of Clay's album.
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Originally posted by fromscatteredtribe

and many have been dismissed for being criminals (the woman last year...gosh what was her name...who was dismissed because her photos were posted on a child porn site..she was not nude in the photos and she gave no permission for them to be used there...she was really heavy and she could SING) she didn't fit the image they were looking for.
Her name was Frenchie and she was AMAZING!! She actually got cast in the show Rent on Broadway, so she showed them!!

While I think Ruben was robbed by them getting Clay's album out first, personally for me it was a victory for Clay because I thought he deserved to win in the first place and him out selling Ruben shows that. I guess I didn't like the way Rubens family, not Ruben himself, said negative things about Clay like he was a sissy and things like that. I mean Clay is the one on tour with Kelly Clarkson, which seemed strange since he didn't win. JMO
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It is not that I thought Clay was less of a singer than Ruben. I liked the sound of ruben's voice better and I liked his personality and drive. There were many things about Clay that just screamed high school musical (even though his voice was far better than many of the other singers). I voted for Clay at the beginning partly because I thought...hey that geeky kid can sing relaly well, but I don't think he ever really stepped up and brake out of his musical mode. I went to plenty of high school dances where Bryan Adams was the hot singer and I have yet to embrace the adult contemporary sound. Ruben is a little more soulful and soothing.

Thanks for reminding me about Frenchie's name.

I liked several of the underdogs (like Kimberly Locke and Tamyra Gray) and would be much more likely to buy their albums than Clay's or Kelly's)

I don't have a favorite this season yet.

I am sure that Jon Peter made a smart move dancing like that to get attention...he seemed to know it was his true last chance. I like george and fantasia too. I wanted Suzy to make it (she is from arizona, my new home state) I think she was much better than some of the winners so far.
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Frenchie disclosed to the American Idol contest staff that she had posed for an adults-only website featuring large women to earn some money so she could remain in college. Then after she was voted through to the final 12, the producers of the show decided that this did not fit the image they wanted to send and they cut her from the final 12. I thought their timing was very poor, although I understand their reasons. They did however provide her with some assistance in achieving her goals and she spoke of them kindly.

The curly-mop-top named Corey that got booted in the middle of the finalist round was ousted from the final 12 after he lied on his application about not ever being prosecuted or convicted of a crime. Some entertainment magazine found out that he was supposed to be in court on a Tuesday in his hometown for an assault charge against his sister (half-sister, maybe?). I thought he was a horrible singer and I didn't have much respect for him because of his partying ways during the LA days.

As for Clay going on tour with Kelly instead of Ruben going on tour with her, their styles are much more similar and would appeal to the same type of audience. It was also a matter of convenience since now they are able to play slightly larger venues together. And Ruben already had a tour planned.

Although technically Ruben won American Idol, the vote split was quite small (50,000ish) so I really consider both Ruben and Clay winners. They are very good friends with each other, and I've never heard either one speak negatively of the other.

I'm very curious to see how everyone in the top 12 performs in the coming weeks because I truly have no favorite at this point. I think Fantasia will go far, and I hope that George continues to show his personality and develop his stage presence. I would like Jasmin and Diana to go far because I think they have beautiful spirits and voices. We shall see...

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How about a new thread for American Idol -- The Final 12???

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Sounds good Claudia I am headed there!
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