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Antibiotics for toddler w cough? when

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DS came down w a runny nose about 2.5 wks ago. It was fine and went away in a few days. Then about a wk later came down w a cough which I know was related to this cold. He had a fever of around 99.9 for 2 nights then it was gone. Last week I took him to the Dr and he said he had a sinus infection and that if it did not clr up within a few days to get some antibiotics. Since then it seemed to go away and then last night again he was coughing at night. Physically he has not been affected too much-still chases the dog and is not acting sick. What concerns me is that a few times he said his body hurt and said not feeling good. This was around nap time so I'm sure being tired made him feel worse. Most of the time he is normal. So he has this real loose kinda cough and I am not sure if I should get the antibiotics??? I've stocked up on Vitamin C, elderberry, coconut oil,fresh OJ everyday etc in hopes of getting rid of this. I would say he coughs maybe 15 min at night and hardly at all during the day. I hate giving antibiotics but want him to get rid of this. Pls help. What would you do for a lingering cough like this?
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I have not given him any natural stuff like the vit C (sodium ascorbate) and only a little elderberry since I am unsure how much to give. Ds is a little over 2.5 yrs old.
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ds had a lingering cough like that a few weeks ago. It was really hard watching him go through it, but like you, I loaded him up on home remedies and he got through it on his own. I don't really see how a sinus infection would cause a cough. Is his nose still running? I personally wouldn't do the antibiotics unless an infection was completely confirmed and it was getting worse and worse. To me, it sounds like your son's body is working the crud out on its own.

One thing I've found that works wonders for those night time coughs is to give ds a teaspoon of honey before bed. He loves it too!
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FWIW, there is a cold going around up here that just lasts & lasts - adults & kids alike are coughing/snotty for about 3 weeks. Could just be a matter of waiting it out, making sure kiddo is getting enough rest, fluids, etc.
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Yes, there is a bad cough /cold going around here. Friends have had it too and its taken a while to get over it. Its funny because when we are home DS is running around and energetic. When we got out he is so lethargic in comparison to his usual. It may be the humid heat here and being under the weather is just tiring him out. The amount of coughing is almost nothing now in the day. He has not had a runny nose since the start of the cold. . Its just so scary when you see their feeling crappy and you don't know whats wrong. They can't express exactly how they are feeling. I have given him honey and I think it works better than anything! It really helps w the coughing.
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I would load him up on vitamin C. When he's sick, ds (3.5) gets 250mg every couple hours...we just give him the chewable tabs that we take, and he crunches them up. If you take too much, the worst you'll see is an upset stomach, which tells you to back off on the dose a bit or give less frequently. You should also give it after meals.

The best thing for sinuses is steaming or very hot wet washcloths pressed over the nose and face
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My DD has the exact same thing now. It is driving me crazy because we have had 3 of the last 5 nights where she's been up at 3 and 4 am coughing, after a few days where I thought she was over it. She is acting absolutely normal, not sick at all (and has the entire time) and has had a fever on and off.

I don't know what to tell you about the antibiotics. In DD's case and in light of these other pps noting the same illness in their DCs I am more comfortable assuming DD just has an icky cold that seems to be going around. If she had green discharge or was sicker I might think differently.

For now I am going with sodium ascorbate and chiropractic. I totally forgot about elderberry, I'll try that too.
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According to our pediatricians (both of them at this point) it is impossible to diagnose a sinus infection w/out a CAT scan. Now, it's done all the time, but I would be hesitant to go to antibiotics.

That said, is it the cough or nasal discharge that is still ongoing? If it was discharge (I assume not clear) this whole time I would begin to get concerned. If the cough lasts much longer (over 3 weeks) I would consider if there were any other signs of asthma.
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Well today I don't think DS coughed once or had a runny nose so I think that is over with. He had very little energy at the garden we went to and again said he feels crappy, his body hurts. Then a few hours later he is jumping on me and pulling my hair. He also has been saying his penis hurts on and off for the past 2 weeks but the Dr checked him and he is fine. I can just tell he is not his normal self. He has no fever or anything so I pray that this ends fast. I just worry so much when he is not his normal energetic self. Could all this still have to do with a cold? so weird.
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My DS' had a cough and/or runny nose for several weeks now, but as it doesn't seem to bother him much I don't see the point in taking him into the doctors' office and loading him up on antibiotics... but maybe I'm just wierd.
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just in case you want to know- vit C is a vitamin that when is used too much they get the runs so you know to cut back. My 2.8 year old dd gets a chewable 500 mg a day plus what ever is in her multivitamin. Herbs for kids does a great elderberry echinacae and the weight/dose is on the bottle. Typically I just give her a spoonful. Just remember to take a break every couple of weeks with echinacae. It sounds like your dc's sinus are draining at night and he is having post nasal drip. I torture my dd with a warm saline solution squirted down each nostril before bed and it really a) gets that junk out b) dries it out fast so that the sinus doesn't get infected. There is a great homeopathic too for postnasel drip that I finds really work. You want to encourage him to spit whatever he coughs up, not to swallow it as it is his body trying to get rid of the dead cells.
We have been suffering with that cold to cough for weeks too and I have cut all dairy and sugar. I swear my dd was on the other end and ate a bunch of chocolate which brought it back for another 2 weeks! Lots of tea. I refuse to give antibiotics unless I'm convinced that there is a true bacteria infection. It doesn't sound like yours is. Antibiotics is proven to cut off the immune system for 2 weeks after being dosed, and then proves to be less effective with infection 2 months after...
Good Luck!
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Yes, I do try to avoid antibiotics unless he really needs it. Anyone's DC just acting less energetic after this cold ? Its weird he is just dragging but trys not to show it. He seemed tired, out of breath a bit from climbing the stairs in our building yesterday. I would think once this cough is gone that he would feel better not worse. Its like he has caught something else.

Mamille- Yes, I did know about the vit C but I always worry w giving things to kids. Thanks for all your info. I guess there is no reason for me to worry w vit C. The Elderberry I bought is a concentrate and does not say dosage for kids but the adults is 1 tbls. I've been giving him 1 teaspoon but not sure how many times per day to knock this cold out. I figured this was the pure stuff w/ all the fillers so it would be better.
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