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Yeah! A February due date club! Roll call! - Page 8

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hi, i found out i was pregnant on may 31, and after a long month of waiting for an ultra sound, i know that i'm due on February 3rd.
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Not sure what to tell you about me, this is baby #4, pregnancy #6 for me and still getting used to the idea.
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based on ovulation, i am due Feb 22

according to my nurse, my EDD is Feb 25

i've been telling people Feb 25, just because that is what is on my record; however, i know the REAL date is Feb 22!
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Hi everyone!!

I found out a little over a week ago that I'm pregnant with number 3. My due date based on ovulation is Feb 19th.

I'm being very cautious because I'm feeling super crampy and had some spotting this morning. I've spotted with all my pregnancies though, so I'm keeping positive
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I'm due Feb 28!
I'm 24 and have two children- a five year old and a two year old. I had my oldest naturally in the hospital and my youngest was a homebirth. She's also still nursing!
Happy to be here!
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can I join in? I'm due with #3 around February 18th :
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i'm here...due date 2/27. hi!!
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Hello! I'm due around Feb 2!!! This is preg #4, baby #3. I have 2 boys, who will be 5 and 2 when this one is born. The younger one is still nursing and I plan to tandem. My births have both been traumatic and I pray that this one will repair the birth damage done previously. My ds1 was induced with a 3rd degree episotomy and stitching that took FOREVER to heal. DS2 was seperated from me in the hosp for about 12 hours b/c I didn't have "enough" prenatal visits. This baby WILL be born at home. Even if the MW fires us like with ds2. (different mw I hope) That's me in a nutshell.
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Sounds traumatic! This one b'h is going to be SOOOO healing for you!
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Due 2/28/2010

The calculator says I'm due February 28, 2010. We were hoping for a February birth, but that date sure is pushing it! Good luck everyone.
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Chiming in with a BFP! This is baby #5, and will be the largest spacing between our kids....I'm still reeling from the positive test! But in a good way...just overwhelmed!

Not positive about dates, so I'll probably straddle this DDC and the March one....see which one is most fun, LOL!!

I've just recently moved from Florida to the Midwest, so I'm going to have to find a new midwife and all that stuff....and I suspect that the weather in late Feb is gonna be quite a bit different here than in Florida!! : I'm a bit nervous about all that....hopefully a local midwife can set my mind at ease!

I'm so excited to be part of a DDC again!
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Hi! I kinda think I belong here, but I kinda think I might belong in March. LMP is 5/23, but none of my tests were positive until today (July 2). Sooo, calculating with LMP my due date is 2/27/2010, but I'm pretty sure it's later than that. I'm hoping for an ultrasound soon to clear things up, though!
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I'm due Feb. 23. I might not have time to post much, but I am reading!
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I'm looking at a Feb. 7 due date, for baby number 3. Hopefully it will be a straightforward homebirth like the first two. (in 2003 and 2005) I'm really excited, but soooo tired.
This time I'm over 35, so I'm going to have an ultrasound at the end of this month--just to see that everything is where it should be, and to make sure there is only one. With the other two I had no idea what I was getting, and I like it that way, so I think I'll stop at one ultrasound.

Anyone else over 35 looking at more testing?
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I'm pregant. Ahhh, that feels good seeing as we aren't rushing out to tell everyone this time around. We are still getting used to the idea of #3, although it wasn't a complete surprise. And things are good. With all of the uncertainty financially lately, the expectation of the third child is actually quite reassuring. Thanks everyone.
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Don't have a DD yet

But according to my rough calculations, I would be due mid February. This will be our 2nd. Our first is Vida, 15 months, more about her on my blog, raspberryswirl.vox.com. It would be awesome to get the boy!
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Congratulations! Great DD, that's my dad's birthday!
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Hi, may I join?

I'm pregnant for the first time and I'm so excited. We've had a long and difficult time getting pregnant and here we finally are. I'm due February 4!
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I am pregnant with my second. Due on Feb 12, 1010. I live in bc and it is right during the olympics so I am sure it will be a gong show!!!
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Hi all! This is my first : I too will probably not have a ton of time to post much, but I will be reading!
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